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Nioh ethereal farm

nioh ethereal farm

I usually am running Nine Tails / Spider for the boost to divine/ethereal & the luck. You can farm them, but there's not much point compared to earlier. Perfect for transitioning into Dream of the Nioh and Depths of the Underworld. Full Build Details: Lucky Demon Build for Ethereal Farming. 9. If you need both accessories the best way to get them is to farm the mission 'Trial of the Master', there is a method where you can use a guaranteed accessory. HOW TO ARBITRAGE BET

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Nioh: Easiest and fastest way to turn any Divine item into an Ethereal


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We use sustainable framing practices and support local foods and products in our gourmet marketplace. Bring a container and take as much as you like. That said Ill still use the luck build whenever I fancy some marobashi. This is easy to achieve with double yata mirrors, the spider guardian as a sub, furuta clan, luck bringer talisman, passive luck upgrades from both prestige and onmyo points, and the bunny as your main for LW main. You can still use the gear you want even with these luck related things at your arsenal.

I was able to farm a full demon king set ethereal with about luck after a few hours without optimization. Though RNG can still screw you, the more luck you have, the better. Other people's opinions are like chains. They can pull you along, but they can also hold you down. I don't like the raised luck during LW since I've had better luck at a fixed luck rating. I was kinda keeping a track on how luck affected drops when I was grinding for amrita with Marobashi.

LW luck must mean a lot if you didn't even reach an average of 2 ethereals a run with luck. I get way more ethereals. Luck in LW is extremely important. I think equip drop rate helps too, because I seem to get a lot more drops in Marobashi than others do who don't stack equip drop. Yeah, you right. I noticed the last master wasn't giving many drops, until I made a habit of picking up the drops, at least most of them, from the other masters when possible to clean up the area some.

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