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This eventually allowed him to defend a thesis Vogt in Strasbourg on the agrarian history of the Rhine region. He continued this research his life away and is now considered one of the best connoisseurs of rural history of Alsace and beyond Boehler , From 8 J. Albini to he published an additional number of more than notes on a large range of subjects, such as historical soil erosion, rotation of crops, tenure, farming, cattle trade, rural life, and social conflicts.

Jean Vogt was promoted as director of the programme. As a first step, a pilot study was performed in Provence Southeastern France. Based on his rich expertise on archives, he realized quickly that an extensive search of sources was necessary. In few years, he and a small number of highly competent collaborators, in particular Bernard Cadiot and Jean Delaunay, performed a huge gleaning of original and new sources.

Scrutiny of thousands of archive documents, periodicals and newspapers led to a completely renewed knowledge of the historical earthquakes in France. They set up the foundations of the new historical earthquake database, which later gave birth to the Sirene database, a subset of which is now available on Internet SisFrance Vogt realized that the post-Perrey period — and the BCSF period — also needed a complete revision Vogt The revision would be based in part on a re-exploitation of IPGS archives.

The BRGM archive boxes were sent to Strasbourg, after a safety microfilming was performed the microfilms were later digitized for the Sirene database. In Strasbourg, Jean Vogt was confronted to many difficulties.

The BRGM underwent itself a profound crisis. The Antenne Sismique did not receive the necessary budget to complete all its missions, particularly the revision of the earthquakes of the past. This led him to a premature retirement in October , at the age of 55, and to the closing down of the Antenne Sismique in Strasbourg.

Instead, once free of administrative slownesses and constraints, he became a protagonist and was at root of developing new ways and methods in the field of Historical seismology, in Europe and the rest of the world. He had planned to exploit the numerous documents he had gathered personally, i. Unfortunately, the BRGM did not allow him to take back his documents that were stored with the rest of the Sirene stock.

He actively joined the discussion during the first WG Workshop held in Vienna June , and from then on, he became one of the leading voices among the researchers on past earthquakes, both in practice and theory. He made some serendipitous discoveries, as in the case of the manuscript by von Degenfeld Albini and Vogt In accordance with his long experience, Vogt was also a specialist of macroseismic intensity scales Vogt a.

He actively participated especially on the occasion of the first release, in , of the EMS, as the leader of the discussion on the seismogeological and hydrogeological aspects, eventually collected in a joint paper Vogt et al. The results he left in an almost complete form have been slightly edited and published in this volume Vogt b. Alongside his collaborations in the framework of international projects, he maintained alive many individual scientific relationships.

He received and made informal visits with most of the European researchers involved in the investigation of the earthquakes of the past centuries. He acted also as expert in historical seismology for international organizations, especially for International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA in the case of the investigation about the peninsula of Crimea, and took part in some IAEA sponsored meetings e.

Along these 20 years, Jean Vogt went on spending most of his time in libraries and archives, every day improving his familiarity with the historical documentation, either collecting new primary sources or commenting on how they had been interpreted by historians and seismologists. He accumulated an unrepeatable comprehension of how the documentary deposits came to be formed, and had the key to enter their recesses and make them disclose their secrets.

Based on a list supplied by Jean himself in , Fig. Several of his papers on this subject are still in press in , including one in this volume Vogt a. From the late nineties he started avoiding the large meetings with hundreds or thousands of participants, Jean Vogt — His Life as a Seismologist, Geologist, Geographer, and Historian 11 Fig.

Jean Vogt liked to quote his methodological papers both in public meetings and informal talks, and in his own wake, we are quoting them here and there to illustrate his perspective. He was thus recognizing the importance of library indexes and catalogues by subject, as well as of archival inventories, all those being the auxiliary tools well known to historians, and to him through the never abandoned parallel investigation of agrarian history.

He was systematically turning piles of documents in libraries and archives, digging up plenty of records, and then minutely cross-checking his findings. He was deeply concerned with all the aspects related to the interpretation of historical earthquake records in seismological terms. He reckoned that the most widespread reasons were either the duplication of the date, an incorrect location of the effects, or a wrong interpretation of the description of another geological phenomenon e.

A section devoted to these aspects is included in his introduction to the catalogue for France Vogt , but many and one examples can be found throughout his scientific production. To simply list all his public appearances at scientific conferences and workshops would not cast light on the importance and the impulse that his continuous presence gave to this field of research.

It is unfortunate that Jean Vogt did not find time to write some comprehensive work on all his results. He blamed himself for it, but at the same time his mind was more inclined to write detailed and incisive case studies. Among them, more than were about earthquakes, more than about geology or geomorphology, and more than relate to history and rural world. Most were written in French, some in German, but several important papers were written in English. He had the gift to master all the techniques of archive exploitation.

He applied his skills in his three favourite domains of investigation: history, geology, and geophysics. Albini Fig. It does not come as a surprise that Jean Vogt gathered a considerable amount of documentation, he himself had organised by subject. His handwritten notes, articles, and xerocopies of original documents are stored in more than archive units boxes. For the not-yet-inventoried units in the ADB-R, with free access to the public, only a list of the unit titles is available.

Vogt J , , a, b. He also developed his thoughts about his personal and professional life, highlighting his quest for interdisciplinarity. Jean Vogt passed away on 5 June in Strasbourg, after several months of illness. He leaves behind a brother, Henri, two daughters and several grand-children.

Only those who had the chance to meet him could appreciate his great human qualities, a mixture of honesty, modesty, great intelligence, and wittiness. We would also like to thank Andrea Rovida for taking care of the figures. Seminar in memory of Jean Vogt, Strasbourg 20 Sept. In: Tremblements de terre. Risikoerfassung, Schadenminderung, Hilfe. Tectonophysics —7 Vogt J Historical seismology — Some notes on sources for seismologists.

In: Albini P and Moroni A eds. This volume, 17—23 Vogt J b Earthquake effects on nature and macroseismic intensity scales. Le complexe de la stone-line — Mise au point. He visited many archives and libraries in the region as well as in Europe and the United States, and collected a large number of new original sources.

This paper analyzes several felt or damaging earthquakes in Trinidad and Tobago. Vogt presents new original archive findings that modify significantly the picture of the Trinidad seismicity as found in the catalogue of Robson An introduction and many details about this and the context of West Indies historical seismicity can be found in Vogt A glimpse at.

Jean Vogt prepared a draft of this paper in the months preceding his death in The manuscript was left in a near-final state. The file containing the manuscript contained several versions of the paper somewhat mixed together, with handwritten notes and corrections. It contained also copies of the original sources cited in the text. We edited the draft, trying to complete several references and notes.

The paragraph titles are ours. Cisternas et R. Une lampe. Ambraseys I met Jean Vogt in London about 35 years ago; there and then, it became clear that there was an affinity between us. He was an indefatigable protester of the system in which science works today, and the fact that he always called a spade a spade, often did not endear him to others. His profession was his hobby and he did not depend on others in his work. Jean had an absurd sense of humour.

He would encapsulate his impression about earthquake cataloguers concisely and succinctly. What follows is a potpourri of observations and conclusions drawn from my own experience with the study of historical earthquakes in which Jean played an important role in formulating and that came into fruition in some of our papers. Throughout the ages earthquakes have been one of the most destructive natural hazards, if not to human life itself, most certainly to the works of man.

Earthquake hazards are not always perceived to their full extent. They have long been associated with crises in human affairs, the extent of the crisis being inversely proportional to the financial resources of the country. They are seen as having certain effects or consequences which are rarely specified in advance or fully understood. In a developing country of limited resources and with investments concentrated, the consequences of a large earthquake should be feared as much as the phenomenon itself.

Ambraseys The literary and field studies of ancient and modern earthquakes show that people view differently the challenges and hazards of their natural environment. In historical times the damage and sudden crippling of the economy of a state, had lead to population movements, emigration, crises in political affairs, triggering invasions and wars as well as truce between belligerent states.

Loss of life should have been considerable but difficult to estimate. Also in modern times, particularly in developing countries, earthquakes have caused economic and political crises, increase in taxation and the undesirable, though necessary borrowing from other countries. The average number of people killed annually is certainly less than the annual number of persons killed today by drugs and motor cars. At the present level of technology, earthquakes cannot be prevented.

However, subject only to budgetary restraints their disastrous effects can be minimised. Earthquakes are destructive because man has made them so by investing his wealth with a disregard for the hazards that Nature may have in store for him. This disregard stems from a variety of causes. The most important being the mere lack of awareness and technical knowledge to alleviate such hazards.

Another cause is often the apathy of the populace which is probably due to ignorance. It was, and to some extent still is not uncommon for people to accept earthquakes and their effects as Acts of God about which very little can be done. The difference in attitude to earthquake hazards found in both historical and modern times cannot be explained in terms of the magnitude or frequency of such disasters alone. It is the perception of the disaster that controls the attitude and stimulates awareness.

For instance, very little improvement in building materials and in methods of construction results from an earthquake that destroyed or today destroys remote villages in a developing country. After a very short period of enthusiasm for restoring plan, the interest of the few concerned dies out.

Apart from those inflicted, few in the country will be affected and soon the whole problem will be forgotten. In contrast, the damage or destruction of a capital city or of a major engineering structure on which depends the economy of the country will stimulate a completely different degree of awareness. Here, the disaster may or may not affect the economy of the country but the strain will be felt by all.

As we cannot know what will happen in the future, to estimate likely earthquake hazards we have to find out what happened in the past and extrapolate from there a little. Previous research has uncovered evidence of destructive earthquakes in areas where only small events have been experienced recently. This is not surprising: the timescale of geology is vastly different from that of human history, so some parts of the world may suffer violent earthquakes over a very short period of the geological time scale.

For the Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East there is a large number of descriptive and parametric, but confusing catalogues of historical earthquakes. Obviously the value of parametric catalogues will be only as good as the descriptive catalogues. Descriptive Catalogues of Historical Earthquakes 27 The following descriptive earthquake catalogues are published, readily available and some of them are widely used.

Manetti does not always cite his sources and quite often the year of an earthquake is recorded only by reference to other events Manetti ca. Hull in fair condition for age with chalky gelcoat. Heavy fire damage in engine space. No water damage or restoration efforts apparent.

Detailing stripes are scraped up and other minor cosmetic scrapes consistent with age of vessel. Not all equipment could be tested as no power to vessel at time of inspection. Gauges and controls in good condition. Rubrail in good condition for age Swim ladder in good condition Swim platform, integrated, in fair condition for age Transom door in good condition Transom shower in poor condition Trim tabs in poor condition Upholstery, exterior, in good condition, except one cushion.

Washdown: fresh water, appeared in fair condition, not burned, not tested. Washdown: raw water, appeared in fair condition, not burned, not tested. Water heater in poor condition, not tested, corroded and burned. Storage charges will accrue after the 10 day grace period. Loading fees will apply if no trailer included. Buyer is responsible for loading fees. Boat stands are not included. It's now time to see how to use the power of Vision-related services.

We'll start with a glance of vision-related services but the meat of this episode is to leverage the Custom Vision Service in our day-to-day business. Remember, in the previous episodes, we built a chatbot that deals with IT tickets within the enterprise. Let's now see how we can automatically detect a target IT system out of snapshots captured by end users when reporting incidents. Ethnography for Artificial Intelligence An introduction to ethnography for Artificial Intelligence as well as conversational analysis and its relevance to AI.

This new functionality comes directly from user feedback, which the Azure PowerShell team uses to provide improved functionality. Check out the new cmdlets shown here and try them yourself! Azure helped them analyze over 25 million images in a week that would have previously taken 10 months without Azure's cloud computing power. Using these rules, you can customize the behavior of your work items in VSTS. The rise of ransomware and its media presence in recent months has highlighted, perhaps now more than ever, the importance of robust security systems to detect and respond to devious and evolving threats.

Join Lex Thomas as he welcomes back Paul Bergson to the show as they discuss some common ransomware tactics and how you can successfully defend your systems and data Adrian walks us through what Xamarin University is, how to get started, and how to take advantage of the absolutely FREE self-guided training and certification program. Then he shows off the live and interactive classes that Xamarin University has to offer and how it all works Featuring a triad chassis and liquid cooling.

Also, see the latest Dell Gaming offerings offering great performance and pricing options. The IT Showcase team wrapped the week at Ignite by wandering the expo floor to discuss this phrase with IT pros and leaders This week on Channel 9, Christina and Bryan discuss the week's top developer news, including; [] Ignite IT Unplugged: Digital Transformation Access additional technical content, discover new and exciting career opportunities in IT, and much more Tech Showcase: Mobile Directions Robot This demo shows our work on a mobile robot that gives directions to visitors.

Currently, this robot is navigating Microsoft Building 99, leading people, escorting and interacting with visitors and generally providing a social presence in the building. This robot uses Microsoft's Platform for Situated Intelligence and Windows components for human interaction, as well as a robot operating system running under Linux for robot control, localization and navigation.

Tech Showcase: Microsoft Translator Live Microsoft Translator live enables users to hold translated conversations across two or more languages, with up to participants participating at the same time using PowerPoint, iOS, Android, Windows and web endpoints. Businesses, retail stores, and organizations around the world need to interact with customers who don't speak the same language as the service providers, and Microsoft Translator live is an answer to all these needs.

Tech Showcase: Bing Visual Search Visual search, AKA search by image, is a new way of searching for information using an image or part of an image as the query. Similar to text search, which connects keyword queries to knowledge on the web, the ultimate goal of visual search is to connect camera captured data or images to web knowledge. Bing has been continuously improving its visual search feature, which is now available on Bing desktop, mobile, and apps, as well as Edge browser.

It can be used not only for searching for similar images but also for task completion, such as looking for similar products while shopping. Bing image search now also features image annotation and object detection, to further improve the user experience. This demo will show these techniques and the scenarios for which the techniques were developed.

Because it incorporates AI behind the lens, it can tweak settings, select the best shots, and enhance them on the fly. It's designed to help take the guesswork out of getting great photos, so amateur photographers enjoy the moment, instead of struggling to capture it! The demand of models for common-sense tasks far exceeds the available "teachers" that can build them. We approach this problem by allowing domain experts to apply what we call Machine Teaching MT principles.

These include mining domain knowledge, concept decomposition, ideation, debugging, and semantic data exploration. It enables teachers with no ML expertise to build classifiers and extractors. The underlying SDK enables system designers and engineers to build customized experiences for their problem domain.

In PICL, teachers can bring their own dataset, search or sample items to label using active learning strategies, label these items, create or edit features, monitor model performance, and review and debug errors, all in one place. Tech Showcase: Cortana, Your Personal Assistant From ferry schedules to dinner reservations, Cortana is the digital assistant designed to help people get things done.

Cortana is part of the Microsoft portfolio of intelligent products and services, and current research is designed to take it beyond voice search to create an assistant that is truly intelligent. We talk about the iPhone x-pensive. And stop listening to this episode, and listen to this episode about recursion Using dependency injection have an advantage of being able to access the platform specific implementation for each platform. Nutzer von Windows 10 Mobile bekommen immerhin noch diese Updates.

PDF Combine 2. Allegorithmic Substance Designer This means the development of the mobile operating system has halted NET web application company intranet are clients required to be connected to a company domain? I have spent a lot of time researching and I believe the answer is yes, but I just wanted firm confirmation. I currently work for a small company and we are getting ready to join all the computers to the domain, but not quite there yet.

I would like to start enabling security on some of our web pages on the company intranet grabbing the clients Windows login Windows local login and checking against Active Directory Groups to permit the user to view the page, but it looks like that is not possible until the client is connected to the domain for Windows Authentication.

If this is the case what options do I have for intranet security until all the clients are connected to our company domain? Is Forms Authentication my only choice now? Still learning ASP. NET so any help would be appreciated. Aber dann kam Microsoft und krempelte den Markt innerhalb weniger Jahre um, Palm war kurz darauf Geschichte.

With plenty of apps for iOS and Android out now and improving fast, you can recreate much of the feel of a Windows Phone on your existing handset, as long as you can live without those rotating tiles. Fast 60 Prozent der Nutzer waren es im Juni Mit Cliqz gibt es jetzt ein Startup, das einen Browser anbietet, der ebenfalls eine Websuche beinhaltet. Dadurch wird verhindert, dass die Daten zu Forschungs- oder Werbezwecken verwendet werden. Die Vorteile einer Suchmaschine wie Google sollen dabei aber angeblich nicht zu kurz kommen.

Du musst uns halt vertrauen, dass wir deine Daten nicht missbrauchen. Ob das Unternehmen bestehen kann, bleibt abzuwarten. Cloud-based IDEs […] Digital Foundry: how Cuphead takes retro to the cutting edge Retro gameplay meets vintage aesthetics in what is, for our money, a dream combination. With a sense of style and flair that we've never really seen before, Cuphead manages to combine unique audio-visuals with classic gaming action in an exceptionally cool, cohesive package. Controversy surrounds aspects of its gameplay, but after a week of play, we're converted: in an age of me-too software, Cuphead stands apart from the pack.

Cuphead has been a long time coming. First starting development back in , the development team started out with just three people before eventually expanding to nearly 20 by the time it shipped. The inspiration is clear - Cuphead is designed to channel the look of classic s American cartoons, but digitally recreating this look didn't quite work. Instead, everything you see in Cuphead has been animated and inked on paper using traditional methods with the resulting art digitised for use in the game.

Colorisation is handled digitally but everything else about the game is entirely handcrafted and it shows. To top it off, each of the games backgrounds are hand-painted water colours with various separate layers that scroll independently to create that parallax look. Taken together, the look is cohesive, richly animated and exceedingly uncommon.

The re-release of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is the only modern example we can think of with a similar idea behind its visuals, but this is on another level. Read more… - Store - Centro - Spacious shop in Lagos. Located in a central area, close to the Volunteer Fire Department. With m2, open space and basement, with windows facing the street. Free parking at the door.

A single Safe Combination unlocks them all. We put this budget PC to test. Bopup Observer 5. This clear, easy to use and light-weight client is a quick and efficient solution for alerting and urgent messaging purposes. Several authentication modes are supported: Simple, Windows Authentication or private login ID and password pair. WinSCP 5. Must demonstrate an ability to learn Windows and related It is the most popular and reliable Email client. There are many processes through which we can migrate our Outlook contacts.

But before that, let us take Have you ever tried this, but failed in your efforts? Then do not worry at all. However, before that, Windows 10, Je quitte et relance autocad et la consommation CPU rentre dans la normal. J'ai fais un CCleaner pour vider les caches, rien n'y fais. Avez-vous ces lenteurs aussi? HP designed the Elite x3 to evolve that concept. Hyperthreading must be disabled when using Windows This is due to limitations from the address mapping of PCI busses and other system devices.

That hiatus now appears more permanent. It comes equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission, power windows, sunroof and air conditioning. Very clean and presentable. Mechanically sound. We also welcome all international buyers. We can help with shipping quotes and arrangements. Recuva File Recovery Software 2. Pandora Recovery 3. Wise Data Recovery 5. Recent updates in the last two years include: New roof, attic insulation, windows, hot water heater, flooring, electrical, and overhead plumbing!

Off of the kitchen and through the French doors with integrated blinds is the spacious 8' x 23' Florida room, boasting large windows with views of the sizable backyard. The deep garage spans the entire depth of the house, offering ample storage shelves with new garage door and automatic opener. Enjoy your evenings outside under the covered seating area, which can also double as covered RV or camper parking! Call today to schedule your showing! Anticipated completion early Sitting on the fairway of the St.

While BBQing from your private outdoor kitchen on your expansive lanai, you can enjoy the breeze as it drifts across the fairway and water features of the golf course. The base models include an open floor plan with soaring ceilings, crown moldings, stainless steel appliances, carpet and tile flooring, outdoor kitchen, each home has hurricane impact windows, and pre-wired for Smart Home Technology.

Purchase your home while still in the construction phase and have the opportunity to participate in the design details for your home. The base model will be gorgeous, but why not customize and make it your own private oasis? The project includes the comprehensive renovation of four buildings, 7, square feet each and a new square-foot office addition. Gillis Gilkerson will replace all building systems and install windows, doors, kitchens, baths and all surfaces. Jefferson II will have a unit mix of 16 one-bedroom units and 16 two-bedroom units.

The project [ Privacy lives! Purism Librem 5 Linux smartphone exceeds crowdfunding goal As companies continue to violate our privacy, such as Microsoft with the latest version of Skype for iOS and Android, we slowly become desensitized to it. In other words, as time marches on, people slowly become more and more accepting of being spied on. This is tragic, as our private information has value, and many will simply turn it over in exchange for a free service or other nonsense.

Reaching this goal ahead of schedule will help the people behind the project accelerate the production of the final product. Windows Phone is now officially dead: A sad tale of what might have been World's worst-kept secret confirmed: Windows Phone is dead But Belfiore refused to acknowledge that the lack of Windows Phone would result in users also quitting Windows on the desktop.

Microsoft has finally admitted that Windows Phone is dead The move is cemented by Microsoft's ongoing "chestburster" strategy that has seen a dedicated Microsoft browser and a mobile version of Edge for Android. Microsoft is finally killing off the Windows Phone Windows devices accounted for less than half of one percent of all new smartphone sales in the last quarter of , according to Gartner.

With this, it kickstarted its journey into the world of virtual and augmented reality. However, if you have a Mac, iPhone or iPad, Safari will be one of your favorite activities. In addition to being simple and intuitive, it is also robust and secure. Even if you've been using it for years, you're not going to get the most out of it. And is that in the wake of gestures and intuitiveness, its major functions are hidden, so unless you tell them or discover them by chance, do not squeeze it to the max.

To solve it, we propose up to 10 fundamental tricks. Some carry a lot with us, but others are new to iOS Obviously, pressing the arrow on the front or back the browser will direct you to the page immediately before or after. So far, but did you know that you can access the history with a long press? Here you can see the example if you have reached Wikipedia by clicking several links. Long press on book icon As you already know, to add a bookmark in Safari you only have to click on the share icon and in that menu, click on add bookmark or bookmarks or reading list.

But what you did not know is that if you do a long press on the book, you will save time and you will do it directly. And is that when you press, a screen will appear where you can directly add the marker or the reading list. Long pulsation sore eyelashes In both iPhone and iPad you can find the tab button. Of course, while in the mobile version is in the lower menu, the iPad is in the upper area.

In both cases, long press and you'll see new options : close all the tabs you have open, close that tab, open a private tab or a new tab. Again, we saved time. In the case of the iPad, the long press also allows us to see the Split VieW option to split screen or merge.

Long press on "add tab" If you close a tab by mistake and want to retrieve it, it would be normal to go to the history and click on your last web visited. Long press on OK If you are on the screen that allows us to see the tabs open and you want to close them all, you could give OK with a long tap and you will see the option to close all the tabs or just that one.

Long click on a web link Clicking on a link goes directly to the address it contains. But if you do a long press instead, you access a menu that allows you to open it, open it on a new page, add it to the reading list, copy the link to the clipboard or share it.

If the link is related to a third-party app, the option "Open in [app name]" will also appear. Long click on an image of the web By pressing and holding on an image you can save it on your photo spool or copy it to the spooler. If the image has a link, the menu in the previous section would also appear. Long press on Favorites icon From the blank Safari screen eye, not to be confused with a new tab , we have access to our list of favorites by icons.

If you press a long button, you can drag and organize them to your liking. If on the contrary you press long and loose, you will see that you can also delete or edit them. Long press on refresh button When a webpage finishes loading, you can give it a long press to access two new shortcuts: either refresh the page or directly access the desktop version , something especially useful on iPad.

If you have an extension to block ads, it will also allow you to upload the web with or without the blockers. Long press on reading option New in iOS 11, this option allows us to launch the reader for certain domains. This means that you can view some websites without advertisements or distractions automatically. Just give a long click on the icon and a window will appear that will allow you to activate the reading version automatically, both for all the webs that you enter and only for that.

Via 9to5Mac Lakeside Park, Normanton WF6 A modern three bedroom semi detached house offering deceptively spacious accommodation with a good sized rear garden in this highly sought after area. Comprising UPVC sealed unit double glazed windows and a gas fired central heating system, this Apple and Microsoft have settled into annual update schedules for macOS and Windows, which means you can expect virtualization software dependent upon both platforms to arrive around the same time.

Providing exceptional service that exceeds expectations, it's a commitment and a promise that highlights every visit to Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. It's also one of many intangible details that describes your stay at one of the world's finest five star properties for rated by the Forbes Travel Guide. At Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, it's all about meaningful journeys, and it all begins with a warm smile the minute you enter starting a long chain of memorable experiences Frank Reichenbach L proudly stands beside the hotel's latest achievement, selected by Forbes Travel Guide R as one the finest Five Star properties in the world for The recognition is a much-coveted rating in the industry from a prestigious global authority in luxury travel since The Forbes Travel Guide is just one of many accolades awarded to Marco Polo Hotels worldwide as it continues to serve the modern travelers of today.

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But leave it to the Connect Lounge's friendly staff and chef to prepare their recommendations, and you'll be glad you did. The sandwiches are then prepared ala minute, and served in the traditional three-tiered stand. The first tier of your Afternoon Tea set at the Connect Lounge includes traditional English Scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam and a pair of Spinach Quiche Using the finest ingredients, the flavors are rich without overwhelming the palate, perfect with a cup of dark tea.

The second tier features a savory selection Open-Faced Sandwiches based on the chef's recommendations of Turkey Ham, Smoked Salmon, Ham Lyoner, and Smoked Ham with cheese and fresh greens, each one delicately prepared delivering fresh flavors from the finest ingredients It's a filling and satisfying light meal in itself, capped by decadent treats. From the friendly service to the excellent recommendations of the chef, the first sip of tea to the last bite of tempting dessert, everything just flowed smoothly without skipping a beat.

Exceptional service exceeding expectations, it's what sets the tone for your Marco Polo Ortigas Manila staycation experience. But there's more. End your afternoon tea on a high note with a pair of rich and moist Chocolate Souffle served with vanilla cream sauce for that perfect finish. The Afternoon Tea at the Connect Lounge is available from pm to pm daily for only P for two persons. Back at my Premier Room, it was easy to just forget the pending emails on your laptop for a quick nap.

In no time at all, you're far away deep in dreamland. After all, it is a weekend. And when the afternoon sun slowly fades in the distant horizon, it's time for Aperitivo at Vu's Sky Bar and Lounge. From pm to pm, Monday to Wednesday a la carte and Thursday to Saturday buffet , Vu's Sky Bar and Lounge takes pre-dinner drinks and appetizers to new heights, way up at the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila's 44th floor with a panoramic view of the cityscape. Think of it as the new pre-dinner habit, and it all happens at Vu's Sky Bar and Lounge.

Inside the elegant interiors of Vu's Sky Bar and Lounge, your experience begins with a warm smile at the reception. It's that pervasive brand of hospitality that marks your stay at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. Stay inside and enjoy the music and cool vibe, or find a spot at the al fresco area and catch the sunset with a perfectly chilled Chardonnay. Drawing inspiration from the Italian Anti Pasti Misto Buffet, Vu's Sky Bar and Lounge's sumptuous Aperitivo offers a wide variety and well-curated line-up of tasty dishes including premium charcuterie, gourmet cheeses, fresh salads and savory appetizers.

And with a view like this, it just doesn't get better than that. High up at Vu's Sky Bar and Lounge, the metro's legendary traffic seems a million miles away. The streets below light up with epic lines of vehicular traffic, and oddly, it all looks so serene from the vantage point of Vu's Sky Bar and Lounge. The extensive selection includes Spanish, Mediterranean and Filipino favorites, paired with free-flowing red and white wine. Simply grab a plate It's hard not to be tempted with the extensive selections of appetizers, from fresh olives to tasty small plates, fresh baked bread and flavorful dips including Hummus and Pico de Gallo, garden fresh greens with an assortment of salad dressings, but there's still dinner scheduled later that evening.

But just go with the flow and enjoy another round of wine All this for only P , now that's a pretty cool deal. And there's just no better way to celebrate the end of another day with a sunset forty-five floors above the metro for more on Aperitivo at Vu's, see my previous post, Before Sunset: Aperitivo at Vu's Sky Bar and Lounge. You can also celebrate Oktoberfest at Vu's with traditional German favorites, including authentic German beer like Paulaner and Becks paired with savory sausages like Munchen Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Dampfwurst, Thuringer Bratwurst, and Grillwurst along with sauerkraut, German potato salad and pretzels until October 15, see contact details below for more information.

Lung Hin's Restaurant Manager, Eric Lim, flanked by Assistant Manager, Irene Dondiego, described and recommended many of the restaurant's signature dishes, and I go for their recommendations. And just like my experience earlier at Connect Lounge, the recommendations were spot on. Chosen as one of the best new restaurants by Philippine Tatler for , Lung Hin is a contemporary specialty restaurant serving authentic Cantonese cuisine including fresh seafood.

Fresh, vibrant and traditional flavors paired with exceptional service, always a winning combination. Lung Hin was also recognized as one of the most outstanding restaurants outside of China at the 16th China Hotel Industry Golden Horse Gala last year, validating its authenticity. Per Irene's recommendation, we go for Lung Hin's signature Dimsum.

And with an assortment of signature dimsum, you'll find a wide variety of tasty options One bite delivers an audible snap from the succulent shrimps releasing its briny sweetness and fresh, clean flavors. The Peking Duck with Osmanthus Flower Jelly on Potato Chip brings vibrant notes with a play on textural contrasts, and simply one of the best duck appetizers this side of the metro.

Craving for noodles? The comforting dish is made a lot more interesting with the contrasting textures. Then, one of Lung Hin's innovative dishes was served next The Three-Flavored Prawns P 1, with plump prawns coated in three distinct flavors of sakura sauce, salted egg, and blueberry is another must-try dish at Lung Hin. The prawns are given exciting new twists in flavor, from the tartness of the sakura sauce, the familiar notes of the salted egg and the surprisingly sweet glaze of blueberry sauce that pairs so well with the fresh and briny hints of the prawns.

It's unique and inventive flavors like these that make each visit to Lung Hin new and refreshing, and you'll need quite a few more visits to truly experience the wide range of masterfully created dishes by the skilled chefs. Made with imported avocados from Peru, the Chilled Avocado Sago has a deep sweetness rounded out by mildly bitter hints for balanced flavors.

Rich and creamy with a velvety smooth texture punctuated by a whisper of sweetness, this one's on my list of favorites at Lung Hin along with so many other dishes. Not to be missed is Lung Hin's homage to a traditional Hong Kong classic, Roast Goose, prepared by culinary experts from Guangdong province, from November 6 to 21, see contact details below for more information. After a restful night's sleep, you're ready for a brand new day at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

For a select few, starting the day right means a leisurely breakfast at the private and exclusive 44th floor, up there at The Continental Club. With impressive views of the city, The Continental Club offers guests a private and exclusive sanctuary with the personalized service of its courteous staff. A wide selection of breakfast staples are available to satisfy any appetite, and the staff can whip up a hearty breakfast ala minute just the way you like it. Start with The Continental Club's classic Three-Egg Omelet with everything on it, including fresh mushrooms, roasted peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, and ham with a side of fresh-baked rolls and croissants Quiet, calm and serene, it's what a weekend breakfast should be, far from the usual crowds up there at The Continental Club.

Another Danish? Make that three. The Continental Club offers a sumptuous array of breakfast favorites, from cereals to savory dishes paired with rice, eggs prepared any style, and more. Complete your dining experience at The Continental Club with a platter fresh fruits Enjoy a leisurely sip while admiring the shifting early morning light rising above the city. The hearty flavors at The Continental Club are matched by a level of personalized service that add another memorable layer to your Marco Polo Ortigas Manila experience.

And it's a staycation that has delivered on the promise of providing exceptional service that exceeds expectation, experienced at each flavorful stop. But Marco Polo has one more tasty treat with a light lunch at Cafe Pronto, the hotel's hip and casual cafe located at the Ground Floor. Fast gaining popularity as a favorite meeting place for casual lunches and meetings, Cafe Pronto offers a wide selection of savory sandwiches, decadent cakes, freshly-baked bread and croissants, fine chocolates, garden-fresh salads and over-sized cookies paired with premium coffee and fine tea.

Cafe Pronto also offers their signature Cafe Pronto Sets served from Monday to Sunday, am to pm, for a light yet satisfying meal. The vibe at Cafe Pronto is relaxed and laid back, but the level of service remains high by Marco Polo Ortigas Manila's uncompromising standards. With so many tempting choices, the staff can assist you in selecting a dish by detailing their signature items.

The freshly baked bread and the mild savory notes of the ham come together in a seamless blend, perfectly finished by the creamy mayo. The earthy and nutty notes of the mushroom soup, Cafe Pronto's soup of the day, adds to the medley of rich flavors, perfectly finished by the crisp and refreshing Cobb Salad. Guests can also opt for a light and healthy seafood option with the Tuna Combo P with a hefty tuna sandwich served with Tuna Nicoise and Soup of the Day.

Cafe Pronto's Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese P is another tasty option, served with coleslaw and chips for a light meal or snack any time of the day. Cafe Pronto's Silk Road Iced Coffee P is another must-try, with overnight-infused coffee, meringue, chocolate swirls and a freshly warmed cookie. Pair it with Cafe Pronto's signature cakes and cookies for another winning combo. Not to be missed are Cafe Pronto's soft, moist and cheesy signature Ensaymadas.

It's been an amazing overnight staycation experience at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, and the brand of service shown by the staff, from the entrance to the elevators, the front desk and the staff at the different dining outlets, each one linking a continuous chain of memorable experiences with that distinct Forbes Five Star style.

And it's the different faces at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila that make your visit special with their genuine glowing smiles that simply warms the heart for that five star experience. Find out and experience truly meaningful journeys that begin at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila on a weekend or any day you visit, and discover one of the world's finest five star properties.

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