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Better place to be video

better place to be video

Citizen Soldier - Better Place (Official Lyric Video). Gone, but never forgotten. Nothing hurts more than holding onto the memory of a loved. "Better Place" is a song recorded by American singer and songwriter Rachel Platten for her third studio album, Wildfire (). The record's third and final. Better Place Lyrics · I'll tell the world, I'll sing the song · But it feels like I've opened my eyes again. And the colors are golden and bright again · So I pour. 11 BETH PLACE MIDDLETOWN NY MALL

The song impacted on radios last month, so it was about time a support visual got premiered! Directed by Matt Stawski, Rachel's new MV, for her super touching piano-led pop song "Better Place", sees her being the mastermind behind a revolutionary new treatment for music videos: she will ask fans to come to a studio, sit on a couch, and listen to her song in peaceful silence.

Rachel will be hidden in a corner watching their reactions to "Better Place" on a small TV. And as you can deduce, the mothers and daughters, friends, and couples that attended this social experiment will hold hands, cry, kiss, and just get very "expressive" as they listen to "Better Place" play on the stereo. Rachel will come out of her secret place at the end of the video to surprise her generous fans.

Towards the end of the song, Platten surprises the guests and greets them. Shortly after this, the screen fades to black. Platten dedicated the visual to her music teacher in elementary school, Anne Scigliano. The singer spoke about Scigliano: "[she] gave me my first starring role in a play, and inspired me, and made me love the stage. Surprising and singing along with them was just the icing on the cake. Every time I watch it I still get the feels! The singer also gave a rendition of "Fight Song" and "Stand by You" during the event.

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Kane Brown - Better Place (Audio)

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