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Accept cryptocurrency on ebay

accept cryptocurrency on ebay

CEO Jamie Iannone told TheStreet that while eBay is not accepting crypto currently, on March 10, “we're going to go deeper on all of these. As Cointelegraph reported in May , eBay was exploring Bitcoin payment integration last year as well along with NFT trading. The crypto. Adoption catalyst alert The e-commerce giant eBay sounds like it's heading towards enabling crypto payments, which could even occur in. DOES 2ND HALF BETTING INCLUDE OVERTIME LYRICS

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency - A short history Bitcoin which is a non government backed open source currency officially came into circulation in Banks such as Barclays, Citi Bank as well as Deutsche Bank have announce that they are searching for ways to cooperate Bitcoin and e-commerce - early adopters and late bloomers The real issue with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which most people are concerned with is who accepts it?

Well for starters, in September of this year, the Japanese government decided to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. This fact along with the fact that many banks and other players in the financial industry are beginning to support bitcoin is spilling over into the field of ecommerce. It is really a chicken and egg situation since the more and larger the marketplace that uses Bitcoin the more the financial industry views it as safe and stable and vice-versa.

Bitcoin is already accepted and used on an ecommerce platform called Newegg which is actually the largest online platform using the cryptocurrency. The number of Bitcoin based transactions in general not necessarily ecommerce from eCommerce websites that accept Bitcoin: Here is a list of five ecommerce and ecommerce related platforms which currently accept Bitcoin: PayPal PayPal is a major player in e-commerce as a large portion of transactions that buyers and sellers complete are done via the platform.

In when PayPal merged with Braintree it announced that it would begin accepting Bitcoin. Paypal here acts as the intermediary with transaction fees being determined by the merchant and payment processor. In order to implement this, Expedia worked with Coinbase which a secure online platform for buying, selling and trading digital currency. The catch is that at present Expedia only accepts Bitcoin transactions for accommodations but may introduce this option for purchasing flights in the future.

It is a bit of a hassle but still accounts for solid progress as far as Bitcoin goes. Shopify stores Similar to eBay in a sense, Shopify is a relatively new albeit very successful platform which allows individuals to set up online stores vis-a-vis their platform. As of November, all shopify stores were given the option to start accepting Bitcoin if they so desired using a digital currency platform called BitPay. Etsy Vendors For those of you who are not yet familiar, Etsy is an e-commerce platform founded in for individuals to buy and sell collectibles and handmade arts and crafts.

This system is not as intricate or embracing as other platforms of digital currency but serves as a step in the Bitcoin direction. The Evolution of Bitcoin Marketplaces Bitcoin started as a marginalized project of someone using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The people who used Bitcoin at first were gamers, hackers and coders but slowly but surely different sectors started seeing the benefits Bitcoin had to offer them.

Terrorists used it to fund their activities without leaving a trace and money launderers used it to move large amounts of cash around the world flying under the taxation radar. But from the pockets of computer nerds, crooks and terrorists emerged a currency which the greater public desired. Evangelists and many Republicans in America loved the idea of a market driven currency out of the hands of uncle sam and people having a romantic affair loved the the idea of booking a hotel room on Expedia with their lover and not having it appear on their credit card statement.

Governments, banks and even eBay all see the potential of cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular and my guess is that in the not so far off future you will be able to buy anything from gas to food with Bitcoin. The company actually plans to sell of its retail branch and use the blockchain system the digital decentralized ledger which serves as the basis for most digital currencies in order to build a global property registry service for the over 5 billion people who currently lack access.

Newegg — A Bitcoin early adopter Another marketplace that accepted bitcoin from an early stage July, as I mentioned before is Newegg which is a fairly large electronics e-commerce marketplace. For example, he lists the different initiatives taken by eBay to attract this generation of consumers of today and tomorrow. Shutterstock With sneakers, "we're appealing to the younger generation, where they're coming in selling their sneakers, becoming a collectible collector on the platform, and they're building new marketing capabilities," Iannone argued.

Does this mean that eBay will add digital currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum to the means of payment, asked TheStreet again. But "on March 10, we're going to go deeper on all of these things, payments, advertising, our focus categories. So we're seeing the same type of thing [with NFT]. So over time, you know, we want this to be the marketplace for sustainability.

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accept cryptocurrency on ebay

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While Tesla took back its decision to accept Bitcoin as a payment for Tesla vehicles, it inspired many other companies in the market. Microsoft was an early adopter and it started accepting Bitcoin in as payment for games, apps, and other digital content.

Article continues below advertisement Source: Getty Overstock was the first major retail store to accept crypto payments even before Microsoft. For Starbucks lovers, the coffee giant uses Bakkt to accept cryptocurrency payments. Paypal accepts Bitcoin and uses Coinbase to facilitate payments. Article continues below advertisement eBay is considering accepting cryptos as payment. While eBay isn't currently accepting cryptos, CEO Jamie Iannone told TheStreet that the company is studying the possibility of adding cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Accepting cryptos could just be one more initiative the company is considering to appeal more to this segment. A lot of recent surveys have shown that millennials tend to be the most crypto-friendly demographic. Article continues below advertisement Will eBay accept Dogecoin? The well-liked E-commerce website has been distant from ultimately adopting digital assets, in spite of dabbling in NFTs previous May.

There were rumors regarding eBay all set to accept digital assets in , but the organization quickly threw such rumors in the box. The digital auction house ultimately said that it is seriously taking cryptocurrency transactions into consideration amidst huge speculative interest in the infant asset class. Cryptocurrency sector is rapidly growing, being adopted by many nations, and various organizations all around the globe are interested in making crypto assets as their means of transactions.

If eBay is seriously considering adding crypto payments, then the digital asset industry is about to see a massive crowd escalating in the market.

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