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Btc bahamas careers

btc bahamas careers

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Aenean dignissim metus nec lectus auctor rutrum. Nunc placerat leo et est rutrum, at lacinia lectus congue. A few months ago, the Hong Kong authorities were separating children from their parents and shipping people off to quarantine facilities in the infamous Penny Bay in order to squash a COVID outbreak.

Fast forward to about a month ago, and the Hong Kong government suddenly allowed Hong Kong Stadium to begin selling tickets to the Hong Kong Sevens, the premiere tournament on the World Rugby Sevens Series competition. You can expect the stands at the upcoming competition to look something like this: And just this past week, the authorities announced that they are going to allow the tens of thousands of attendees to eat and drink and be merry all smushed together in a rugby stadium.

The Hong Kong vs. Singapore rivalry runs deep. Both city-states are vying to be the hub of international finance in Asia. Shanghai would easily take the top spot if Beijing was confident it could remain politically pure, but I suspect that handing that sort of relevance to the Shanghai clique is not something Beijing is interested in.

It was the only major financial centre in Asia that remained open to foreign business. Hong Kong shut its borders to international travel and only recently reopened them. Tokyo was shut due to the Japanese policy of not allowing foreigners in. Singapore did have a similar policy in the early COVID era, but it was quicker than its other Asian counterparts to loosen entry restrictions for foreign businesspeople and then tourists.

Many banks that had a large Asian presence of well-paid front office workers began shifting employees from Hong Kong to Singapore. As a result, the Singaporean apartment rental market is on fire right now. As far as crypto goes, many firms and individuals— particularly Chinese nationals — moved their businesses and persons to Singapore during the pandemic.

The vibrancy of the crypto scene was on full display. Singapore also just rolled out a new employment visa scheme aimed squarely at high-earning engineers and bankers. The issue is one of political will, and whether the Chinese government is comfortable allowing Hong Kong to drift further apart from Mainland China. It has left many — including myself — wondering whether Hong Kong will or even can respond. That said, recent events such as the allowance of the Hong Kong Sevens seem to suggest that the Chinese government is starting to view Singapore as a bigger threat to its dominance than the continued political drift of Hong Kong.

In that same vein, required quarantines on your way into China and between provinces are still the norm, and COVID flare ups are dealt with via severe lockdowns — but in Hong Kong, stay in a quarantine hotel is no longer required upon arrival. Hong Kong has historically had a more straightforward system for issuing foreign employment passes compared to Mainland China I would not characterise it as easy or hard but is now making it even easier to issue and receive these passes by waiving many of its usual stipulations, such as requiring businesses to advertise all positions to the local market and making them prove that any roles offered could only be filled by a foreigner.

Here is Fortune talking about how aggressively Hong Kong is now courting foreign talent: Hong Kong is overhauling visa rules to attract foreign talent as it battles with rival finance hubs like Singapore for talent following nearly three years of pandemic isolation. The city will also suspend the annual quota of its current program for skilled talent and extend the limit of stay for non-local graduates from one to two years. Retail traders cannot trade crypto in China, but recent media coverage suggests that the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission SFC is poised to allow retail to directly buy and sell crypto in the near future.

Hong Kong is doing what it needs to do in order to regain its role as the global hub for crypto trading. The capital can come from China via retail. If the Chinese capital is there, the Western capital will meet it. That is why the Hong Kong financial markets are so powerful. The people needed to build the services can now easily get employment visas. Don your optimist caps with me as I outline why I think allowing crypto in Hong Kong solves a critical, existential problem for China that will make it difficult for the country to back out again.

Volcker and Toyoo Gyohten. He and Gyohten-san take an American and Japanese perspective on financial events from the s to But at the BIS meeting, central bankers from all the European countries gathered; had cocktails, luncheons, and dinners; and talked endlessly about gold, the dollar, and the pound sterling, switching among English, French, and German. But there was absolutely no interest shown in the upheavals going on at that very moment in China.

The Vietnam War was at a very critical stage, but apparently those bankers had very little interest in such events outside their sphere. I thought uneasily, this is a group of people for whom the world still stops west of the Dardanelles. I would be delighted to hear about how PBOC officials feel they are treated as the up-and-coming Asian economic super power in the midst of the Americans and Europeans at the various central banking jamborees.

Here is Gyohten-san again pages discussing how hard it is to correct the balance of payments imbalances. Japan ran massive surpluses with America and Europe in the s. One important lesson of the period, particularly for Japan, was that under the floating-rate regime, monetary authorities could not manipulate the exchange rate by simply intervening against an underlying market trend.

That lesson cost us billions to learn.

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