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Between a rock and a hard place book summary

between a rock and a hard place book summary

One of the most extraordinary survival stories ever told -- Aron Ralston's searing account of his six days trapped in one of the most remote. He thought about what brought him to the point of being trapped in the canyon. He realized the importance of family and friends. In summary, one of the themes. Gut wrenching and honest, Ralston leads the reader from his early beginnings as an outdoorsman to his darkest moments in Blue John Canyon. News of his survival. ETHEREUM WALLETS GOOD

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Between a rock and a hard place book summary reflexivity investing funds


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Between a rock and a hard place book summary dmv dash pass las vegas

\ between a rock and a hard place book summary


Early on in his travel, he meets two women with whom he hikes for a short while before parting ways. At p. The boulder pins his right hand and wrist against the wall. Ralston quickly assesses his situation and understands the likelihood that he will die trapped in this canyon. While Ralston contemplates his frightening situation, he also journeys through his memories, remembering his first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park where he fell in love with mountains.

He remembers one of his first brushes with death when he came face to face with a black bear. A couple of hours after becoming trapped, Ralston begins to chip away at the boulder with his multi-tool, but soon sees the effort is futile. The only real way he can escape is by cutting off his right arm, but he does not believe he has the tools to do so. He tries again to dislodge the boulder using other techniques but makes little progress.

As the story continues, it seems life and death experiences frame his life. He takes into account how lucky he has been through all his adventures thus far. Mosquitos attack Ralston and he makes a game of killing them. He knows that he has hardly enough food to last another two days even with sparse rationing and he sips water as infrequently as possible.

He surmises a slow death in the near future. As the days pass, he begins hallucinating from dehydration and insomnia, seeing friends and family pass as ghosts before him. He'd earned this weekend vacation, and though he met two charming women along the way, by early afternoon he finally found himself in his element: alone, with just the beauty of the natural world all around him.

It was P. Eight miles from his truck, in a deep and narrow slot canyon, Aron was climbing down off a wedged boulder when the rock suddenly, and terrifyingly, came loose. Before he could get out of the way, the falling stone pinned his right hand and wrist against the canyon wall.

And so began six days of hell for Aron Ralston. With scant water and little food, no jacket for the painfully cold nights, and the terrible knowledge that he'd told no one where he was headed, he found himself facing a lingering death -- trapped by an pound boulder feet down in the bottom of a canyon.

As he eliminated his escape options one by one through the days, Aron faced the full horror of his predicament: By the time any possible search and rescue effort would begin, he'd most probably have died of dehydration, if a flash flood didn't drown him before that.

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