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navarino wine lodge nicosia betting

distribution to hotel rooms.. ; Wines Cacao in raw product form Pineapples.1 bet AF Adtieselskab: Sofie. Hircania which hath many Cities of note, and abounds with Wine, and Honey. and round about it are very fair houses for Pilgrims to lodge in: and many. New Orlando airport terminal is $ billion bet on Florida tourism World's First Winery Airline Launched, Business Class in Every Glass. CRYPTO KEY GENERATE RSA MODULUS 1024 ASDM

From North to South it is one thousand paces; from East to West seven hundred: from one end to the other easily seen by reason of a fair large Alley, running all along in parallel, distinguished into nine ascents, each surmounting other a foot, each distance smooth and even.

From her Tarrasses is a dainty prospect of most part of the City. The City of Casbine Described. Casbine is at this day for multitude of Buildings, and inhabitants, the chiefest City in Media, and next to Spahawn, the greatest City in the Persian Monarchy.

Its compassed with a wall seven miles in compasse: seated in a fair even plain, having no hill of note within thirty miles compasse: the Champain yeilds grain, and grapes, but no wood. The City of Tauris Described. At this day its about five miles compasse, well peopled, traded to from farre and neer; The houses are flat on the top, made of brick; the Buzzar large, and the gardens lovely. The City of Derbent Described.

Hyspaan Described. The City of Hyspaan in Persia, was formerly called Hecatompolis, by reason of its hundred gates; It's compassed with a strong wall, and is in circuit as much as a man may well ride on horseback in a day; its a very strong City, and is excellently watered with deep channels of running springs, conveyed into it from the Coronian Mountains, which are as a wall inaccessible about it.

On the North side is a very strong Castle, which is compassed about with a wall of a thousand and seven hundred yards in compasse. Near the Palace is a stately Garden, spacious, and large, beautifully adorned with a thousand sundry kinds of Fruit-trees, plants, and flowers of all sorts to delight the beholders. Casan described. Casan is the chiefest City in Parthia; It is seated in a goodly plain, having no Mountains within a dayes journey of it: It wanteth neither Fountains, Springs, nor curious pleasant Gardens: It aboundeth with all necessaries for the life of man; It's greatly frequented with all sorts of Merchandize, especially out of India.

The Citizens are very industrious, and curious in all manner of Sciences, especially in weaving girdles, and shashes; in making Velvets, Satins, Damasks, excellent Persian Carpets of a wonderful finenesse: Here you may buy all manner of Drugs, and Spices; as also Turkesses, Diamonds, Rubies, and Pearles; as also all sorts of Silk, raw and wrought: For there is more Silk brought into Casan in one year, than there comes broad cloth into London. This City is much to bee commended for Civil Government: For an idle person is not suffered to live amongst them; the child that is but six years old is set to labour: no ill rule, disorder or riot is suffered there.

It was built by Saw-Abbas for the entertainment of Travellers on free cost: The whole building is founded on Marble, six foot high, the rest of Brick; varnished and coloured with knots, and Phansies of Arabick characters in Azure, red, and white, laid in Oile: Its a perfect quadrangle, each side two hundred paces long: In the midst of this spacious Court is a large fouresquare Tank, or Pond, with Christaline water: This Royal Inne is seated in the midst of fragrant and spacious Gardens.

Armenia the greater described Armenia Major lyeth on the farther side of Euphrates: is a very Page 23 mountainous Country; hath part of Cappadocia, and Euphrates, on the West. In diet, and clothing they are all alike.

Media Described. Ecbatane was once the Metropolis of it, twenty miles distant from the Caspian Straits: which are a narrow way made by hand through the Hills, scarce wide enough for a Cart to pass, eight miles in length, the rocks with their obscure frowns, hanging over them, and in the summer time multitudes of Serpents guarding them. The walls of Ecbatane were built of hewen stone, seventy cubits high, and fifty cubits broad, and sixteen miles in compasse.

In this Country is the Lake of Van, three hundred miles long, and a hundred and fifty broad, of salt water the greatest next to Meotis. Gyllicus affirms that eight great Rivers run into it, without any apparent issue to the Sea. Parthia described. The Parthians flight doth most affright.

Its now called Arach. Hyrcania described. Arabia described. Here is Mount Sinai, a mile and an half from Horeb, and far higher: Sinai is ascended by steps cut out of the Rock, and from the top of it may bee seen both shores of the Red-Sea. Its now called Ayaman, or Giamen. Its probable to bee the Country where Saba stood, whose Queen came to visit Salomon, though the Abassines challenge her to themselves: It hath store of Rivers, Lakes, Towns, Cities, Cattel, and fruits of many sorts.

Here is store of gold, silver, and variety of precious stones: As also wild beasts of diverse kinds. They have in Arabia sheep with great tailes, some of which weigh forty pounds, some much more: they kill all the Mice they can, as supposing them enemies to their Gods: the women cover their faces, being contented rather to see but with one eye, than to prostitute their whole faces. Tartary described.

Their Arms are Bows, Arrows, and Swords; they are all Horse-men, and use to shoot as readily backward, as forward: the common souldiers have no armour more than their ordinary apparel, which is a black sheep skin with the wool side outward in the day Page 26 time, and inward in the night, with a cap of the same: the Nobles imitate the Turks, both in apparrel and armour.

In their wars they chiefly seek to get store of Captives, especially of Boyes and Girles, whom they sell to the Turks, or other neighbour Nations; they are most of them Mahometans. They use no money, and prefer brass and Steel before all other mettals.

They have broad and flat visages, much tanned, have fierce and cruel looks, thin hair on their upper lips, they are light and nimble, they have short legs, as if they were made for horsemen: their speech is sudden, and loud, speaking out of a deep hollow throat: their singing is very untunable. From hence indeed Huns, Herules, Franks, Bulgarians. And spoil'd the fairest Provinces of all.

The Island of Cyprus Described. Cyprus is seated in the Sea of Syria, and is in compasse five hundred and fifty miles: Its in length from East to West, two hundred miles: In breadth but sixty five miles. Its about sixty miles distant from Cilicia, and one hundred from the main land of Syria. In summer its very hot: the greatest supply of water is from the Clouds: So that in Constantines time, there being a great, and long drought, the Island was almost unpeopled for thirty six years together.

The Inhabitants are warlike, strong, and nimble, civil, Hospitable, and friendly to strangers. Famagusta on the South Sea. Nicosia almost in the center of the Countrey. Its now under the Turks, who took it from Page 28 the Venetians, Anno Christi, One thousand five hundred threescore and ten. The Island of Rhodes Described. Rhodes is situated in the Carpathian Sea, over against Caria in the lesser Asia: Its in circuit one hundred and twenty miles: The chief City is of the same name, where stood that huge Colossus of Brasse, in the Image of a man fourscore cubits high, whose little finger was as big as an ordinary man: it was the work of twelve years, made by Chares of Lindum.

The Inhabitants of this Ile were always good Seamen. Anno Christi The forenamed City of Rhodes, stands on the East part of the Island at the bottome of a hill, and on the shore of the Sea; having a safe and fair Haven: it hath also two walls for defence, thirteen high towers, five bulwarks, besides sconces and outworks: Its inhabited only by Turks and Jews: for though the Christians are suffered to trade freely all day; yet at night, upon pain of death they must leave it.

The Rhodian Colossus more fully Described. In the Isle of Rhodes stood one of the worlds seven wonders, which was a huge Colossus made of Brasse in the form of a man, standing with his two leggs striding over an haven, under which, ships with their Masts and Sails might passe: It was fourscore cubits high, with all the parts proportionable, and all gilt over. When Muani the fifth Caliph of Babylon, overcame Constance the Emperour in a Sea-fight, and had taken the Isle of Rhodes, this image being formerly thrown down by an Earthquake, was sold by him to a Jew, who loaded nine hundred Camels with the brasse of it.

Malabar Described. Malabar is neer to Cape Comeryn: Its four hundred miles in length, but not above a hundred in breadth: yet so populous that one of the Samorines, or Kings, hath brought into the field two hundred thousand men: The Countrey is green and full of all delights, Cattel, Corn, Fruit, Cotton, silk-worms, and other Merchandise: it hath store of strong Towns, and safe Harbours.

Their Braminies, or Priests, have the maiden heads of all that are married: they are couragious and politick. The City of Callecut in Malabar Described. They commonly exchange their wives; As men have many wives, so one woman may have many husbands. The Isle of Zeiloon Described. Zeiloon, or Ceilon, is two hundred and fifty miles in length, one hundred and forty in breadth. The Manner of fishing for Pearls in the Isle of Zeilan.

Choromandel described. Negapatan is hot, and unwholesome, the wind and raines being for the greatest part of the year high, and unseasonable. The Bannians Wives have here more freedome to burn themselves when their Husbands dye, than in other places; so that in this place the custome is usual.

Page 31 The City of Goa described. Goa is the bravest, and best defenced City in all the Orient, where the Vice-Roy of Portugal keeps his residence, and seats of Justice. Its compassed with a strong and beautiful wall, proud in her aspiring Turrets, dreadful in many tormenting Cannons. The City of Amadavar described. Amadavar is the Metropolis of Cambaya, or Guzurat, watered by a sweet River, and circled by a beautiful strong stone wall of six miles compass, well and orderly adorned with many pretty Towers, and twelve Posterns.

The houses in general are built of Sun-dryed Bricks, low, large, and tarrassed. The Island of Socotora described. It abounds with fish, foul, and flesh: Here are Civet-Cats. Ormus described. Ormus is situated in the Persian Gulph, a miserable, and forlorn City, and Isle at this day; though not many years since, it was the bravest place in all the Orient.

If all the world were made into a Ring, Ormus the Gem, and grace thereto should bring. Narsinga Described. The Temples have in them many rich, and Massy Idols, of ugly shape, as best pleaseth the Devil for his service, and devotion. Bisnagar is the second City in Narsinga for grandeure, and bravery; being circled with a wall of four miles compass, and as well fortified: well built, and wealthy; It is much frequented by our European ships, and Junks from all parts of India.

Few strangers come thither but they are invited by the King, who delights to shew them his fine cloathes, being set thick with stones, and Gems of infinite value: hee hath for his guard a thousand Pensioners: Hee affects Polygamy, and therefore stiles himself, The Husband of a thousand women, who at his death makes his flaming grave their consuming Sepulcher.

Mesulipatan is seated neer the Bengalan Ocean; The Town hath little beauty, not many years since a raging mortality, and Famine having well nigh depopulated it; The fields, and gardens, are parched by the Sun from March to July; the four next months are disturbed with wind, and incessant rains; only from November to March, they Page 33 have kindly weather.

Malacca described. Malacca is a Peninsula, whence abundance of gold is carried into Pegu, Siam, Borneo, and Sumatra; Its judged to bee part of the Ophir whence Solomon fetched his gold. The City is above three miles long, but narrow; built upon the banks of a pleasant River as broad as our Thames. The streets and fields shew many delightful Arbours, and choice fruits, with Corn, Sugar, and Durapen trees, preferred before gold, and silver.

Patania Described. Patania stands between those two famous Ports of Malacca, and Siam: the Town is strong, and defended by twelve great brass guns, whereof one is a Basilisco of twenty six foot long. The People are black, and go almost naked: they delight much in eating Bettle, and Opium: they usually eat in plates of Gold, they are very hospitable to strangers, and the better sort of them blush not to proffer their daughters, and neeces to be their bed-fellows during their stay there.

Siam Described. Page 34 The Riches of the King of Pegu. Near unto his Royal Palace there is an inestimable Treasure, whereof hee makes no account, for it stands in such a place as every one may see it. It is a great Court, walled about with stone, with two gates which stand alwayes open; and within this Court are four guilded houses covered with lead, and in each of them are Idols of a very great value.

In the first there is the Image of a man of gold, very great, and on his head a Crown of gold, set with most rare Rubies, and Saphires, and round about him are four little Children of gold. In the second there is the statue of a man of silver, sitting on heaps of money, whose stature in height as he sits is higher than the roof of an house: I measured one of his feet saith mine Author and it was as long as all my body, with a Crown on his head like the first.

In the third there is a statue of Brasse of the same bignesse, with the like Crown on his head. In the fourth there is a statue as big as the other of Gansa, which is the mettal they make their mony of, which is copper and lead mingled together: this also hath a Crown on his head like the first.

They have many Idol-houses, which they call Pagods, all the tops whereof are covered with leaf gold, and some of them are covered with gold from the top to the bottome, and once in ten years they guild them a new.

This King stiles himself King of the white Elephants, and when hee rides abroad, four white Elephants are led before him vested with gold, having their teeth inclosed in sheathes wrought with Jewels. Pegu is a very great, strong, and fair City, and very populous: Its made square, with very fair walls, and a great Trench round about it, full of water, wherein are many Crocodiles: It hath twenty fair Gates made of stone, on every side five Gates; there are upon the walls many Turrets, guilded with gold very fair; the streets are as streight as a line, from one Gate to another, and so broad, that twelve men may ride abreast in them: On both sides, at every mans door there grows a Palmer tree, which yeilds a pleasing shadow, so that a man may walk in the shade all day long: their houses are covered with Tiles.

The house wherein his Idol stands is covered with tiles of silver, and all the walls are guilt with gold. It is five and fifty paces long, and hath three walks in it, and between them four great Pillars guilded: The house it self is guilded with gold within, and without, and round about it are very fair houses for Pilgrims to lodge in: and many goodly houses for their Priests which are full of Images of men, and women, all covered with gold.

Sir Walter Raughly in his History of the World, proves by many probable arguments that this was the Ophir from whence Solomon fetched his gold, and Ivory. Their habit is thin and fine; they wear no beards: they dye their teeth black, because Dogs teeth are white, they cut and pink their flesh as a mark of bravery. The King of Pegu on festival dayes rides abroad in his triumphant Chariot all guilded, which is drawn by sixteen goodly horses: His Chariot is high, with a rich Canopy over it.

About, and behinde it go twenty of his Nobles, each of them having a rope in his hand that is fastened to the Chariot, to hold it upright from falling. Hee hath one Principal wife, and at least three hundred Concubines. The Noble and simple are all apparelled alike for the fashion, only differing in the finenesse of the cloth, which is of Bombast: First they have a shirt of white Bombast; then another painted cloth which they binde up betwixt their legs, and on their heads they wrap an other cloth in fashion of a Miter: they go all barefooted: all sorts of women wear a smock that reacheth to their middle, and from thence downward they wear a cloth open before, so that they cannot go but they discover natures secrets, which they say was invented to keep men from sin against nature; they go also barefooted, having their arms adorned with hoopes of gold, and Jewels, and their fingers full of precious rings.

Page 36 Sumatra described. Its rich in gold, fruits, and precious stones, but miserably overspread with ignorance, and superstition; the Inhabitants worshiping Cats, Rats, Dogs, yea and the Devil himself: both sexes go for the most part naked: The soil is good where the Rivers water it, but barren where the veins of gold are found. In the winter quarter they fast from food; all the rest of the year devour their prey with much greedinesse; sixty dayes passe before the female layes her eggs, which are commonly sixty in number, and shee is sixty dayes in hatching them, and usually they live sixty years: some call them Aligartos.

The Jchneumon steals into his belly, and gnaws in sunder his guts whilst hee lies gaping that the little Trochil may pick his teeth, which gives it feeding. Java Major described. Java the greater is an Island neer the Bengalan Sea, in length four hundred and fifty miles, in breadth two hundred and seventy: the midland is for the most part Mountainous, and ill peopled; the Sea coasts low, and populous, yet unhealthful. They are friendly to the English, Page 37 especially ever since the Dutch took Jackatra from them.

The Isle of Celibes Described. Celibes is by some called Makasser, from her best City in the Island: Its oval, and above two hundred miles long: well peopled, but with bad people: Its fruitful, though under the hotest part of the burning zone; They are black, naked, only having a few plantane leaves tyed about their middles; the better sort wear Tulipants, and white shirts upon their coal-black skins.

The women are very immodest. The men use long Canes, out of which they can blow a little pricking quill, which if it draw bloud in any part of the body, it kills immediately, so strong is the poyson. The Molucco Isles described. The Bandaneza Islands Described. The Isle of Borneo described. Her chief haven Towns are Socodania, and Bemermassin. The Isle of Japan described.

The best port in it is Ozacca, strong, and beautifull, famous for its royal Castle, varnished, tiled, and burnished over with pure Gold: rich, and Majesticall, of excellent stone, and well built; the walls are every where twenty foot thick, well polished, and curiously cemented; circled with deep trenches ful of water, having above twelve Iron Gates, with draw-bridges.

Their houses are most of wood; because of their frequent Earth-quakes: With them black is a feastival colour, and white a Funeral. They dye their teeth black. The Kingdome of China described. One of their Kings to keep out the Tartars, built a wall of one thousand and two hundred miles in length, six fathom high, twelve yards thick: it was twenty and seven years in building, though constantly wrought upon by seven hundred and fifty thousand men.

Pequin the now Regal City of China described. The streets are long, and large; the houses fair, encompassed with Iron, and Latten grates: at each street end is a Triumphal Arch, shut up at nights, in the chief whereof are Watch-bells. There are one hundred and twenty large Channels of water, and over them eighteen hundred rich, and fair bridges: There are in this City one hundred and twenty Shambles, one hundred and twenty market-places; besides in every street five or six shops, wherein they sell flesh, poultry, and Bacon.

There are also store of other houses with great walls, in which are Gardens, and groves with game for hunting, which belong to several companies. The City of Nanquin described. The Country of Quinsay described. Quinsay borders upon Cochin-china: The whole Countrey is well watered, and the Rivers abound with Page 40 fish; which they use to take with Cormorants.

No Beggars are suffered amongst them, for if they bee young, the whip rewards them, but if they bee old, and lame, the Hospital relieves them: murther they punish with death: adultery, and theft, with the Strappado. They arrogate all sorts of excellencys in Art, or Science as peculiar to their Nation, they think their speech, which mostly consists of Monosyllables the most sweet, and Rhethorical of any in the world: They say they are the antientest of all other People, and that they borrow nothing from any other, but all other from them: They say they were the first inventers of Letters, Guns, Painting, Tillage, and Navigation: For all which they say That they only see with two eyes, and all others but with one.

They are great Gamesters, and when they have lost all, stake their wives, and children, whom they part with, till they can redeem them; they so firmly believe the Resurrection, that sometimes they lend money to bee repayed in the world to come: Though their houses outwardly are but mean, yet oft-times the insides are lined with excellent good Marble, Porphyry, and Serpentine.

When the Husband dyes, the wife mourns exceedingly, puts sackcloath next her skin: for three years is scarce seen to laugh, and abstains from publick Feasts, and pastimes. The City of Quinsay described. It had on the one side, a clear lake of fresh water, and on the other, a great River, which entring into many places of the City carryed away all the filth, and occasioned a good air.

There were store both of Carts, and Barks to carry necessaries. It had in it twelve thousand Bridges, great and small; those on the chiefest Channels being so high, that ships might passe under them. On the other side of the City was a great Trench forty miles long, large, and full of water from the River, which served both to receive the overflowings of the River, and as a fence to that side of the City, the earth, that was taken out, being laid as a bank, or hill on the inside. There are ten chief Market-places besides infinite others along the streets all of them square, the square being half a mile on each side, and from the fore part of them runs a principal street forty paces wide, reaching from one end of the City to the other, with many Bridges traversing of it; and at the end of every four miles is such a Market-place.

In each of the Market-places three dayes in a week was a concourse of forty, or fifty thousand persons which brought in whatsoever was requisite for the life of man, besides beasts, and fowls of game. Then followed the Butchers rows of Beef, Page 42 Veal, Kid, and Lamb: Besides there were all sorts of Herbs; and fruits, and amongst them huge Pears weighing ten pound a peece, and very fragrant: Peaches yellow, and white, very delicate. Every day from the Ocean, which is but five and twenty miles off, is brought up abundance of fish, besides what the Lake and River yeeld.

Many streets answer one another in those Market-places, wherein are many Bathes, both of cold, and hot waters, and people wash every day before they eat any thing. At the end of each Market-place is a Palace where Magistrates determine all controversies which happen amongst Merchants and others. The Masters themselves work not, but stand richly apparreled, and their wives with Jewels inestimable: their houses are well ordered, and richly adorned with Pictures, and other stupendious costs.

About the Lake are many fair buildings, and great Palaces of the Nobles, and chief men; and Temples of their Idols, and Monasteries of many Monks. In the Lake also are Boats and Barges, for pleasure, adorned with fair seats, and Tables, and other provision for banquets, covered over head: within they are neatly painted, and have windows to open, and shut at pleasure.

This City contains about sixteen hundred thousand housholds, and together with the Country adjoyning, yeelded to the King sixteen millions, and eight hundred thousand Ducats of gold yearly, besides six millions, and four hundred thousand Ducats for the customes of salt. Page 43 The Great Mogols Empire described.

This vast Monarchy extends from East to West two thousand six hundred miles: From North to South one thousand four hundred miles: Its in circuit five thousand. The names of the Provinces are 1. Buckor, The chief City is Buckor-succor: Indus runs through it, and much inriches it. Tatta, The chief City is of the same name: The River Indus maketh many fruitful, and pleasant Islands in it: the chief arm of it falls into the Sea at Synde, a place famous for curious handy crafts.

Sorat, The chief City is Janagar. Its a little Province but rich, bounded with the Ocean on the South. Jeselmeere, The chief City is of the same name. Delli, The chief City is of the same name; which is a great City, where most of the Great Mogols lye interred. Bando, The chief City is of the same name.

It hath Agrae on the West. The donation of Award Miles can only take place online, through www. The NGOs that can receive Award miles donations, will be listed in detail at www. The Member that activates the Together account is automatically nominated as the Head of the Together account. It is clarified that in case the Member has not completed his registration, he will not be able to activate a Together account. A Together account can consist of 2 to 6 members. The Head must invite the members that wishes to include in the Together account via an electronic message.

It is clarified that the invited Members reserve the right to accept or reject their invitation within a period of 10 days. After that period, the invitation will expire and the Head may resend the invitation to the same or any other Member.

Any member added to a Together account cannot be removed in less than 12 months from the join date. The Members that are removed from a Together account, are not eligible to create or participate in a Together account for a period of six 6 months from the opt-out or removal date. The Head that opts-out or deactivates a Together account or is downgraded to the Blue tier, is not eligible to create or participate in a Together account for a period of six 6 months from the opt-out, removal or downgrade date.

It is clarified that a Together account cannot be cancelled in less than 12 months from the day of the Together account's creation. The Head is exclusively responsible for the administration of the Together account. Aegean reserves the right to reject any application of a Together account in case it is not compatible with the terms and conditions.

Aegean reserves the right to annul or modify at its own private discretion, anytime and with no previous notice the Program's terms and conditions, as they are mentioned in this document. Aegean reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate or cancel the Together service at any time without any further obligation to the Together members. The same applies in the case that the Program is cancelled due to the dissolution of the company, its liquidation, bankruptcy, acquisition, merger or any similar situation.

In the case that the Program is terminated or cancelled by Aegean, the Together account and the corresponding miles will automatically be cancelled. A Member's participation in the Program after the publication of the new terms and conditions implies their unconditional acceptance Together Miles Accrual All miles accrued on a Together account are award miles.

However, the award miles will be added and accumulated under the Together account. There is no card issued for the Together accounts and the Together account number is not registered nor indicated during accrual transactions. As of Members can redeem Award Miles for up to 9 services during one transaction. Miles redemption for part of the value is not available. GBP will be first converted to euros and then to miles.

Members who wish to redeem Award Miles for additional services must have active accounts. Members must have collected the adequate number of Award Miles to exchange them for the above services. The corresponding Award Miles are automatically deducted from the member's Account at the time of the redemption completion. For changes, cancellations, re-issues terms and conditions of the purchased additional service apply.

In case of additional service re-issue, additional collection can be collected only in euros. The Miles are registered in the Account of the Member who actually flew i. No Miles are registered for free or discounted tickets, award tickets, special offer tickets, barters or charter flight fares. Members may not transfer Miles in any way or assign them to any third party, nor combine them with Miles from any other Member to jointly take advantage an offer.

Miles do not bear any commercial value and cannot be exchanged for money. Any disposal sale, exchange etc. Otherwise proper registration of the Miles will not be possible. Aegean may at its discretion determine whether the documents submitted by the Member constitute sufficient proof or not. Tickets with connecting Public Service Routes flights may be issued under Go Light fare also and earn the respective amount of miles.

Tickets cannot be issued by Travel Agencies. Any miles redemption concerns the ticket fare. Taxes, airport duties, insurance surcharges, as well as any additional charge or fee all together hereinafter "Charges" imposed by any Public Authority, are payable by the Member and are due upon issuing the Ticket.

Redemption tickets issued through the Aegean Call Center are subject to service fees amounting to 20 Euros. For this purpose, during the redemption process, identification data of the beneficiary are requested, which are declared with full responsibility by the beneficiary. Tickets issued by redeeming Miles are subject to award seat availability. General seat availability does not necessarily imply that an award Ticket will be provided by redeeming Miles in accordance with the Program.

Waiting list is not permitted. It is not allowed to change the route or the name of the ticket. Any differences in taxes, that may occur with the ticket change are payable by the Member upon Ticket reissue. No-show policy: In case of a no-show passenger i. The Member should contact Aegean Airlines Call Center, to request a miles redemption credit and taxes refund, upon a no-show fee of 30 Euros per ticket.

It is clarified that any flight between two points which includes one stop at an intermediate point, with no change in flight number, is considered as one flight. It is clarified that in case the Member has not completed his registration, he will not be able to redeem miles. The Upgrade Award shall be issued for any direct destination, either domestic or international, within the Aegean and Olympic Air scheduled flights network.

The Upgrade Award is provided only on flights where the Business class of service is available and can be booked up to 2 hours prior to the respective flight departure. The reservation must be ticked, under the Saver, Comfort Flex and Flex fare category to be eligible for Upgrade Award. Booking classes not eligible for seat upgrade award are: U,P,T. General seat availability does not necessarily imply that a free Seat Upgrade will be provided by redeeming Miles in accordance with the Program.

The Member may transfer the right to obtain an Upgrade Award to a relative or any third party that the Member wants. In this event, mileage accrual is not feasible. Only tickets issued by the operating carrier and not by the marketing carrier, are eligible for Seat Upgrades. It is clarified that, seat upgrade is not permitted when the ticket includes any other Airline.

Once the ticket has been issued with seat upgrade award, only the date and time of the flight may be changed according to the fare rules of the original booked ticket and only if a seat is available for upgrade. Cancellation of Upgrade Award will not be allowed.

In case of a non-show passenger i. It shall be underlined that any difference between the initially purchased Ticket and the new, higher class of service in taxes, airport duties, A. The difference in the Charges is payable by the Member and are due upon issuing the Upgrade Award. It is clarified that in case of a flight between two points which includes one or more stops at an intermediate point with a change in the flight number, miles should be calculated per flight and all segments should be upgraded.

Partial upgrades are not permitted. It is clarified that Members cannot combine, within the same ticket, one segment with miles redemption for a seat upgrade and another segment with complimentary seat upgrade coupon. It shall be made clear that the flight must be operated by any Star Alliance member-airline and not by other collaborating airline company code-share flights. Award Miles may be redeemed in order to issue a free airline ticket within the Star Alliance network.

The benefit can be used by the Member and a guest. Aegean may, at its discretion, determine whether the documents submitted by the Member constitute sufficient proof or not.

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Navarino wine lodge nicosia betting Gouro is the Regal City, spacious, and beautiful; and so is Bengala, which hath given name to that part of the Sea called the Gulph of Bengala: Chatigan is also another of their Cities. GBP will be first converted to euros and then to miles. They are most sure of foot, never stumbling: they are governed with a hook of steel, with which their keeper sitting on their Necks, pull them back, or prick them forward at their pleasure. Mesulipatan is seated neer the Bengalan Ocean; The Town hath little beauty, not many years since a raging mortality, and Famine having well nigh depopulated it; The fields, and gardens, are parched by the Sun from Navarino wine lodge nicosia betting to July; the four next months are disturbed with wind, and incessant rains; only from November to March, they Page 33 have kindly weather. The streets are long, and large; the houses fair, encompassed with Iron, and Latten grates: at each street end is a Triumphal Arch, shut up at nights, in the go here whereof are Watch-bells.
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Navarino wine lodge nicosia betting Many rare and admirable buildings it had, amongst which the glorious Temple of Diana was the most exquisite for Art, and materials in the VVorld: The stones were of the richest Marble and Porphery, the roof of refined gold. The Head is exclusively navarino wine lodge nicosia betting for the administration of the Together account. Of course, when in Mykonos, sampling local food is a must, and for the most deluxe of Greecian dining experiences, head to Ambrosia Restaurant at The Royal Myconian Hotel. They have many Elephants, their King having usually fourteen thousand, and many of the Nobles a hunded a peece: There are some of them fifteen foot high, all of them black, their skin thick, and smooth, without hair: they take much delight in the water, and will swim excellent well, they are exceeding docible, so that they will do almost any thing the malaysia betting result bids them: If he would have them affright a man; he will make towards him as if hee would tread him in peeces, and yet when hee comes to navarino wine lodge nicosia betting, not touch him. Nicosia almost in the center of the Countrey. Mesulipatan is seated neer the Bengalan Ocean; The Town hath little beauty, not many years since a raging mortality, and Famine having well nigh depopulated it; The fields, and gardens, are parched by the Sun from March to July; the four next months are disturbed with wind, and incessant rains; only from November to March, they Page 33 have kindly weather. Award Miles: they are Miles that every Member collects in order to redeem, by exchanging them with the award of his choice, i.
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Nih dash diet Mesulipatan is seated neer the Bengalan Ocean; The Town hath little beauty, not many years since a raging mortality, and Famine having well nigh depopulated it; The fields, and gardens, are parched by the Sun from March to July; the four next months are disturbed with wind, and incessant rains; only from November to March, they Page 33 have kindly weather. The company that has issued an Aegean Mastercard Business card is not allowed to proceed to Award Gift Miles purchase. Aegean may, at its discretion, determine whether the documents submitted by the Member constitute sufficient proof or not. The Star Alliance Navarino wine lodge nicosia betting Award is provided only on flights where the Business class and First Class of service is available and can https://casinobetplacea.website/unity-gain-investing-summing-amplifier-calculator/1470-marlenka-cafe-nicosia-betting.php booked up to 24 hours prior to the respective flight departure. A haven of natural and cultural beauty, Montenegro offers big experiences in a small and accessible environment.
Ncaa football championship game betting line Here also upon the River Sangarius stood Gordie, where was the Gordian knot, which when Alexander could not untie, hee cut it in sunder with his sword. It was built four square, each side sixteen miles long; scituated in a large plain. When Muani the fifth Caliph of Babylon, overcame Constance the Emperour in a Sea-fight, and had taken the Isle of Rhodes, this image being formerly thrown down by an Earthquake, navarino wine lodge nicosia betting sold by him to a Jew, who loaded nine hundred Camels with the brasse of it. Their Braminies, or Priests, have the maiden heads of all that are married: they are couragious and politick. From Santo and Venetsanos, where you can taste top-class local wines to the backdrop of striking views, to the small and intimate Gavalas, an abundance of viticultural wonder awaits on the island. Page 36 Sumatra described.

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navarino wine lodge nicosia betting

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