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Investigating cryptocurrencies

investigating cryptocurrencies

Understanding: build awareness and a knowledge-base among policymakers, law enforcement and supervisors who understand how cryptocurrencies work · Investigation. Investigate crimes involving cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies. Bitcoin has traditionally been the payment system of choice for a criminal. Download or stream Investigating Cryptocurrencies by Nick Furneaux, Christopher Grove for free on hoopla. Investigate crimes involving cryptocurrencies and. RASPBERRY PI 3 MINER ETHEREUM

There I found a concise summary of the main points covered and how each of the chapters relate to one another as well as the overall topic. The book is essentially written in two parts, the first covers the technology surrounding Cryptocurrencies, while the second deals with the practical forensic aspects of how evidence can be best collected, analysed and investigated.

An excellent description of cryptocurrency is provided in Chapter 1 together with an explanation of the problem the amalgamation of the associated technologies is trying to solve i. The concept of block chain working is introduced in this chapter and the reader is given the necessary information and PC instructions on how to set themselves up as a Bitcoin user. Following this straightforward introduction to the topic, the next few chapters provide a deep dive into the supporting technologies i.

This is followed by a chapter on the various nuances of the Blockchain. I found this chapter hard going but ultimately worthwhile in order to grasp the supporting fundamentals of Cryptocurrency and the investigative topics following later in the book.

The role of the technology in supporting transactions, mining and wallets as well as short description of contracts and tokens make up the chapters which follow. As major banks keep close watch, these currencies are gaining ground, with all signs pointing toward expansion in use and accessibility. Investigating Cryptocurrencies provides cyber and financial investigators with the necessary background, techniques, and methodologies to break through the blockchain "lockdown" and investigate crimes involving cryptocurrency transactions.

Globally recognized cybersecurity and forensics expert Nick Furneaux demystifies blockchain technology and gives investigators who are entering this new playing field practical guidance. By linking the familiar investigative workflow with essential tools and techniques that are specific to cryptocurrency forensics, Furneaux has compiled a complete playbook for all major stages of an investigation.

Topics discussed in this book include cryptocurrency detection, blockchain visualization, address and transaction extraction, micromessage detection, and much more. Real-world tools and techniques give readers insight into the practices used by criminals. With cryptocurrencies rapidly advancing into the mainstream and bringing outside crime into the cybersecurity realm, this book provides the critical information that forensics professionals will need to remain effective as currency moves online.

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As far as seasoned Cryptocurrency developers, users, etc. I have read books coming from a lot of different perspectives including the value of trust, Bitcoin only, Ethereum only, language and tools only Python, Solidity, Truffle, etc. The author has a great writing style that keeps the topics interesting and is able to explain some very complex things in a way that makes them easy to understand.

Although he has sidebars, they are always related to the topic and they are interesting. They add value, no fluff. All in all I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Cryptocurrencies. Kindle Edition I do cryptocurrency investigations for a government agency and this book touches on everything an investigator needs to know when first getting into the crypto space.

I even learned some new tricks I'll be sure to try. The flow of the book was perfect and the author did a great job in presenting everything. I will definitely give this book out to my students when I teach a cryptocurrency class. Two thumbs up! Excellent book! Well written and easy to understand, Highly recommend reading this book. The book is an outstanding introduction to the world of cryptocurrency crime and is written in a way that an investigator will appreciate.

About a third of the book is helping the reader to understand how cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, works, and then we learn how to locate evidence, build an evidential picture and follow coins through the blockchain. The book was technical to an appropriate degree and I especially appreciated the tools and small python scripts that are included.

Give us a call to arrange training on or take a look at our latest courses by visiting our web site. The computer or exchange may have been used in the commission of a crime, or it may be the target. Who Investigates crypto currency crime? Digitpol's specialized cryptocurrency investigation team investigate crimes that involve or utilize blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Digitpol has 2 teams that investigate crypto currency crimes, they are located in Europe, The Netherlands and for Asia, Hong Kong.

Digitpol investigates theft of cryptocurrency wallets, tracing of transactions, rogue Initial Coin Offerings ICO's , rogue alt coins, rogue trading platforms and rogue offerings on the blockchain.

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Inspired Perspectives - Understanding, Tracing, and Investigating Cryptocurrency

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investigating cryptocurrencies

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