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The guardian us sports betting

the guardian us sports betting

Latest US news, world news, sports, business, opinion, analysis and reviews from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice. For years the NFL adhered to the firewall between American sports and gambling Sports betting is becoming legal across the United States. Sports news, scores, blogs and opinion on US and world sports from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice. METATRADER FOR MAC FXOPEN FOREX

Like most conservative-leaning cultural leviathans the NFL is slow-moving, which has made the raw speed of its about-face on gambling extraordinary. But it comes as no surprise. All sports leagues have gone through some degree of hand-wringing over attracting younger fans as their older core ages out and not even the NFL has been immune.

It always is. It gives them another opportunity to engage with the game. Your actions put the integrity of the game at risk, threatened to damage public confidence in professional football, and potentially undermined the reputations of your fellow players throughout the NFL. It is almost unbelievable: clubs are encouraging their own fans to gamble and then those same clubs cash in when they lose. The more fans lose, the better it is for them. This is at odds with the community-focused, family-friendly image clubs peddle, paying lip service to things such as Mental Health Awareness Week as they rifle through the pockets of people struggling with a life-threatening illness.

If football was serious about preventing mental health harm and suicide, it would stop promoting and profiting from gambling — an addiction with an elevated suicide risk. With the advertising comes the inducements. Whenever Luke tried to stop gambling he was lured back, again and again, by direct marketing encouraging him to continue.

Last year, Sky Betting and Gaming sent offers of free spins to many people recovering from gambling disorders who had explicitly asked to be excluded from any marketing. This included a direct link on a page where children were invited to colour in a teddy bear. These regular, paltry fines are no deterrent for gambling companies making billions each year.

Bookies factor them in as a cost of doing business and carry on. Until the commission uses its power to remove their licences, the recklessness and harm they cause will continue. With an estimated 55, children already addicted to gambling in the UK, the next generation is being groomed. My son no longer wants to go and see his beloved Leicester City at home, something he used to love doing with his dad. This deal is up at the end of next season, and it should not be renewed.

No football fan should stand for this. The government must publish its long-awaited review of the Gambling Act that promises to set out the changes needed to make gambling less harmful.

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Ray Lesniak, the now-retired state senator who filed the first lawsuit against the federal government over the issue, said he acted to provide money for states, protection for consumers and to attract experienced European betting companies to expand to the US — all of which he said have come to pass.

For people that like to do that, sports betting has become far and away the No. Of course, much of that money was paid out to people who won bets. A major rationale for the push to legalize sports betting was to protect customers from being victimized by unlicensed bookmakers, many operating as part of organized crime. State regulations include robust consumer protections, with watchdog regulators ready to pounce when they see violations. But making sports betting legal has not succeeded in wiping out illegal gambling.

Just look at any of the numerous sports betting Facebook groups, where unlicensed books in other countries tout their offerings; one aggrieved bettor complained Wednesday that after he won a big bet, he asked his bookie to pay him, only to have the man disappear. Sports betting has been, and still is, pitched to state lawmakers as a source of new tax revenue, a particularly tempting option in trying financial times.

Kansas governor Laura Kelly signed a bill in her state Thursday. E-Sports are like every other organised competition, but you have professional gamers competing instead of athletes. This betting market but one that is gaining a huge following. So much so that e-Sports can now be found in a separate section. Betting Odds Every online bookmaker on the Nigerian market has its own view of how good the betting odds should be. The best way to look at it is when the odds prices are in decimal form because they act as a multiplier of the stake the bettor commits.

So, the higher that multiplier, the bigger the potential win will be. You will also notice that the odds prices are not the same between the different sports markets. A simple explanation of that could be the number of outcomes dictated by the rules of the sport. However, the best sports betting sites in Nigeria are called to strike a balance between the odds prices of their sports markets and are not doing a bad job in that regard.

Sports Betting Bonus for Nigerians Becoming a member of a top betting site in Nigeria usually entitles you to a welcome bonus. After meeting certain requirements, the new bettor receives their reward and can proceed with using it accordingly. You should also know how the known types of betting bonuses work in order to use them the correct way. Depending on the conditions of the offer, the recipient might be required to make a deposit, opt for a promotion, or achieve a certain status.

You have to be careful because a sports betting site in Nigeria can match a first deposit only partially and not in full. If the latter is true, that will mean your first bet is refunded if it loses. Those rules are not set in stone as every bookie puts its own spin on them.

Any profit made in the process may or may not be subject to additional wagering requirements. We advise you to read the terms of your offer with caution so as to not miss something that can be a stumbling stone at a later stage. Live Betting Section In the nascent stages of online betting, it was wild to even think about placing wagers in play, but that is no longer the case.

Presently, bettors from Nigeria are ever-so fond of the opportunity given to them by the bookies with in-play sections. On the contrary, many operators accept wagers made while the match they concern is underway. If you are not all too familiar with how in-play works, maybe explaining how the odds prices are formed will be the right place to start.

As always, the odds will change depending on what course of action the match follows. You can wager with smaller margins but higher certainty that your bets will be successful. Cash Out a Bet For a long time, bettors wanted to have the ability to hedge their bets, much like with a financial investment. What this does for you is give you control over the wager from start to finish.

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