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War wolf or demolisher betting

war wolf or demolisher betting

The Demolisher managed to instagib 2 of them in one go, which was kind of amazing. Pask, along with the combination of the Predator, Scouts and. Sports Betting Systems The Demolisher Sports Betting System During World War I various models of sniping rifles were made. He's fielding a Shadow Hawk and a Wolf Trap, both medium 'mechs, backed up by two immense “Demolisher” heavy tanks. ECHO ENTERTAINMENT TABCORP BETTING

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Trust Demolishor then got chased around the moon by Megatron wielding the Star Saber in a supposed "training exercise". Vacation Things seemed to be going Demolishor's way when he successfully dug up the next Mini-Con, but it was then blasted out of his hands by new Autobot arrival Blurr just as he warped out.

A slash to his arm from the Star Saber was his punishment, which made him redouble his efforts on the next Mini-Con hunt. The Mini-Con recovered was the final member of the Race Team , and Demolishor watched alongside the other Decepticons as the tiny 'bots formed the Skyboom shield for the first time. Reinforcement When Megatron engineered a decisive battle between himself and the Autobots, bringing both Star Saber and Skyboom to bear, Demolishor helped out by raining fire down on the Autobots and engaging in a back-and-forth bout of boulder slinging with Smokescreen.

Decisive Battle He thought of a good reason to follow Mr. Popo's pecking order. When Megatron concocted a plan to divide and conquer the Autobots using the Decepticons' warp system, Demolishor was charged with coordinating the operation of the warp gates from the moon base. Vow This plan failed, as did their next offensive, and Megatron decided to take out his frustrations on Starscream.

Fearing that Megatron would kill the younger 'bot, Demolishor actually blasted through the door his leader had locked in order to stop him. Observing the Decepticons' morale faltering all around him, Demolishor tried to reinvigorate his comrades, but was blind to the fact that they were all being manipulated by Sideways, who was seeking to shake up their ranks.

When Sideways goaded Starscream into trying to destroy the warp gate, Demolishor stopped him, but Starscream merely redirected his anger and challenged Megatron to a duel instead. Demolishor woke the sleeping Cyclonus, and the pair watched as their two comrades duked it out, with Megatron's inevitable victory providing the renewal of morale and vigor the 'Cons required.

Rebellion World of Tanks: Transformers Edition The arrival of boastful Decepticon tactician Thrust was a source of great frustration to Demolishor, who found his position as Megatron's closest confidant usurped by the newcomer. Already publicly embarrassed by Thrust when he used his invisibility powers to trip him up, Demolishor groused his way through Thrust's first mission plan, Tactician and spent a lot of energy loudly blaming Thrust when it failed.

It didn't break Megatron's trust in his new minion, however, and Thrust soon had another plan put together, but that one went awry when Optimus Prime and Jetfire revealed their power to combine. Demolishor was grabbed by the powered-up Autobot leader and dumped in the ocean. Linkup Demolishor's hatred of Thrust was soon exploited by Sideways, who tricked him into trying to destroy Thrust in another attempt to manipulate the Decepticons to his own ends.

But both Sideways and Demolishor had been duped themselves: Thrust knew Sideways was working against them in service of a mysterious master, and allowed the scenario to play out, then all the Decepticons, including a confused and angry Demolishor, turned on Sideways and expelled him from their ranks. Detection "Swiggity swooty, I'm coming in for that booty.

Desperate Some uneventful downtime followed, during which Demolishor just stood around and watched as Megatron got repaired and Thrust went off a Mini-Con search of his own to be fair, Demolishor had wanted to go too Thrust simply didn't bother telling him he was leaving. Runaway Demolishor was on hand when Wheeljack was welcomed into Megatron's forces. Past II Following this, the Decepticons had Starscream and the Star Saber lure the Autobots out of their base, with Demolishor watching them through binoculars to check that they had brought the third Mini-Con weapon, the Requiem Blaster with them.

Once the Decepticons learned the Autobots had purposely left it at the base, Demolishor took part in an attack on the undermanned Autobot headquarters to steal the Blaster. Sacrifice Unfortunately, they didn't tell Starscream they would be doing this, and he was furious at being abandoned on the battlefield; when Demolishor tried to take the Star Saber from him for Megatron, they nearly came to blows until Demolishor backed down.

The enraged Starscream proceeded to defect to the Autobots, and provided them with access codes that allowed them to invade the Decepticons' moonbase. Regeneration Demolishor watched gape-mouthed as the Autobots materialized through the Decepticons' warp gate, but managed to compose himself long enough to sound the alarm. A new low. In the resulting battle, Demolishor chased down Perceptor , but was prevented from destroying the Mini-Con combiner when a precision strike by Laserbeak blinded him long enough for Hot Shot to take him out.

Rescue The Autobots successfully freed all the Decepticons' captive Mini-Cons, so Demolishor and the others were stuck filling in for the tiny 'bots, picking up where they'd left off on the construction of a spaceship, and cutting into the time the Decepticons would have otherwise spent gossiping and watching Megatron vent his anger by destroying the lunar landscape.

Mars He was part of the Decepticons' next battle, which was actually a carefully constructed scheme by Thrust to bring Starscream, the Star Saber and the Skyboom back to the Decepticon fold. Crack Once Starscream was back in their ranks, however, Demolishor observed him dragging Thrust off for a private "chat"; he tried to tattle on him to Megatron, but the Decepticon leader wasn't interested.

The three Mini-Cons weapons were subsequently used to power the Decepticons' completed spaceship, and Demolishor was charged with piloting the vessel, struggling but eventually succeeding in mastering the proper flow of power from the weapons to achieve successful liftoff. Threaten When Optimus Prime and Jetfire arrived to stop the ship from using its Hydra Cannon against Earth, Demolishor, Cyclonus and Wheeljack dealt with Jetfire, pinning him down and leaving him unable to stop Optimus from sacrificing himself to stop the cannon's blast.

Crisis "My god Depart Demolishor tracked the Autobots' approach, and participated in the space battle that followed, grappling with Scavenger. The combat reached a surprising climax when Optimus Prime was returned to life by the Mini-Cons, Miracle but no sooner had it ended than a worm hole suddenly appeared that sucked several of the Autobots away. Tracking the lost Autobots to a sterile alien world, Demolishor ventured down to the planet's surface with Megatron and Starscream, where they all wound up embroiled in a fierce battle with Nemesis Prime , a dark clone of Optimus.

Gravely wounded by the evil creature, Demolishor, Megatron, Starscream, Hot Shot, and Red Alert were saved by their Mini-Cons, who combined their energy to give their partners a power boost, fusing their armor into new colors in the process. Puppet Rolling, rolling, rawhide! Returning to Cybertron ahead of the Autobots, Demolishor and the Decepticons quickly subjugated the planet using the power of the Mini-Con weapons. When the Autobots arrived, they brought warning of the coming of a mysterious cosmic enemy known as Unicron ; Demolishor was concerned by their story, but Megatron now "Galvatron" after his Mini-Con power-up refused to believe it.

Uprising Soon after, when Hot Shot burst into the Decepticon base in an attempt to make Galvatron see reason, Demolishor and Cyclonus tried to stop him, but Wheeljack, being an old friend of the Autobot's, let him pass. During Hot Shot's explanation, Thrust was revealed to be an agent of Unicron himself, and absconded into Cybertron's depths with the Skyboom and Requiem Blaster; Dash Demolishor gave chase, but when he reported back that he had lost Thrust's trail, he was ordered at Star Saber-point by an angry Galvatron to continue searching.

Drift The search for Thrust was a failure, however, Demolishor resumed his military duties, monitoring Autobot troop movements. Portent Despite the revelation that Unicron was very real, having been hiding in plain sight as Cybertron's moon, Galvatron still refused to acknowledge his threat, and preferring to press on against the Autobots.

Demolishor was busy in battle and did not witness Starscream sacrificing himself to prove Unicron's power to Galvatron. Cramp Demolishor was unmoved by his death, but supported Galvatron in his decision to at last ally the Decepticons with the Autobots against Unicron. Demolishor attended the formal alliance ceremony, hesitantly shaking hands with Hot Shot. He and Cyclonus subsequently joined Hot Shot and Side Swipe on a reconnaissance mission to Unicron's surface, where Demolishor became separated from Blackout when Unicron began transforming.

Believing his Mini-Con lost, Demolishor returned to the landing site in preparation for withdrawal, but an attack by a swarm of Dead End Drones stymied them. Demolishor was taken aback when the two Autobots willingly covered him so he could help Cyclonus out of a chasm, and was given pause to reconsider his feelings towards them when Hot Shot presented him with Blackout, whom he had safely recovered for him. Alliance Analyzing the data that Blackout had gathered on Unicron's surface, Demolishor located a weak spot on the planet-sized monster's neck.

While their troops attacked this sensitive area, Optimus Prime and Galvatron were able to insert themselves inside Unicron's body. Union Gathering on the bridge of the Autobots' Axalon with the others, Demolishor watched and waited; when Unicron became non-functional, he voted against attacking in fear that they would hurt Galvatron, still within.

Soon, he observed as Galvatron and Prime emerged from the giant, engaged in brutal one-to-one combat, and Galvatron sacrificed himself to end the cycle of hatred that was fuelling Unicron. Mortal Combat Cloud At some point after Side Swipe joined the Autobots on Earth, Starscream encountered a small group of Transfomers who had travelled to their world from the other-dimensional Cloud World. This caused him to miss a scheduled check-in with the Decepticon base, and Demolishor and Cyclonus were dispatched to see what had happened.

They arrived after the otherworldly travellers had left, and faced off against the trio of Hot Shot , Scavenger , and Side Swipe. Return Energon cartoon Events derived solely from the Super Link version of the series are described in italic text.

Together, over the next ten years, they rebuilt Cybertron, and allied with humankind to establish the Cybertron Cities to mine energon on Earth. Demolishor was assigned to Ocean City , where he guarded the city's main gate. Though he was as prone to grumbling as ever, and still put a lot of significance on the fact that he remained a Decepticon despite the alliance, Demolishor developed something of a friendship with his new allies and grew into his role.

Dumb and Dumber Demolishor probably figured it was going to be another regular duty shift the day rebellious human Kicker Jones raised Ocean City from its usual resting place beneath the sea. Trying to stop the young punk from leaving the city without authorization, Demolishor was outmaneuvered, and didn't take kindly to Hot Shot making fun of him for it. As such, when Kicker tried to leave a second time, Demolishor was extra-dedicated to stopping him Kicker's second trip outside, however, had been brought on by the impending arrival of an Energon-stealing Terrorcon horde, which Demolishor then helped fend off.

Cybertron City Reports soon came in of a Terrorcon attack on Asteroid City out in space, and Lunar City on the moon, where Demolishor's old comrades Tidal Wave and Cyclonus were stationed, respectively. When they disappeared in the attacks, Demolishor angrily claimed the Autobots would have worked harder to search for them if they had been Autobots.

Energon Stars Tidal Wave soon reappeared, but had fallen in with the Terrorcon forces, claiming that their master Alpha Q was planning to revive Megatron for them—an allegation that shocked Demolishor and forced him to think hard on his loyalties. Scorpinok And so Demolishor became the king of England. When Cyclonus returned to Earth soon after, Demolishor was overjoyed to see that his friend had survived, and the pair immediately indulged in some friendly sparring, while Demolishor shared the news of Megatron's potential rebirth.

Full of vigor, the duo were keen to help defend Plains City when the Terrorcon horde attacked it, but things took a turn when the Terrorcon leader Scorponok revealed a sword that Alpha Q had forged from Megatron's own spark. Sensing his old leader's lifeforce in the blade, Cyclonus immediately turned on the Autobots to join the Terrorcon crusade, but Demolishor was much more conflicted; when the blade was sent flying during the fighting and landed in front of him, his fear and uncertainty caused him to hesitate before picking it up, and Tidal Wave snatched it away.

Megatron's Sword Demolishor was part of the unit sent to the Arctic to help establish Blizzard City , but was too distracted by what he had experienced to do much work. This led to him arguing with the Autobot Ironhide , who didn't trust him because he was a Decepticon, and who he in turn teased over being a rookie, but when Kicker got lost in a blizzard, the two had to join forces to search for him.

Working with Ironhide to fend off a Terrorcon attack, Demolishor rejected the chance to join Cyclonus and Tidal Wave, still unconvinced that Megatron was really alive. The New Cybertron City But the truth was soon to reveal itself, when Megatron, reborn from within Unicron by the power of energon, launched a massive attack on Ocean City. After only a moment to process this revelation, Demolishor submitted himself to Megatron's leadership once more, but his time in the Autobots meant the transition was not easy: he knocked Ironhide out himself rather than let him risk his life against Megatron, and hesitated to open the door to the city when Megatron commanded it.

To force him to pick one absolute loyalty, Megatron dared Demolishor to fire his weapons at him, but he could not, and reluctantly blew the door to the city open. After Megatron's forces raided the city's energon stores, Ironhide pleaded with Demolishor not to leave with them, but he departed in silence with his fellow Decepticons.

Megatron Raid Not wholly convinced of Demolishor's loyalty, Megatron left him to stand guard over the Decepticons' base—the dormant body of Unicron itself, stolen from Alpha Q—while the villains departed on their next mission. Starscream the Mysterious Mercenary When the Decepticons tried searching the remains of Asteroid City for more energon, Demolishor was unable to find any; Megatron started bludgeoning him for his failure until he suggested they check out Lunar City.

He joined Megatron and Cyclonus in raiding the moonbase, then confronted the Autobots in a brief battle in the asteroid belt. Battle of the Asteroid Belt Demolishor was slightly taken aback to learn that Ocean City would be their next attack target, but he participated in the assault nonetheless, reluctantly squaring off against an angry, vengeful Ironhide. Energon Tower Returning to Unicron, they discovered Alpha Q had stolen a chunk of their energon stockpile in their absence, and had one more surprise for them: he had revived Starscream as an "energon ghost" and sent him to kill Megatron.

Demolishor tried to hold off the mind-wiped spectre of his former teammate, but was helpless to stop him. Fortunately, Megatron used the power of Unicron to bring Starscream under his control, The Legend of Rodimus and Demolishor looked on as Megatron welcomed him back to the Decepticon ranks. Crisis in Jungle City "You have a knack for saving my life. It took Starscream's blade pressed to his throat before Demolishor would reveal the existence of Kicker's extrasensory ability to detect energon, but with that information, Megatron formulated a plan.

While the Autobots were visiting the remains of Lunar City, Demolishor approached Ironhide and Kicker with the story that he had abandoned Megatron, in an attempt to lure Kicker back to the Decepticons' mobile base for capture. The plan went wrong when Scorponok, secretly working for Alpha Q, took off with the base, and Demolishor and Cylconus's subsequent attempt to snatch Kicker was thwarted by the unseen intervention of Team Rodimus.

Kicker Beware! Demolishor was aghast at Megatron's response to this failure: to simply destroy the Cybertron Cities remotely with an orbital bombardment. He tried to make his leader understand that doing so would kill many humans as well, struggling to explain that humans did not have immortal sparks like Transformers, but Megatron was immovable, and Demolishor was forced to stand by his side as the assault began. Fortunately, the Autobots erected a planetwide energon grid that shielded Earth from the attack.

Energon Grid "Damn you, Ironhide! You were the worst roommate! Rodimus Friend or Foe? An attempt to flush Alpha Q out only brought the Decepticons into conflict with Team Rodimus, a battle from which Demolishor convinced Megatron to retreat. Soon after, the Decepticons attacked the Autobot ship Miranda II , which activated its personal energon grid defense system during the battle.

Observing that the distracted Megatron was directly in the path of the grid, Demolishor was galvanized into making a final, fateful decision about where his loyalties lay: diving into action, he pushed his leader out of the way and took the force of the grid's blast himself.

With his final words, Demolishor entreated the horrified Ironhide to remember him, and then exploded. Go for Unicron! Though Demolishor's body was destroyed, his spark persisted and was salvaged by Megatron. Using his control over Unicron's powers to fashion a new body for Demolishor, Megatron took the extra step of wiping his mind, removing any trace of his conflicted nature and degenerating him into a simple-minded, ape-like creature, easily excited and prone to grunting and jumping around.

He first saw action in his new form on a blizzard-swept planet, where he and Snow Cat successfully seized an energon deposit from the Autobots, but were sent packing by a swarm of Alpha Q's new Cruellock Terrorcons. The Decepticons were forced to warp away when the Autobots turned the planet's energon grid on, inflicting massive damage onto Unicron's body. Battle Stations The sight of Unicron in the skies of Cybertron led the Decepticons on the planet to revolt—news that Demolishor and Snow Cat happily brought to Megatron, though he wasn't particularly bothered.

Alpha Q: Identity Demolishor was part of the unit sent down to Cybertron's surface to recruit Decepticon war criminal Shockblast. Shockblast: Rampage Upon returning, he had to contend with an energon-starved Unicron's automatic defense attempting to impale him with huge spikes. Survival Instincts Once that situation was under control, Demolishor was part of the team sent back down to Cybertron to create an opening in the planet's energon grid by destroying energon towers, Each One Fights This energon re-powered Unicron enough for Megatron to have him transform, and Demolishor helped keep the attacking Autobots busy while the process completed itself.

Unicron Unleashed When Unicron's transformation was done, Megatron opened his surface beneath Demolishor and Snow Cat so they could escape a standoff with Scorponok, but the Terrorcon leader dogged them through Unicron's interior, foiling their every attempt to battle the Autobots. Open Fire! Subsequently, an unstable energon reaction initiated by Alpha Q opened up a rift in space, through which Demolishor, along with Unicron and all the other Decepticons, were sucked into.

Ripped Up Space On this ship, you are to refer to me as "idiot," not "you captain"! I mean - you know what I mean! On the other side of the rift , Alpha Q used Unicron's head and his energon to begin recreating all the planets that Unicron had once eaten, and Demolishor and the Decepticons began stealing the energon growing within them to continue Megatron's plans for Unicron's body.

The Autobots followed, and succeeded in apprehending Shockblast; Demolishor brought news of his capture to Megatron, but the Decepticons purposely left him in Autobot custody on Iron Planet while they clashed with the Autobots for that planet's energon reserves. Protection They later made actual attempts to rescue their comrade. As the Decepticons hunted down the Autobot who had been Shockblast's guard, Inferno, Demolishor was surprised to discover that Shockblast had been demoted below him.

He didn't quite grasp the concept of outranking a fellow Decepticon. Imprisoned Inferno During the Decepticon attack on Jungle Planet , Demolishor helped run interference in orbit to keep the Autobots from getting down to the planet's surface, but he and his team-mates were taken down by new Autobot arrivals Team Bulkhead.

Jungle Planet Undeterred, Demolishor and the Decepticons soon made another play for Jungle Planet's energon, only to be repelled when the Autobots erected a new energon tower to shield the planet. Bulkhead Not long thereafter, Demolishor accompanied Megatron in approaching Inferno, who was struggling to overcome the mind-altering programming that the Decepticon leader had inflicted upon him.

When Megatron was called away to Ocean Planet , Demolishor, Starscream, and Scorponok were left to help Inferno through his "transition", but Inferno elected to kill himself rather than become a Decepticon. Farewell Inferno Dumb and Dumber To With an energon grid now protecting most of the planets, the Decepticons had to scavenge what they could from the half-formed world outside the grid, but Demolishor didn't mind the menial labor.

He took part in the battle on the newly-formed Planet Q , where he tried and failed to get Scorponok to focus on energon gathering, rather than fighting Ironhide. Our Scorponok Between fights, Demolishor and Snow Cat shuttled supplies around, but had to contend with tremors that shook Unicron, spawned by Megatron's impatience. Crash Course On their next energon-gathering mission, Demolishor and his buddies came under attack from the Autobots, but managed to cover the Terrorcons' escape, allowing them to deliver the final payload of energon needed to power Unicron back up to the stage where he could move again.

Omega Supreme Demolishor and the other 'Con grunts then battled the Autobots on Unicron's surface, preventing them from interfering with Megatron's successful reintegration of Unicron's body and head. A Heroic Battle Demolishor was first on the scene when Shockblast briefly usurped the power of the completed Unicron, but got blasted by the traitor and then expelled from Unicron's body. The Power of Unicron Megatron destroyed Shockblast and briefly retook control, but was soon possessed by Unicron himself, leaving Demolishor, Snow Cat, and Mirage struggling to escape the planet-eater's internal defenses.

They failed, and ended up bound to Unicron's surface by energy-tentacles, giving them a front-row seat for the Unicron-controlled Megatron's battle with the gigantic, Primus -empowered Optimus Prime. Optimus Supreme Fortunately for them, they were freed by a barrage of Autobot fire moments before Optimus destroyed Unicron, but were subsequently captured by Landmine.

TIME-" "Go away! What's wrong with my voice? Ambition They were joined in their breakout by Shockblast's younger brother Six Shot , who suggested using the planet's energon grid against the Autobots. Demolishor led him to the control room, and might have discovered its human operators, Rad White and the Jones family, hiding in a vent if he hadn't fallen flat on his face while attempting to peer inside it. Wishes Six Shot succeeded in taking control of the energon gas powering the grid and using it to force the Autobots off the planet, and the other Decepticon grunts began to feel a under-appreciated as Megatron now "Galvatron" again after exposure to Super Energon praised Six Shot for his accomplishments.

However, following a battle on the hull of the Miranda II, during which Demolishor and Snow Cat were clobbered by Omega Supreme , they all enjoyed watching Galvatron beat Six Shot up for taking action without orders. The Autobots were soon able to find a way to break through the gas shroud and return to Cybertron; Demolishor took part in the battle that followed, which concluded with the Autobots escaping underground.

Break Through On next week's episode, we're gonna have a roach problem! At some point, Demolishor took part in a virtual fighting tournament, thanks to Six Shot hacking into an Autobot training program. Fighting as a tag team, he and Snow Cat went up against Prowl and Downshift , and won when the two Autobots took themselves out of the fight by powerlinxing incorrectly—though in the process, the two Decepticons were inspired to try powerlinxing themselves, even if they couldn't get it quite right.

Proceeding to the next round, they discovered their opponents were Galvatron and Starscream, who had already beaten virtual duplicates of the pair in their original bodies in the previous round. Frustrated to have found his minions goofing off in the game, Galvatron thrashed them, then quit the tournament.

Distribution A good man died to bring you these Energon summaries. Hoping to get a taste of the Super Energon that had empowered Galvatron and Starscream, Demolishor, Snow Cat, and Mirage went searching for the subterranean reservoir that held the miracle fuel, accidentally stumbling into Primus's chamber in the process. The Omega Train They were a little nervous about immersing themselves in it, but were finally about to take the plunge when a horde of Insecticon Terrorcon drones burst out of the reservoir's depths and scared them witless.

Decepticon Army Fleeing from the Insecticons, and having grown to giant size due to exposure to Super Energon, the pair headed back to the surface and sent word of the creatures' approach to Galvatron, news-reporter style. They rejoined their leader on the battlefield, just in time for Optimus to have his spark of combination re-energized by Primus's awakening.

Once more able to combine with Omega Supreme, Optimus blew away all of his enemies with a whirlwind attack. Ironhide Team Who's the gear road ranger an' a sex machine to all the chicks? Once the rogue Terrorcons were back under control, the Decepticons turned to the business of using the energon towers to move Cybertron through space, through the rift and back to Alpha Q's realm. Demolishor helped battle the Autobots as the planet moved through the rift, and later tried to defend the towers against Autobot attack, though both times, he had to contend with Six Shot's ambition constantly undermining their battlefield movements.

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