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Game theory ethereum

game theory ethereum

You will begin by covering the basics of Ethereum, Solidity, and gaming theory. From there, you will move onto sample projects that use smart contract. For comparative purposes, the same setup was also tested on an existing Ethereum Testnet using proof of work algorithm: the Ropsten Ethereum Testnet [31] [. Abstract: Smart contracts in the blockchain systems such as Ethereum are usually executed or verified by all nodes, and thus inefficient for heavy-duty. MALAYSIANS INVESTING ABROAD FROM SOUTH

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Game theory ethereum coin crypto is profitable game theory ethereum

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A and B are imprisoned for 1 year. The individually best-case scenario for A or B is to betray and be released. However, this would force the other person to remain silent, and the lack of communication makes it impossible to predict what decision the other would make. Faced with gain, most prisoners would probably choose to act in their own interests by betrayal. But if the two criminals betray, they end up with three years in prison, which is not the best outcome.

Therefore, the optimal solution would be for both of them not to betray and only get one year instead of three. Imagine you are one of the criminals. What would you do: stay silent or betray your partner? When designing bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto used a combination of cryptography and game theory to create a system that did not need to be overseen by a centralized entity. In other words, game theory ensures that all players are aligned to ensure network security. The use of game theory in crypto led to the concept of cryptoeconomicswhich combines cryptography — which is used to prove and authenticate past events — with financial incentives, which are used to encourage future behavior that will benefit the entire network.

Cryptoeconomics is very much about game theory, as it examines the behavior of blockchain nodes based on the incentives provided by the protocol, taking into account the most rational and probable decisions. For example, the Ethereum blockchain is designed as a decentralized public network of distributed nodes: servers storing all transaction history. Each new block added to the chain must be accepted by all nodes, even if they cannot trust each other since anyone could create a malicious node.

So how can such a decentralized system detect and avoid bad players? To date, Ethereum has relied on the Proof of Work PoW consensus algorithm, which protects the blockchain from malicious activity using cryptographic mechanisms i. This incentivizes mining nodes to behave honestly, otherwise they can be banned, thus wasting valuable energy and effort. This article relates to what we learned in class in numerous ways.

It highlights how cryptocurrency is a prime example of how game theory and nash equilibrium can be useful in creating trust. However, knowing the tendencies of game theory and how each user or player essentially wants the best possible outcome for themselves it can be predictable what users will do. Users trust that each other will do a certain action because if one person cheats or tries to scam another, the whole credibility and value of the currency could be hurt and no one would benefit.

These conditions incentivize individuals to play a certain best response which will be the nash equilibrium and ultimately benefit the entire network. This connects back to class when learning about the prisoner dilemma and nash equilibrium.

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Game Theory: Nurse Joy is a Pokemon!

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