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loubet showplace

—His Excellency, Emile Loubet, President of the French Republic, Galveston's great open-air show-place was the Garten Verein. Saint-Laurent-du-Var StationHotels near Villeneuve-Loubet StationHotels near Antibes Luxor Sound and Light ShowPlace du TertreMount UlrikenOpen Bus. exhibit floor is a dynamic showplace for this year's line-up of EDA, silicon, IP T. Melly - Texas Instruments, Inc., Villeneuve Loubet. LOST PRIVATE KEY ETHEREUM

They are simple faculties of our brain which do not lose their quality for 15 being employed to construct a machine or a house, solder a kettle, or make a shirt, rather than to write a romance or a treatise on anatomy. The parasites who have made themselves our masters, all in proclaiming themselves superior, have established that there is nothing truly noble but idleness, that there is nothing truly beautiful but force exerted to destroy; that force expended to produce, to draw out of the earth and out of industry whatever is necessary to sustain life, is of a vile, inferior quality, and that its use should be reserved to the servile classes.

They cannot isolate themselves, and inevitably feel the effects of the surrounding mediocrity. They, too, must understand that their own development is made up of the intellectuality of all; that, whatever the heights they believe they have attained, they belong to the multitude.

If they strain to rise above the multitude, a thousand bonds hold them to it, fetter their action and their thought, preventing them forever from reaching the summits they have glimpsed. A society 16 normally constituted does not admit slaves, but a mutual exchange of services between equals. It ought, then, to be put within the reach of all, to become accessible to all aptitudes, in order that this spirit of criticism which has saved it from obscurantism may contribute to hasten its full efflorescence.

What we know to-day is only a means for acquiring the knowledge of to-morrow. And an individual obtains reliable knowledge only in accepting the help of all. The observations of the humblest persons are not always to be disdained. Let the savants also, then, cease to believe themselves a caste apart, let them understand once for all that knowledge 17 does not demand special aptitudes, and that it must be accessible to all, in order that all, in developing themselves, may contribute thus to the general development.

Just as an individual cannot live without the support of all, a people cannot exist without the co-operation of the other peoples. A nation which should shut itself up within its frontiers, ceasing all relations with the rest of the world, would not be slow to retrograde and perish. It is then absurd and criminal to foment, under colour of patriotism, hatreds nominally national, but which are in reality only pretexts for the governing classes to legitimise the scourge, militarism, of which they have need to assure their power.

There is not a region which, for one product or another, is not the customer of another region. And it is no reason for you to hate your neighbours because they speak a different language, because a hundred years ago they invaded and ravaged regions which are indifferent to you to-day; and it is no reason for you to feel yourselves outraged by this ancient invasion because, once upon a time, the inhabitants of the invaded regions suffered under the yoke which now galls you.

And, if those who performed these acts of brigandage were highly detestable, in what respect are their descendants responsible therefor? Should we also be held responsible for the acts of brigandage which our histories teach us to admire as glorious achievements? It is only those who have made themselves the masters of nations, and who find it for their interest to augment the numbers of those 18 whom they exploit, who feel the need of supplying aliment to the troops they train for the work of slaughter.

These understand perfectly that a menace of war with a neighbour serves to justify the existence of the armies which are their main prop. If it is a question of hunting down subversive ideas, the French, German, Italian, Swiss, Russian, and other bourgeois are ready enough to lend to each other their diplomats and their police.

The exploiters are not slow to engage foreign workmen, so that they consent to work at the lowest wage; and governments would not hesitate, if there were need, to lend each other their armies. Their veritable enemies are those who exploit them, who enslave them and prevent their development.

It is against their masters that they should arm themselves. It professes the most profound disdain for politicians. The promises of the place-seekers interest it only as they disclose all the inanity of politics, and only as they can be made use of to demonstrate that the social organisation will not be transformed until the day when a resolute attack shall be made against its economic defects.

If they lie purposely, they are rascals; and, in the one case as in the other, they deceive those whose confidence they win by their babble and their intrigue. And, as it is the possession of capital which makes strength and gives the mastery of the social organisation, they are always in a position to turn to their own profit every amelioration which is undertaken.

It is to re-enter into the possession of that of which they have been despoiled that the efforts of those who possess nothing ought to tend. To break the power which crushes them, to prevent its reconstitution, to take possession of the means of production, to create a social organisation in which social wealth can no more be concentrated in the hands of a few,—this is what the anarchists dream.

Nothing good can come from the activity of the charlatans of politics. Human emancipation cannot be the work of any legislation, of any concession of liberty on the part of those who rule. It can only be the work of the fait accompli, of the individual will affirming itself in acts.

They would see no objection to people gathering together in special buildings for the purpose of addressing prayers and praises to a hypothetical being if they did not attempt to impose their beliefs on others. It is absurd to wish to set limits to, raise barriers against, or impose restraints on the affections of individuals. Love, friendship, hatred, do not come at call: we feel them or endure them without being able to help ourselves, without even, more often than not, being able to explain them and unravel their motives.

It can have no duration beyond the reciprocal affection of the two beings associated, and should be dissoluble at the will of the party for whom it becomes a burden. But these difficulties cannot be resolved any better by pre-established rules: on the contrary, constraint only envenoms the difficulties. One change we're making in SI is that we're going to be a little more realistic than Ultima 7. The grass isn't flourescent green.

More detail. WS: Yes it does. That is something I personally dearly would love to change, but it's not in the cards right now. GB: 4 Will you ever write Windows versions of these games? WS: Almost certainly not. The problem is speed. Doing a Windows version of an Ultima or Wing Commander game would just be bog-slow.

So what we're talking about now is doing games that are designed to run under windows from the start, the stuff that doesn't need high-speed animation. GB: 5 When did you first start working at Origin? WS: April 12, I'm an old-timer. I think I was the 26th employee down here in Austin. We were on half of one floor here.

Now, we take up all of one floor, all of another floor, and three separate suites in another building. We're moving into a new building with 55, sq. GB: Did Richard have any influence in the building design? WS: Let's just say Rich had a lot to do with it.

It's definitely going to be a showplace. GB: 5 Is the character Dr. WS: Well, yeah. And I'm in SI, too. I am the no-longer-evil-Dr. There are so many characters who are either based on real people or look like real people. That's true- the portraits look just like the real people now. When you look at Spectre, you'll see me. GB: Where'd your last name Spector come from?

WS: There's a story in my family that may or may not be true. My family came from Estonia when it was under Soviet rule. There was some deal where if you had more than one son, he was conscripted into the army. So my great great grandfather changed one of his kid's last names. I have no idea whether that story is true. WS: With improvements! Don't forget- paper dolling, the bigger photographic portraits, more speed. GB: 6 I quote the next question, because although I too was curious, it was a little forward.

I have heard that Warren gets paid a lot less than some producers at Origin because he hired on early when Origin was in its infancy. Thank you, dear! To be honest, one of the things I like about Origin is that no one talks about money. I don't want to get into it, and no one at Origin gets into it. Let's just leave that one alone and not talk about money.

Origin producers in general get paid less than producers on the West Coast. WS: We've been told that will not change. It's just cheaper to live in Austin than it is in S. Origin is not a place to get rich. It's a place to change the world and see stuff everyday that no one has ever seen before, but it's not a place to get rich.

WS: There won't be add-ons for old Ultimas. You can probably count on add-in disks like Forge for every future Ultima. Ultima 7 wasn't designed to allow that. Ultima 8 is being designed from the start with add-in disks in mind. WS: Hey, so far so good. It's natural to be a little nervous when you are "acquired", but they've really left us remarkably alone.

I haven't noticed any significant difference, except that we're getting lots of cool t-shirts and there isn't as much arguing over small purchase requisitions. It may reflect the deep pockets of EA or just the Christmas season. I think everyone is real excited about it. They're cool people. When I went out there, I found out they're basically just like us.

And before I perceived them from afar as towering monster things. Same thing; when you're a little tiny company, you tend to think a big company is made up of these big evil ogres. But no, it's been great. GB: 8 Here's a "flame" as well call it on the net. It starts by saying, "This isn't a flame, but I really enjoyed Ultima 7, but I was really disappointed that Origin seemed to do its beta-testing with the consumers.

What are you doing to make sure that SI will be bug-free. That's just not in anybody's best interests. The problem is that our games are HUGE. There's no one who does games that are as large and complex as what we do. That's not me talking as an Origin employee, it's just that no one pushes the technology the way we do. There are a lot of games out there, and I will not name names, but where people say, "Wow, look at that! I mean, we push the technology further than anyone else around.

When you do that, you're going to have bugs. We always try to do the best we can. We don't rush products, but you never have as much testing as you want. We have had some problems in the past, there's no denying it. Will SI be bug free? I mean, you just sort of resign yourself to that.

We have a QA staff of 17 people. We have 12 people playing hours a day of SI. All we can do is all we can do. I think one example of Origin's commitment to shipping clean games is Underworld II. There was a version which would have made Christmas. When it got to the final stage of sign-off, everybody said, we think we could ship this one, but let's take some more time to be sure. Just to be sure! That's a BIG deal. Is Underworld II bug-free? No, of course not.

I genuinely think that it's impossible to ship a game that's bug-free. One thing we did do on UW II is that we started using out-of-house testing firms. Before people start screaming, "Oh- me me me me! We're not quite ready to take that step yet. I hope we use them more than we have in the past. They have a really good adversarial relationship with the producers.

They make their money by making us look bad, and that's exactly the sort of thing we need. The guys in the QA department have to get bored and are going to start to cut corners after playing it for weeks. That's human nature. The guys out-of-house are fresh, still hate us, have nothing to loose by pissing us off. GB: 9 Where does the Ultima get their storyline? WS: I don't have a clue. We watch a lot of movies, read a lot of books.

We're wacky creative guys. You sit in a room with enough weird people, and ideas start coming. This is the highest stress place I've ever worked, and yet it's the best place I've ever worked. There aren't many places where you can but your feet up on a desk and say, "Hmmm. Shoud that dragon be red or green? The inspiration for it is a movie named "Hard- boiled" by John Wu. I had a vague tickling of an idea for a game, and when I saw that movie, it all crystalized.

We suck stuff in from the culture around us. I don't think it is quite as dark as U7. That was Rich's phase he was going through or something. SI is still an adult game. GB: 11 Here someone asks about the paper-doll inventory. Will it look like the screenshots? WS: No. I'm ashamed of those screen shots now. It's much nicer. The other thing is that the inventory gump now has a button which you can press to pop up a combat gump.

GB: Why do you call them "gumps"? WS: I dunno. They're little window-like things. Most of the game was written in AGIL, an in-house language for conversations and usecode. Funny-Little-Acronyms-R- Us. GB: 12 When is an enhanced CD version of this game going to come out? WS: Ultima 7 does not lend itself to CD's as they exist right now. That's because we hit the hard drive ALL the time. The engine hits the hard drive constantly. It would just be painfully slow playing off a CD. We may use it as a delivery medium.

That's more of a marketing decision. We prefer doing Wing Commander games, for example, because you can play them from the CD. When are we going to go CD-happy? It can't happen too soon. I would kill to be able to ship the 21 Mb intro to SI that some people saw at the trade shows. I would love to a whole game that does that.

We were doing stuff like match cuts with overlapping action. They've been doing that in Hollywood since We can't do it on computers because we don't have the storage capacity. We had stuff like that in the original intro all over the place. CD's bring 'em- we want 'em. Buy 'em! GB: 13 Has the problem of almost continual disk access been solved? It has not been solved. GB: 13 Has the jerky motion of the screen when you're moving fast been solved? WS: We've gotten some speedup of the engine.

Is it a speed demon? No, but it is somewhat faster than the original engine. Believe me, we all feel that painfully, but we've done the best we could. You're still going to be hitting that disk a lot. GB: 13 Did the combat intelligence of your partners increased? Was the light sourcing algorithm changed? WS: Answer to both is no. We would have had to go really deep into the engine to mess with the combat code. Our mission was not to mess with the engine but to tell a neat new story.

The lightsourcing I thought was pretty good. There are certainly problems. When going into a dungeon, finding a torch if you don't already have one can be a real pain. We came up with ways to deal with that which were appropriate in each context. GB: 13 The screenshots of the intro reminded me of the KQ6 intro. Is the 3D modelled animation done at Origin? WS: That's in house. Our entire art department is the best in the business.

I'm absolutely convinced of that, and no one is going to sway me. Our senior artist, Denis Loubet, is brilliant. He does it routinely. He's immensely talented. We do storyboards. He routinely trashes them and makes them better. In Wing Commander, I did the original shot breakdowns.

Chris Roberts, Jeff George, Denis Loubet, and I sat on that balcony right there and went over the storyboard stuff, and I might as well have just thrown mine away. Denis just started sketching and I'm going, "Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

We did pretty much the same thing with Serpent Isle. He built this amazing boat model. Then we said, we also need water. And he said, "Well, you can't really model water. Unfortunately, animating modelled water takes up immense amounts of diskspace. Then we asked for a modelled guy. I didn't want to rotoscope him. So two days later, he came back and there he was. They were all in Denis' mind.

Richard saw those, and now he's going to use little modelled guys throughout Ultima 8. I think that's so cool. Denis is a genius. Then Underworld II takes place a year later on the aniversery of the defeat of the Guardian. Serpent Isle takes place 6 months after that. GB: 13 Where exactly does Serpent Isle exist? WS: Frankly, we didn't want to answer that. At various times when the moons of Britania and the sun are in the right position, these huge pillars rise out of the sea.

The original intro animation for this was great. The pillars would come up, and the water would roil and boil, and water would be dripping off of them and everything. It was awe- inspiring. If you sail through them at that time, you like go to another dimension. Where is Britania in realtion to Earth?

Well, who knows? GB: 14 What sort of technical breakthroughs are here? WS: The paper-dolling. Our mission wasn't really technical breakthroughs here. It was to tell a neat story. I think Ultima fans appreciate that epic scope. GB: 14 How much space on the disk drive does it take? WS: Probably a meg or two more than Ultima 7.

GB: 14 What new peripherals are supported? WS: Same as Ultima 7. GB: 14 When will it ship? WS: Now there's a question. I'll give you the same answer that I give upper management, which believe me, asks on a daily basis. How many bugs are there in the game? You tell me.

There's one legitimate task to do- to get the endgame music into the endgame.

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