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Cryptocurrency poker icos

cryptocurrency poker icos

Cryptonia Poker is a decentralized platform for playing poker online. It combines the thrill of poker with the transparency of cryptocurrency using. Cryptonia Poker brings together the thrill of poker with the transparency and value of cryptocurrency in an online poker room that is based on blockchain. Virtue Poker is a decentralized poker platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain and peer-to-peer networking to provide an online poker site that's safe. RULE NUMBER 1 INVESTING CALCULATOR STOCKS

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It can be a little complicated to find out the best and efficient ICO projects for you to invest in. To do the job properly, you should properly educate yourself about the different methods of reviewing an ICO project. These include various factors concerning about different mechanisms of an ICO project.

By practicing these methods thoroughly while checking out and reviewing an ICO project can help you by leaps and bounds. A good team most probably is capable of executing the ICO properly. You can use Linkedin for this purpose since most of the developers and entrepreneurs are active on this social media platform.

Google the names of the team members and try to find as much information as possible about them. Look up their past projects and their portfolio to get an idea about them. Make sure to check out if the team had any previous experience related to cryptocurrencies. Usually, the people who hide their portfolios tend to be on the wrong side of the line when it comes to legitimacy.

So, finding as much information as you can about the team should be of high priority to you. If the team has any prior crypto experience, find out what projects they have worked on and whether the projects have succeeded or not. If the team worked on a project which ended up a failure, you must consider backing out. Talk to the team behind the ICO and ask them any queries that you may have. Media and Community: Most of the ICO projects have public communities on different social media platforms or messengers.

Usually, the majority of ICO teams and communities use Slack and Telegram to communicate with each other. These platforms are used for the general chit-chat and some important updates about the project. ICO teams deliver their messages to the community through Slack and Telegram. The community members are able to participate in group chats and private chats with the other community members and the ICO team members. Make sure that you search for the public communities of an ICO while considering it as a potential investment.

Most of the ICO projects maintain a twitter handle to post and deliver updates on the project. Search for any Facebook groups related to the respective ICO project. ICO projects generally launch bounty programs to encourage the community members to promote their ICO. Try to see if the ICO project is conduction such bounty program because these programs play a crucial role in the promotion of the project. An ICO project without a bounty program most likely lacks an efficient marketing team.

The purpose of the token: A dedicated token must be created solely for the project to be qualified as an ICO. You must know the exact details of how the token is related to the project. There are several ICOs coming up with silly reasons for creating a token, which end up being a scam by looting money from the investors.

A token needs to have unique characteristics from a business point of view. Always do your due diligence in finding about everything you can about an ICO token prior to investing. Find out if the project really needs a blockchain-backed technology. Some ICOs are just plain marketing gimmicks to lure money from the people and eventually go rogue.

The token and the ICO project must be compatible with the blockchain in order to succeed. Capitalization: Make sure you understand the concept of capitalization in the cryptocurrency spectrum before you investigate the cap of an ICO project. Some ICO projects go with unlimited capitalization, which you need to consider seriously. ICO projects that have unlimited capitalization lets the investors send in as much money as they can. This phenomenon leads to a tricky situation where the value of a token may drop due to lack of the demand.

After the ICO is completed, the tokens get introduced into the cryptocurrency exchanges, where they are open to being traded by the public traders. A token must be available for the public trading in order to get value after the ICO. Token Allotment: This is one of the very important factors that you need to keep in mind while evaluating an ICO project. Look at how the token distribution is being done among the team members and investors. Look at the roadmap of the project to find the details about the token distribution.

While some other projects take a break after the completion of ICO and start the token allotment phase after this break. They usually utilize this time to develop a beta version of the token project. This small three character word is short for Initial Coin Offering and just like with every other product it means that there is the option for some people to back it up. Well, you guessed it, they will get some of those coins and they will be the complete owner of those coins and thus small shareholders.

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency to be publicly distributed. As with any other digital form of money, the ICO value of Bitcoin was only some cents. That may seem like little back then but if you kept them and sold them now, after 8 years, you would be moderately rich.

But why is that? ICOs is the smartest thing an upcoming cryptocurrency company can do. At the same moment, it sells all the coins available at the time and raised awareness that something new just hit the market. Crazy, right!? You should try investing in such upcoming cryptocurrencies that look promising as by spending some dollars and going into a small risk you may turn to be a millionaire after a short time.

Straight to the point. This coin or cryptocurrency if you like it better is the new currency offered by the Cash Poker Pro platform which is going to revolutionize the style in which we play Poker online. At the time it is believed to be one of the best ICOs for online Poker and no one can disagree with that statement! Partially yes, it will be a Poker platform but unlike any other, you have seen or experienced before. Ever heard of the House Edge concept, it is a small percentage of money online casinos get to keep for each hand played, every bet placed etc.

Without even playing you can make thousands or even millions of dollars. Everything is going to be provably fair and no funny business will be going on. Still having second thoughts about ICOs? Coin Poker Yes, both the cryptocurrency and the name of the platform that offers it has the same exact name. The Pre-ICO sold out in only 6 days! The platform will launch later in February and just two months later in the beginning of April, it will be available for Android and iOS devices!

As it is Ethereum based, Coin Poker is going to provide a completely provably fair Poker gambling experience. Ace Busters We have talked several times about this platform before and we are going to talk about it once more. Ace Busters will work based on the Ethereum market but there have been conversations about an ICO being evolved as well.

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