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Places to visit between madurai and rameshwaram tour

places to visit between madurai and rameshwaram tour

rameshwaram · Pamban bridge view from Pamban road bridge · Roaring Indian Ocean · Crystal clear water of dhanshukodi beach · Remains of the church. 2 Day Trip from Madurai| Madurai & Rameshwaram | 1N Madurai | Madurai - Rameshwaram · Day 1. Pick up at 8 AM - Madurai pick up and Madurai sightseeing. Koodal. 5 Places to Visit Through This Madurai Rameshwaram Kovalam Tour Package · 1. Meenakshi Amman Temple · 2. Thirumalai Nayak Palace · 3. Rama Setu · 4. Vivekananda. NBA PROP PICKS

If you want a little bit of nature, then Kerala can fulfill your wish. You can take a peaceful ride on a houseboat and witness the wonders of nature surrounding you. Or if you want a hill station getaway, the tea plantations of Munnar beckon you to rejuvenate with a hot cup of tea amid the bounties of nature. Its worthy neighbor, Tamil Nadu, is equally charming as a tourist destination. This strip at the bottom of India is a confluence of culture, history, architecture, and nature.

India is a haven for those who love Hindu culture and religious practices. And one of the most culturally charged places, which celebrates the power of piety, is Tamil Nadu. In fact, With its resplendent temples, intricately carved statues, soulful notes of hymns, and holy rituals, Tamil Nadu makes for a wonderful pilgrimage center.

From the north to the south, the state has numerous temples, maths, and sanctuaries of worship on offer. From Madurai to Rameshwaram, the spellbinding architecture will transport you through time to a different era. And when you want the heated crowd of the temples, you can escape to the wide-open horizon at the southern tip of India - Kanyakumari. Our itinerary covers all the major attractions from Madurai to Trivandrum. Being specialists in pilgrimage tourism, we take you on an exquisite tour of some of the best temples in South India.

To break the monotony, the tour is interspersed with an escape to the gorgeous hill station of Kodaikanal. Thus, embarking on a trip like this can be a mixed bag of memories and experiences for you. It can open you up to the manifold magic of South India. Kerala Tour Packages offers you a splendid 6 Nights 7 Days trip that encompasses the rich landscape and heritage of South India.

You can start your journey from the historic city of Madurai. The third-largest city of Tamil Nadu and often considered to be its soul, Madurai is famous for the mindblowing Meenakshi Amman temple. Here you can behold the magnificence of the Dravidian architecture and reconnect with the ancient wisdom of one of the oldest cities in the world.

The journey from Madurai to Kodaikanal is like a journey between two worlds. You leave the historical city behind and plunge into the blissful beauty of one of the best hill stations in India - Kodaikanal. Set on the picturesque Western Ghats, this gem is also referred to as the "Princess of Hill stations.

It offers you a potpourri of sights such as hills, waterfalls, and greenery. From a gorgeous hill station, you travel to one of the holiest places for Hindus. Being one of the iconic points of the Char Dham yatra, Rameshwaram has a distinct connection to mythology and is an extremely revered destination. The next leg of your trip takes you from Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari.

The southernmost point of peninsular India and an important pilgrimage center, Kanyakumari can mesmerize you with its confluence of nature and architecture. While on one hand, there is the grand confluence of the three oceans, on the other is the grandeur of the ancient temples.

The beautiful journey ends with the final leg from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum. You can brush up on your history with a visit to the palaces and museums and recall the glory of the princely period. How far is Madurai from Kodaikanal by road? The road distance from Madurai to Kodaikanal is around kms. What is the common language of Madurai? Tamil is the primary language spoken by the people in Madurai.

What are some of the must-do things in Madurai? Standard hotel rooms will be on a twin-sharing basis. If not mentioned separately, basic rooms shall be provided. Standard hotel check-in time- p. Standard hotel check-out time - a. Customer Responsibility Kindly be particular about sightseeing timings as places missed cannot be adjusted or extended post p.

Any extra distance covered for visiting places apart from the decided itinerary must be paid by you directly to the driver. To avoid any last moment inconveniences, let us know of your marital status beforehand if you are an unmarried couple. In case of any last minute inconvenience, inform us immediately. No issues would be addressed post the completion of the tour.

You must carry valid ID proofs for all the travellers concerned. Any change in the primary guest name shall lead to the cancellation of the tour along with the applicable cancellation charges. Note - All the refunds will be calculated on the total trip amount.

Our Responsibility We do not take a guarantee for the unavailability of any site due to heavy rains or any temporary reason. We do not guarantee the familiarity of the driver with any specific language.

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It is famous for tourism and fishery. Before Building a bridge, Rama Worshipped a Linga. Ramanathasamy temple is located at the centre of the city. Since Rameshwaram is associated with both Rama The seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, it is considered as a holy place to pilgrimage for Saivites and Vainavites. Rameshwaram is also the place for picnics that attracts people from all over the world by amazing beauty of its Sea. Places to Visit in Rameshwaram Lakshmanan Thirtham near Ramanathasamy temple, the place where Lakshmana visited, Hanuman Temple, the place where Hanumana appeared with His 5 faces for the first time.

Also, the floating stone used during Sethu Bandhanam is kept here. Gandhamadhana Parvatham, The hillock which carried on his shoulder for medicinal herbs to heal Lakshmana. It delivers a panoramic view of whole Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram is also a place of refreshment. Rameshwaram is even known for its number of temples. Located in Tamil Nadu, Rameshwaram even has its own share of mythological legends.

The temples in here are among the ancient temples in the country and consists of several deities. With the customizable Madurai Rameshwaram packages, you will be able to visit the important places without any hassle. Madurai and Rameshwaram are revered by many tourists as holy places. But in the past, there has been a large influx of tourists due to the same reason. Therefore, it is suggested to visit the places with the help of packages as you get the ease of transfers and stays.

You will also get the advantage of making changes in your itinerary in advance. Book a package today to enjoy a vacation later. Enjoy with your friends and family and discover the natural beauty of South India. The Madurai Rameshwaram vacation packages consists of various places which are the major tourist attractions in here. The trip to Madurai would take you to the famous Meenakshi Amman temple which is dedicated to Goddess Parvati.

It is located on the banks of Vaigai River and looks beautiful due to its intricate architecture. The temple has been reconstructed, renovated and preserved due to its historical and religious richness. There would even be visits to the Alagar Koil, the Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal which was built in the 17th century. Apart from that, you would even be taken to the beautiful Vaigai dam, the Koodal Azhagar temple, the famous Gandhi museum, Mariamman Teppakulam and the St.

While in Rameshwaram, you would be taken for a visit to the Rameshwaram temple. There would also be visits to the Dhanushkodi Temple and beach, the Agnitheertham ghat, Annai Indira Gandhi road bridge and the famous five faced Hanuman temple. There would also be a visit to the burial place of Abdul Kalam.

The Madurai Rameshwaram travel packages has a variety of specialties which would make your trip worthwhile. There would be visits to the ancient temples where you can get to know about the legends attached to it. The mysterious tales would indulge you into the spiritual calmness of the place.

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places to visit between madurai and rameshwaram tour


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