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Christian classics ethereal library pdf

christian classics ethereal library pdf

Grand Rapids: Christian Classics Ethereal Library, n.d. Augustine. “A Treatise on the Grace of Christ, and On Original Sin.” Pages in NPNF Revival Addresses, Reuben Archer Torrey, [cc] Christian Classics Ethereal casinobetplacea.website, ,70 KB, Heretics, Gilbert K. Chesterton. Christian Classics Ethereal Library: the CCEL selects, collects, distributes, and promotes valuable classical Christian literature through the World Wide Web. COMPARE ETHEREUM CLOUD MINING

This seems to be a tremendous risk, since the choice for evil is equally accessible, and indeed Adam and Eve do make the wrong choice, "circumvented with cunning" by the serpent,38 who offered them pleasure39 and high rank. Indeed, they veer from one another at the very start.

For Gregory, it was an expressly allegorical tale. This affords him the license to draw conclusions that Augustine, in his more literal reading, cannot. Specifically, he is able to ascribe power to the trees in the garden. One bestows eternal life, the other knowledge,42 which Gregory understands to mean a muddied discernment of good and evil. Augustine, Literal Meaning of Genesis 8. Gregory's depiction of the cleft of the rock in which Moses encountered God's presence Gregory of Nyssa, Life of Moses 2.

Augustine, On Grace and Free Will 3. Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius 2. Instead, it was the prohibition itself that mattered. Augustine defends the gift of free will in humanity, but affirms that the only true freedom is in obedience to God's decree, because obedience is "the one and only virtue for every creature that is a rational agent under the authority of God.

This, then, drives Gregory and Augustine into very different directions regarding the relationship that is sought. For Gregory it is one of aspiration. The soul moves naturally upward epektasis 48 and so Adam and Eve must choose the inclination of the soul over the inclination of the body,49 thereby attaining to the divine nature.

He likens this to a painter's apprentice, copying their teacher's masterpiece by painting with virtue. Conversely, Augustine sees Eden portraying a relationship of subservience: "We are his servants and slaves for our benefit, not his. Indeed, both emphasised the importance of obedience, but the question is: obedience to what? Augustine saw a relationship maintained by obedience to a rule; Gregory saw a rule upheld by obedience to a relationship. This divergence became all the more pronounced as they wrestled with the entrance of sin.

Both identified the serpent as the progenitor of evil,54 while agreeing 44 Augustine, Literal Meaning of Genesis 8. Gregory of Nyssa, Song of Songs 4. Callahan trans. For Augustine, however, their failure was the result of pride,55 provoked by the prohibition56 and evidenced in their negligence in guarding the garden, thereby allowing the serpent to enter. In response to deliberate disobedience, Augustine finds justice in God's judgement of guilt and punishments of pain, toil, expulsion and death;63 whereas Gregory, convinced of humanity's vicinal culpability, as opposed to guilt, sees God describing the consequences of their actions.

Original sin Adam and Eve enter the world Gen , and what becomes immediately clear is that their fallen state has been inherited by their children. Cain is envious and 55 Augustine, Eighty-Three Questions 3. On the Making of Man And how is it that these same traits have recurred in every human life since? For both Gregory and Augustine the answer is the same. Sin, according to Gregory, is both the product and producer of evil. Evil itself is not a thing, so much as an absence of good, just as darkness is an absence of light, with sin the wilful action to choose the dark.

Augustine also pointed to Romans to support his argument, asserting that "many died through one man's trespass. In some regards, this is similar to Gregory's theology, inasmuch as both agree there is a radical shift in human nature that is suffered by all. However, while Gregory's depiction of sin is original in that all are affected by the consequences of that first sin, Augustine's assertion that humanity continues to bear the guilt of that first sin presses the devastation of the human soul further.

Specifically, free will is disempowered to such an extent that none can escape their guilt and are destined only to deepen it,85 adding to the original sin with their own actual sins. Gregory, on the other hand, insists that free will is maintained, lessened certainly by the inherited attraction to passions, but still sufficient for the soul to participate in its restoration.

It is to this that we must finally turn. Original salvation Augustine's view of original sin as the transmission of "criminal nature" 86 presents a seemingly insurmountable problem, which is that God's punishment leads inevitably to even greater descent into sin, which itself must be punished. This punishment seems to all but discredit human free will. Countering this, however, is the all- surmounting "absolute priority of grace.

Upon death, this same grace carries the baptised through the fire of judgement and purgatory into heaven and immortality. However, this is not entirely fair, since the emphasis of his argument is on God's foreknowledge,96 suggesting that Augustine's argument is actually that God has fully restored free will and extended it to all He foreknew would choose Him,97 thereby restoring His image.

Gregory also recognised the need for God's grace and mercy, released through the death and resurrection of Jesus, but he saw this, not as God's way of relinquishing punishment, but as "the removal of what is foreign," healing and restoring God's image. Indeed, free will is the ultimate solution to the problem as it is the voluntary sacrifice of the human Jesus that ushers in salvation. In response, it remains humanity's responsibility to follow God,99 entering into grace by pursuing virtue.

However, at the very last moment he shrinks away from it, seemingly influenced by his Plotinic background and certainly necessitated by his first assumption about humanity: that it collectively forms one image of God. This perfect inception is God's apocatastatic goal and so must include all souls, because of the "fixed goodness of His nature" overruling "the variableness of the human will.

It is God's greatest and riskiest gift, culminating in Christ's death, something He must have foreknown and deemed worth the cost. That said, they face different directions. Where Augustine's freedom was lost in the fall, it was found in God's grace; where Gregory's was maintained through the fall, it was lost in God's mercy. In each case, they underestimate relationship at critical moments.

Augustine's view of perfection by compliance leads to elevating God's warning Gen to the ultimate decree, broken on pain of death. However, there is evidence of problems in the divine-human relationship before this rule was broken. Genesis 3 begins with Eve beside the forbidden tree, followed by her failure to subdue the serpent Gregory of Nyssa, On the Christian Mode of Life, Each represents a diminishment of God's image, exposing the problem in Eden not as a broken rule, but a broken relationship.

Where Augustine argued that pride leads to sin, which is disobedience, the Eden narrative counters that pride is sin, which leads to disobedience. Gregory's argument for consequence is, therefore, more compelling, as is his vision for God's image to reflect, represent and resonate God; yet his assumption that God's image is corporate dilutes the strength of relationship he asserted in Eden. In this regard, Augustine elevates free will when it matters most, and discovers a God who never imposes Himself on those He chooses, so that when they choose Him what emerges is a genuine, powerful relationship.

Nevertheless, it remains true that both aspire to the restoration of relationship between God and His image, and it draws our gaze to see how both are correct. Gregory reveals the human narrative through human eyes, beholding God, desiring his virtue and living in His mercy. Augustine reveals God's image seen through God's eyes, watching over humanity, filled with compassion and grace. Both may have made mistakes that prevented them from delighting in the full panorama, but as we draw them together we are surely able to catch a glimpse.

Edited by Philip Schaff. London: Penguin Group, Eighty-Three Different Questions. Washington D. Handbook on Faith, Hope and Love. Journals Go here for a good list of theological journals Acta Theologica : Acta Theologica is a scholarly journal publishing articles in any applicable fields of scholarship within theology and religion.

Biblica : Biblica is a research journal and appears four times a year. It is dedicated to biblical studies on the Old and New Testament, and intertestamentary literature, and covers fields of research, such as exegesis, philology, and history. Directory of Open Access Journals : this directory aims to comprehensively cover all open access scientific and scholarly journals that use a quality control system to guarantee content.

Electronic Journals Library: Theology and Religious Studies : a fast, structured, interface to access free full-text articles. All areas of study are represented, but this is a link to the theology and religious studies portion. It is provided by open-access by SCP so that the best of contemporary Christian philosophy and philosophy of religion is available to all.

JURN : a search tool that helps you find articles and books from selected university repositories in the areas of arts, humanities, biomedical, business, law, and the natural world. Although initial focus is on science and technology subjects, the ultimate aim is to include all subject areas. Sally Jo Shelton allows you to search full text articles in hundreds of religion, open-access free , online journals, magazines, and newsletters.

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Tempat Menarik di George Town Negeri ini sangat popular dengan tempat bersejarah dan makanan yang lazat seperti Nasi Kandar dan Pasembur. Salah satu tempat yang bersejarah yang perlu anda lawati adalah Padang Kota Lama Fort Cornwallis kerana tempat ini merupakan tempat pendaratan Sir Francis Light pada tahun Di sini anda dapat melihat beberapa peninggalan sejarah seperti van tentera, bilik simpanan serbuk senjata api serta rumah api. Rmalee dan Muzium Perang. Selain itu, anda juga boleh melakukan aktiviti mencari mural dinding sepanjang Penang Street Art.

Mural-mural ini tidak tertumpu pada satu tempat sahaja jadi, anda boleh bersiar-siar di sekitar George Town sambal mencari mural-mural ini. The Rev. Cyril C. He was born in England in and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in Richardson joined the Union Seminary faculty in and remained there throughout his career, serving the seminary for forty-two years as teacher and administrator.

In he was named Washburn Professor of Church History and in he became Director of Graduate Studies, continuing in both roles until his retirement in Part of the Library of Christian Classics series, Early Christian Fathers is the best single-book introduction to the early church fathers, providing an enriching and informative introduction to first and second century Christian thought.

Containing carefully selected letters and works from early church fathers—including among others St. Clement, St. Ignatius, St. Polycarp, St.

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The Writing of St. Anselmus (Cur Deus Homo: Book Second, ch. 18B)

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