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2b forex

2b forex

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If your institution has questions regarding the applicability of this general guidance, please contact the FinCEN Regulatory Helpline at for further information. The supervisory user must grant access for the general users to be able to view the new FinCEN reports. To do so, a supervisory user first must: 1. Select the general user whose access roles require updating. The filing name can be any name the financial institution chooses to use to identify the specific filing e.

The process for assigning filing names is for the financial institution to decide, and can assist the financial institution in tracking its BSA filings. All general users assigned access to the new FinCEN reports automatically receive these acknowledgements. Please also note that supervisory users cannot view the contents of the acknowledgements received by the general users.

This information was published in a Notice on October 31, The BSA E-Filing System is not a record keeping program; consequently, filers are not able to access or view previously filed reports. FinCEN does not provide copies of filed reports to filers.

When saving a BSA filing, users must save the filing to their computer, network, or other appropriate storage device. Where can I save a report being filed electronically? A filer should NOT save a copy of the report on a public computer or a computer that is not regularly accessed by the filer. This will ensure that the file remains appropriately secured. What are my recordkeeping requirements when I submit a file electronically? After submitting a report via the BSA E-Filing System, filers are required to save a printed or electronic copy of the report in accordance with applicable record retention policies and procedures.

Filers are reminded that they are generally required to keep copies of their filings for five years. I have seen both 15 and 25 days referenced. The day period was implemented, in connection with receipt of magnetic media files ended December , to account for physically transporting shipping the magnetic media to the processing center in Detroit, Michigan.

FinCEN understands that this business practice had continued with respect to batch e-filing, particularly considering previous public guidance referencing the day period. In light of the comments received and acknowledging that some financial institutions may have needed to change their business processes to become compliant with the rules, FinCEN determined that it would temporarily maintain the day compliance period referenced in its earlier specifications until March 31, , for those filers that needed to update their systems in order to be in compliance with the established regulatory requirements.

This temporary extension to the filing requirements was to allow sufficient time for filers to adjust submission schedules to meet established regulatory requirements. Complete the report in its entirety with all requested or required data known to the filer. It is recommended that you first close out of your browser and then re-open it before attempting to log into the BSA E-Filing System again.

What selection would I choose when filing on an entity? If more than one Item 2 option applies to a Part I person, a separate Part I section will be prepared on that person for each Item 2 option. What is the proper way to complete a CTR on transactions involving multiple business entities?

All the individual transactions a financial institution has knowledge of being conducted by or on behalf of the same person during a single business day must be aggregated. Debits must be added to debits, and credits must be added to credits.

In that case, the filing should be completed with those entities on whose behalf the transaction s were conducted and on the individual who conducted the transaction Part I. In a situation where multiple withdrawals involving several individuals have occurred throughout the day, common ownership may be relevant to a determination that aggregation is required.

If multiple businesses are not operating separately and independently, the institution may reach the conclusion that their transactions should be aggregated. A CTR would be completed indicating those entities on whose behalf the transaction s were conducted and those individual s conducting the transaction s. Each entity and individual would be listed in a respective Part I. This reasoning has traditionally been extended to the exemption process as well. There may be instances where, at one time, an individual brings in funds to deposit to multiple accounts at the financial institution.

FinCEN emphasized that financial institutions will continue to be expected to provide only that information for which they have direct knowledge. The converse is true for down trends. This observation applies in any of the three trends; short-term, intermediate-term, or long-term.

A 2B on a minor high or low will usually occur within one day or less of the time the high or low is made. For 2B's on intermediate highs or lows preceding a correction, the new high or low point will usually break within three to five days.

At major market turning points, long-term 2B's, the new high or low will usually break within seven to ten days. In the stock market, after the new high is made, the failure to carry forward usually occurs on low to normal volume, and the confirmation of a reversal occurs on higher volume. I prefer to think of a 2B as one in which price begins to form a double top. It may not confirm as a double top meaning that price may not close below the price of the valley between the two peaks but price exceeds the level of the first top and then reverses.

Price rises in a strong upward trend red line A to peak B. The stock retraces a good portion of the move up that is, it drops and forms the valley between peaks BC. Price rises again and forms peak C. The horizontal blue line shows that the stock has risen above the prior peak B to make a new high at C.

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