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The place beyond the pines first scene of macbeth

the place beyond the pines first scene of macbeth

Film review of the film "The Place Beyond the Pines" directed by Derek Cianfrance and staring Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Bradley Cooper. Day 6: Ryan Gosling Face Tattoo Perfection The Place Beyond the Pines Fassbender as Macbeth and Marion Cotillard as his wife Lady Macbeth - on Amazon. I recently watched Blue Valentine for the first time. This was the anti-romance/drama that first brought together writer/director Derek. FOREX TRAINING COURSE REVIEW

Powered by JustWatch We begin the movie by following a tattoo-spangled man as he makes his way through a carnival crowd, arriving in a tent containing a few hundred cheering fans and a globe-shaped metal cage. This audacious, extended tracking shot will be familiar to fans of Martin Scorsese and before that, Orson Welles , and it immediately tells us we are about to experience of film of considerable ambition.

You don't even try to make a play like that unless you have confidence in your creative arsenal. The man straps on his helmet and climbs on his motorcycle, and he and two other daredevils are soon zipping past and around each other inside that metal cage, racing around and around and upside down, defying gravity and all common sense.

Advertisement We end the movie with another young man on another motorbike, racing to avoid his fate, blissfully unaware the path he has chosen is most likely to take him to the very place he wants to avoid. It is a final shot of heartbreaking perfection. Shaking up the cinematic doldrums of early spring, here comes "The Place Beyond the Pines," a self-confident, self-aware, almost cocky piece of filmmaking from the immensely gifted Derek Cianfrance.

It is an epic film centered on pivotal moments in the lives of working-class and fringe-society types who wake up every morning and go to bed each night with the same question hanging over their heads: how are they going to make ends meet? Few if any leading men in Hollywood have hotter careers right now than Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper , but "The Place Beyond the Pines" is anything but a slick, dual-star vehicle.

An outstanding supporting cast and an immensely talented creative team join Cooper and Gosling to put together a film that touches greatness. This is an ambitious work in three acts, with each chapter taking surprising, sometimes shocking turns. All tattoos and deliberate mannerisms, Gosling is mesmerizing as Luke, the daredevil motorcyclist and small-time crook we see in that memorable, dialogue-free opening sequence. With his ripped T-shirts, bleached-blond hair, bulging biceps and tattoos that cover his torso, creep up his neck and even appear at a corner of one eye, Luke is a startling presence.

But he speaks quietly and moves deliberately when he's not on his motorcycle , like a caged animal waiting for his chance to pounce. There was a lot of good to be found in that film, particularly from co-star Michelle Williams, but the film was not without its issues. That said, Cianfrance left a good impression of a director I was curious about seeing more from.

It is a film that has an ambitious story to tell and it does so with enough confidence to unfold slowly, mixing in high moments of tension and emotion. There are three parts to this story, and while I think actually watching the film and observing how it unfolds is more important than already knowing the scenario, I will tread lightly on spoiling the story in this brief plot synopsis.

Ryan Gosling plays Luke, a motorcycle stuntman that travels with a carnival from town to town. The latest stop finds Luke back in Schenectady, New York, where he meets up with a former lover, Romina Eva Mendes , who, unbeknownst to Luke, gave birth to his son. Because of this, Luke quits the carnival and decides to help take care of his son the only way he knows how, by robbing banks. The focus of the story eventually switches over to police officer Avery Cross Bradley Cooper , a good man, soon to be regarded as a hero, only to face off against a police department ravaged with corruption.

Eventually the story takes a leap forward in time and settles on the lives of two high school boys who are faced with their inherited legacy catching up to them. It tells three short stories, each of which play off each other quite well, as they echo various aspects of what occurs in the future or in the past. The first story may set the stage for things to come, but the final story provides a clear reflection on how events from the past end up carrying over to the next generation.

Not to take away from the second story either, as it provides an interesting turn, based on where the first story ends and where things go from there. This structure made for an interesting way to accept these stories, which could work as short films in and of themselves.

Having the added notion that the stories build off of each other and eventually lead to a fairly emotional climax provides weightiness to the narrative overall, which had a resonating effect on me, rather than one that suggests self-importance. We are told little about who he is or where he came from, but even as he makes questionable decisions for the sake of a child he only just recently found out about, it is easy to see his side of things.

Add on to that a few tense bank robbery sequences that allow Gosling to really turn up his intensity and are shot with a skilled eye to convey the frantic nature of the situation, and understanding him becomes even clearer. Luke is a person who has faced turmoil in his life and is not unfamiliar with using violence, but is not the guy that wants to do those things; he just does not know how to utilize other options. Being a professional motorcycle rider is quite fitting, as he has most likely driven away from things all his life, which makes the shakeup in his life, where he must now care for a child, all the more interesting.

Gosling excels in bringing out all of these aspects. While I found him very solid in Silver Linings Playbook, given that he dropped a lot of what makes him such a familiar, handsome face and turned in a strong acting performance, I found him to be even more compelling in this film. The Place Beyond the Pines has Cooper really considering what his actions have led him to, throughout the film.

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The Place beyond the Pines ( Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen )


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The Place Beyond The Pines: First Bank Robbery

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