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10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

Published in Journal of Alternative Investments, Winter , 20 (3) we apply spanning tests to each of the top 10 crypto- currencies. Here's the top 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in This guide analyses 10 of the best cryptocurrency projects to invest in this year. Jump to , Ripple (XRP) makes the list of top three cryptocurrencies with a coin market cap of $11,,, It facilitates all tokens in. STRATEGY FOREX LUNGO PERIODONTITIS

Due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, there were erratic movements in value and opinion in the subsequent years. As of September , there are cryptocurrencies listed on coinmarketcap. Image: Top cryptocurrencies by Total Market Cap in Overview of the top 10 coins in and their state in 1. Bitcoin The origin of Bitcoin dates back to January 3, when then anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto got a reward of 50 bitcoins for mining the genesis block of bitcoin.

Experiencing ups and downs through the years, it is widely known for its extreme volatility, high risk and resistance to government and financial regulations. Litecoin An open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that allows instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world where money is accepted. It was founded by Google employee Charlie Lee on October 7, However, second place on this list has now been taken by a fast-rising digital currency, Ethereum.

Namecoin Namecoin is a distinct altcoin that thrived on the same proof-of-work algorithm as Bitcoin but stores its data separately within its own blockchain. It facilitates all tokens in the form of crypto, fiat or any valuable commodity. Peercoin Peercoin, which uses both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake systems, was the number 4 cryptocurrency on the list back in The fourth most popular cryptocurrency coin is now Bitcoin Cash.

It was introduced in August so as to level up the amount of transaction that can be processed. Novacoin Novacoin declared unique block generation features that support separated target limits. The new fifth most popular crypto coin is EOS, launched in June after a month token sale span. Terracoin Unlike Bitcoin, Terracoin was developed with a blockchain in which should support improved security and faster transaction processing.

In July the same year, the coin was hacked and its reputation subsequently destroyed. Now Terracoin is nowhere close to its glory days at CointMarketCap. Devcoin Devcoin was introduced in The project had an original model of mandatory coin redistribution across the network. Do they have a test-net or a beta? Are there new features being released? Are there soft or hard forks coming up? Assess the valuation. A lot of alt-coins are priced way too high and I tend to stay away from them.

Without getting too wonky, Lee essentially aimed to cut the amount of time required to confirm new transactions and tweak the way bitcoin was being mined to ensure anybody could participate. The skinny: The appeal of Monero? With Monero, the details of every transaction, including sender, receiver and size, are recorded on a public ledger, but are obfuscated to reportedly make them untraceable.

Sound like an appealing coin to cybercriminals? It is. The hackers behind the global ransomware incident WannaCry, which infected , computers running Microsoft Windows, demanded payments in Monero. Many will even offer discounts to those who pay with it. There are about Ethereum is the clear No. So Neo obviously has a long way to go. At latest check it had slipped down to No. Cardano, while still a relative unknown, is apparently big on private transactions as well as responding to the needs of regulators, making it primed for mass adoption.

That means its framework is still being developed, and it may take time for it to reach the full-fledged smart contract platform its leaders envision. About 26 billion out of a maximum 45 billion coins are currently in circulation. Ripple has licensed its blockchain technology to over banks. And a new hedge fund recently announced it would be denominated in XRP.

For a while that took conviction to stay the course in the face of the more libertarian elements of crypto.

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It is an open software platform that enables developers to make their own decentralized applications. Ether is used by app developers in order to pay for transaction fees and services within the Ethereum network. And this is part of the reason why companies and even game developers have made use of Ethereum in recent months. Ethereum is currently ranked number two as the best cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Ripple What if businesses can send money across borders without any hassle of paying ridiculous fees?

Because of its potential for mass adoption, a digital currency offering this solution can be considered a strong contender as the best cryptocurrency to invest in Ripple currently ranks third in terms of market capitalization today.

Though Ripple is currently behind both Bitcoin and Ethereum, many have optimistic cryptocurrency predictions on this particular altcoin. The reason behind this is that Ripple has focused mainly on dropping transaction fees between banks and institutions. Validators within the Ripple network include top companies and internet service providers and even the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

Aside from their known partnerships, Ripple has been experimenting partnerships with other banks including Bank of England, Bank of Yokohama, and Tokyo Star Bank to name a few. Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin cash was a fork of the Bitcoin classic. One of the things that make Bitcoin Cash a potential alternative to Bitcoin is its increased size of blocks which means that it can process transactions faster than BTC.

One of the reasons that have caused a negative Bitcoin price prediction recently is the slow transaction times within the Bitcoin network. Specifically, the set of blocks were set at 1 MB in The initial goal of putting block size limit to the Bitcoin code was to prevent spam attacks on the networks. In addition to this, Bitcoin Cash has removed SegWit, which is a code adjustment that has been designed to free up parts of a transaction to free up block space.

One of the best cryptocurrency predictions for Bitcoin cash is that it could potentially be the best cryptocurrency to invest in , especially once it has competed with the volume of transactions that Paypal and Visa can handle.

Though Cardano is relatively new and just entered the cryptocurrency market in November , this first blockchain network has been built by leading academics and engineers. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Cardano responds to regulators and is focused on private transactions. This makes Cardano a strong candidate for mass adoption and therefore one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in And recently, Charlie Lee discarded all his Litecoin in order to remove any personal gain that he could get from the cryptocurrency.

The vision for Litecoin is that it becomes a currency that is going to be used for daily purchases. And since it is considered as the crypto silver, it has 3 times more coins than Bitcoin. For instance, it has a leader figure like Charlie Lee. Next, it is faster to adopt new technologies on Litecoin. In fact, SegWit took more than a year for Bitcoin to adopt. And lastly, Litecoin offers cheaper transactions. The New Economy Movement is more than just a digital currency.

For starters, it has a fixed supply of 9 billion coins. In addition to this, NEM is not mined but harvested. Your account begins to harvest when you have 10, NEM in your account. Unlike the usual method of confirming transactions, it is even possible to harvest with very little use of electricity. NEM has focused its ecosystem for startups, industries, hospitals, and even game developers.

And given these signs, it could potentially be the best cryptocurrency that has been under the radar of many investors. One of the best cryptocurrency predictions on NEO is that it will definitely sore once China decides to ease its regulations on both ICOs and cryptocurrencies. But will NEO be considered top cryptocurrency soon? NEO is considered by experts as a long-term investment. For one, it supports several languages.

This means that it is capable of handling more smart contract applications than what Ethereum can offer. In addition to this, NEO pays dividends for you holding on to your coins. And this could be a reason why more people are going to go after the coin in the near future. And lastly, NEO seems to please the Chinese government being fully compliant with Chinese regulations. It has not as volatile as other cryptocurrencies and has managed to maintain price variations that are relatively mild.

Its growth pattern over time has shown that its performance is progressive over a long-term period. It has shown the ability to generate incredible ROI in the past. Users have to exchange fiat currency for Bitcoin which they can exchange for Litecoin on exchanges like Poloniex, or shapeshift.

From bull runs to getting listed on Coinbase, XRP may be gearing up for a repeat of its numbers. All these qualities have propelled it to become one of the best currencies to invest in this year. Released in as a way to facilitate blockchain-based global settlement, Ripple acts as a driver for financial transactions.

Remittance drives the world of commerce, yet the process is made difficult by the slow transaction time and fees. XRP provides a way to send money across borders the same way platforms like Western Union and Moneygram are used to transfer fiat currency. There are currently more than banks in its portfolio, including Bank of America. As a result, it is exempt from most of the hesitation that banks have when dealing with cryptocurrency.

Under the backing of several of these banks, Ripple continues to expand all over the world. XRP can be stored in several wallets including Toast, an online wallet as well as a hardware wallet like a Ledger Nano s. Altcoins are also great for investment and the following ones easily take the cake as the best altcoins to buy in It also accommodates the development of decentralized apps like Ethereum, its major competitor.

This quality makes it attractive, especially for frequent micropayments. It possesses unique qualities including the ability to process transactions in parallel, faster transaction speeds and a constitution which its users operate based on. The EOS network also used a different and unconventional mining algorithm. EOS is self-sufficient and flexible in its ability to evolve. Ethereum, its immediate competition has dropped in performance. When considering which one to choose, it is important to take this into account.

Holding EOS tokens gives investors to vote during decision-making processes on the platform. Just like Bitcoin, it is a decentralized platform that uses a blockchain to advance financial transactions. It was created by Zooko Wilcox in as a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and uses a cryptographic function known as Zero-knowledge proofs.

This protocol secures its network from malicious attacks and double spending. Unlike Bitcoin, Zcash is known for a faster transaction speed of 2. It also has a block size limit of 4MB and its network block rewards are halved every four years. Despite these fundamental difference in operation, Zcash still bears one major similarity to Bitcoin: a cap of 21 million on the number of tokens that will ever be in existence.

There are several reasons why Zcash could come across as a good investment: It has proven its ability to generate reasonable short-term and long-term profit in several instances. As an example, between the start and end of April , Zcash saw a Privacy coins are highly sought after, for users who would rather remain unknown and untraced. ZCash was listed on Circle app, alongside cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Grayscale Investments, an asset management subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, one of the largest cryptocurrency-focused venture capital firms, recently added Zcash to its portfolio of offerings. It can also be stored in stored in hardware wallets like Trezor and ledger but the ZCash account becomes transparent with those options.

It is free from centralized authorities like banks and the government and is one of the best altcoins to invest in because of its focus on anonymity and privacy. The Dash platform was launched by Evan Duffield in , using the original Bitcoin source code like other founders including Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin. The platform is also expanding rapidly, evident in its integrations and partnerships since There have also been announcements that Dash will be offered on prominent exchanges including Bitfinex.

There are a host of reasons to invest in Dash cryptocurrency including: It has shown profitability since its launch. Mostly, it has to be exchanged for Bitcoin which can be bought on a fiat exchange. It can also be stored on hardware wallets like ledger and Trezor. It was created in as a fork of Bytecoin after users reported shady occurrences on the network.

The platform claims to offer privacy, high levels of security, and untraceable transactions. It is also open source, crowdfunded and supported by an expert team of software developers of which five have chosen to remain anonymous. Through cryptographic methods, the platform ensures that transactions network cannot be traced back to the users who make them. The protocol for this solid approach to privacy is complex and has worked well till date, making Monero one of the most appealing coins despite setbacks with US security authorities.

Monero provides its users with great features including fungibility, the interchangeability of one asset with another asset of the same type. The Monero platform is also highly scalable because its blocks have no size limit like other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Litecoin. Monero was formerly known as Bitmonero and emerged when users were increasingly worried about the privacy of their transactions on the Bitcoin network. People have different reasons for wanting to keep their financial data private and with Monero, this can easily be done.

It has Low fees since it was not primarily created as a store of value. Monero has an active development team that works continuously on the platform. It also has the backing of an active user community. However, to store Monero, the following steps should be followed: Download the Monero paper wallet generator at moneroaddress.

It should be located here. Unzip the file and open the paper wallet generator in HTML format, into a web browser on an air-gapped computer with a new OS installation. The paper wallet will have a Monero public address for receiving funds to the wallet. This will serve as an account number for one user to send Monero to another.

The wallet will also come with a Monero mnemonic seed which serves a method of storing the whole paper a way that users can easily recognize. This is all a user needs to restore the wallet later. A Monero private view key is also included, to view all transactions entering the wallet. This can be used to set up a view-only wallet which sees all incoming transactions live on the blockchain when they are sent to a cold storage wallet.

10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018 cryptocurrency ai buy

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018-2019

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