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Difference between jokes and bullying in the workplace

difference between jokes and bullying in the workplace

Examples of bullying include: behaving aggressively towards others; teasing or playing practical jokes; pressuring someone to behave inappropriately; excluding. Teasing can also be fun. Think, for example, of the back-and-forth banter that happens in any romantic comedy. Bullying is meant to hurt. Verbal bullying is. Bullying is an act with malicious intentions to deliver mental and physical damage to the feeble person. Joking is an act with playful intentions to make fun of. FOREX TRADING RULES

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Below, we discuss some of the similarities and differences between each of these problematic behaviors. Understanding Workplace Bullying Workplace bullying is unwanted, recurring aggressiveness that causes psychological and physical harm, and creates a psychological power imbalance between the bully and targets.

There are three concepts central to defining workplace bullying: Bullying must be repeated. Bullying does not refer to incivility or someone having a bad day. In fact, in an effort to quantify bullying so they can study it, academic research indicates bullying happens at least once per week for a period of six months, and on average, lasts for a period of two to five years.

Bullying causes psychological and physical harm to targets and witnesses. People who self-identify as targets experience anxiety, depression, stress and other issues, which ultimately result in physical problems. The stress of being beaten down at work every day causes sleepless nights, headaches, heartaches, stomach aches, heart disease, and more.

Bullying is about psychological power. The abuse ultimately leaves the target feeling helpless. Further, bullying behaviors can be divided into three clear categories: Aggressive communication: Insulting or offensive remarks, shouting, yelling, angry outbursts, going around co-workers in order to avoid communicating with them and harsh finger pointing, invasion of space, abusive emails or other e-communication.

Acts aimed at humiliation: Humiliating or ridiculing the target, teasing, spreading rumors or gossip, ignoring targets when they walk by, playing harsh practical jokes, and taunting target with the use of social media, intranet, etc. What is Workplace Violence? Spreading threatening rumors and gossip, internet bullying, stalking behaviors and explosive tirades can all create a sense of fear for physical safety, as well as related psychological stress symptoms such as sleeplessness, headaches, and anxiety.

When the target experiences fear for his or her physical safety, the behavior would also fall under the category of workplace violence. As shown in the graphic below, there is overlap for some behaviors with regard to workplace violence and bullying. With bullying, we see behaviors such as altering or purposely hindering workflow and communication, bottlenecking information, overworking the target, giving impossible deadlines, and using performance evaluations to document alleged poor performance.

Additionally, we see behaviors also evidenced in low to mid-level workplace violence such an insulting and offensive remarks, shouting, taunting and offensive comments, to name a few. Getting bullied can make someone mentally ill causing several types of psychological disorders.

In some cases, a person might be traumatized for their entire life. So never avoid taking a step forward to stop this heinous act. Bullying can have several types such as physical bullying, social bullying, cyberbullying, verbal bullying, etc. Bullying can occur with anyone at any place. The most common place where an individual gets bullied is the school building, playground, bus, internet, etc.

What is Joking? The process of joking is a part of humor, in which sentences or words are delivered in a specific narrative way that triggers a person to laugh. Jokes are made only for fun and they are not true, in other words, they are not supposed to be taken seriously. Joking is considered to be a short humorous action.

But there might be people who try to offend others under the guise of joking. The process of joking involves making fun of friends and family, saying funny things, setting up pranks, teasing people, making weird and funny body gestures and facial expressions. Joking is not harmful but it provides entertainment. Joking is used for jokes, a joke is a particular type of story that can have dialogue and it ends with a punchline.

Jokes have multiple meanings that the audience is aware of. Other words used for jokes are puns, sarcasm, irony, hilarious, comedy, etc. Joking is a significant part of oral literature, it is also considered a form of art where a person says or does funny things to make his audience laugh.

The art of comedy or joking can not be mastered by anyone. Main Differences Between Bullying and Joking Bullying is a social disease that ruins the connection between people. On the other hand, joking is an amusing activity that can build a relationship stronger. The main reason or cause of bullying is causing distress and harm to other people while the reason for joking is to make other people laugh and be entertained. Bullying is always considered to be a negative and illegal behavior that can cause depression while joking is indifferent and positive behavior that can cure depression.

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Why are YOU the Target of Workplace Bullying?

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Why are YOU the Target of Workplace Bullying?

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