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Anthropology professor at the University of Florida. Ejima Baker-Morales……. College music instructor. Jared Ball……. Communications Professor-Radio Host. Teaches at Morgan State University. Founder and host of FreeMix Radio. Maisha Baton……. Poet, historian, and lecturer at the University of New Mexico. Marks Bernard……. Ernest Bond……. Christopher A. Has published in the Harvard Law Review, among others.

Rakim H. MBA, Yale University. Rae Linda Brown……. Errol T. History professor at Bowie State University. Dean D. Sean T. Jeffery Burgin……. Lawrence A. David Canton……. Chair of the History Department at Connecticut College. Andre Carrington……. Carson Jr……. Christopher Carter……. Mark A. Marquis Coates……. Program Coordinator of Philadelphia Academies Inc. PAI , managing a 5-member team that facilitates entry to college for high school students.

Alexander Coccia……. Rhodes Scholar ; student body president at University of Notre Dame. Lisa M. Chief Diversity Officer at Harvard University. Dale Colston……. Kimberle W. Distinguished law school professor B. Karen Cumberbatch……. Brian Anthony Davis……. Sean Decatur……. President of Kenyon College. Kelley F. Independent historian, author. Tchet D. Kristie Dotson……. Philosophy Professor. Michigan State University. Michael Drake……. Marta J. Cheryl Finley……. Josephine V. Stacey M. Damion Frye…….

Jamillah Gabriel……. Librarian and administrator. Maxine Gordon……. New York University. Jessica Graham……. Eric V. Interim President of the College of Alameda. Derek M. Cheryl T. Tresmaine R. Rhiana Gunn-Wright……. Fredara M. Jazz studies professor at Oberlin College and owner of Jooksi, a tour service focusing on the New York City black music scene.

Valerie Harrison……. Acting President of Lincoln University. Charlene Hayes……. Brittany Henry……. Paula Hentz……. Director of International Learning. Tai C. Jumoke Hinton Hodge……. Education activist. Shannon T. Ed, Purdue University. Mandy Hoke……. Policy Associate at the Southeast Center for teaching. Former school teacher. Endesha Ida Mae Holland…….

Was theater professor at the University of Southern California, award-winning playwright, and author of several books. Dwight Hopkins……. Professor of Theology, University of Chicago. Ordained Baptist Minister. Diane Hughes……. Adrienne Israel……. Genteen L. Agatha Jeffers……. Accounting Professor at Montclair State University. Also Certified Public Accountant. Cedric Kwesi Johnson…….

Ollie A. Johnson III……. Political scientist at Wayne State University. Louis Jones……. Field Archivist at the Walter P. Reuther Library. Peniel E. Professor of History at Tufts University. Commentator on TV and radio. Ibram X. Winner of the National Book Award for nonfiction. Obadele Bakari Kambon……. Research fellow and administrator at the University of Ghana. University of Ghana. Chana Kai Lee……. Associate Professor of History at the University of Georgia. Lenetta R. Dean of the College at Lincoln University Pennsylvania.

Haipeng Li……. Bione Lockett……. Naima Lowe……. Media arts and film instructor at Evergreen Valley College. Filmmaker, and public intellectual. Maria Martin……. Dionne Mack-Harvin……. Joy May-Harris……. Carllos Lassiter……. Israel Melendez……. John H. McClendon III Darren Moore……. Yusuf Muhammad……. MPS, Cornell University. Kimberly G. Seanna Nichols……. Kindergarten teacher in Japan Katoh Gakuen. Jennifer E. Also Director of the Education Evaluation Centre. Pamela B. Shuron Owens-Lincoln…….

Marc D. Anthropology professor at Tulane University. Deborah Petitto……. Principal and founder of The Arlington School in Birmingham. Kimberly L. Provost and Dean of Faculty at Mills College. Wendy Purifoy……. School reformer, President of Public Education Network. Jamar Rahming……. Michael Ralph……. Debra Ann Roberson……. Besinia Rodriguez……. Clayton F. Telecommunications professor at Bowling Green State University. Syracuse University. JaDora F. Ed,D, University of Indiana.

Wilfred D. Claudia V. President of Kingsborough Community College. Jabari Simama……. President of Georgia Piedmont Technical University. Former Atlanta City Councilman, civil servant, and professor. Saadi Simawe……. English Professor at Grinnell College. Mitzi J. Richard Smith……. Evan Simpson…….

Maboula Soumahoro……. English professor at Columbia University. Eric Strong……. Mathematics teacher and social activist in Los Angeles. Stevie J. Law professor at the Western Michigan University. Brian Taylor……. Former pro basketball star. Terry Thomas…….

Richard Brent Turner……. Trevor Watkins……. Science Librarian at Kent State University. Samantha Wauls……. Ayana Williams……. Sharon Williams……. Tara M. Luke Wood……. Lori Woodall-Schaufler……. Theater Professor. Performs in plays, movies, and commercials in Wisconsin and California. Teaches at Concordia University. George Yancy……. Two basketballs will be awarded to the winners. The top three place finishers will also receive awards. A suer activities progra, previously planned by the parhs and recreation coordinator, has been cancelled because of its duplication of service to a siilar progra offered by the Counity Education and Youth Assistance.

Rhodes said he is urging children who ntended to sign-up for his progra to join the Counity Ed suer fun at Decker School. Novis endorseent of the project occurred Monday. Specifically, Donovan Associates, which owns the property in the southeast quadrant through which the proposed realignent of the road will occur, offered to donate the rightof-way for the new road to the City of Novi.

Doans report ay end any further discussion on the request. Clean and elegant, the WS4 is available in your choice of scenes etched into solid brass, and ounted on richly-grained solid t69w. Aerican black walnut. Specify only what you wish to spend. The News regrets the error. Burton C. Davjs Dr. Poss Northville Foot Specialistis] Center Street 2 blocks north of ytain street Northville Medical Center Many fro njuries autoobile accidents are not discovered iediately.

Syptos fro whiplash injuries soeties appear onths after the accident. Jaat H. Ten Mile Rd. For soe Wixo Eleentary School students above , one last wave fro the departing school bus on the final day of classes eant a "see you later. Robert Kratage, a developer listed as being fro Popano Beach, Florida, was infored that Coerce would sign a surface water discharge perit following hydrogeological studies by Kech Engineering. The township has also agreed to drop all legal action against Kratage.

The trustees unaniously accepted the consent Judgent, but not before Coerce Supervisor Robert Long chastised Kratages behavior in dealing with the township over the past 14 onths. The supervisor added that Kratages behavior in township hall, which included pounding on table tops, resulted in "clerks crying" and even the Oakland County Sheriffs Departent being called at one point.

Township Attorney Phillip Adkison recognized that the failure of the two sides to reach a coproise sooner ay have steed fro "a real conflict of personalities. Approxiately 4 condoinius will be placed in the developent. Adkison assured residents and the board that by approving the consent judgent, Kratage was only going to be facing ore thorough exainations by the Departent of Natural Resources and the Oakland County Road Coission.

The attorney noted that Kech W i x o C i t y C o u n c i l o k a y s G l e n g a r y R o a d p l a n s Wixos City Council has given ten- ;tative approval for plans to proceed with the realignent of Glengary Road. Resources DNR for failing to keep the city abreast of plans for realigning the road.

Further, approval was not granted until the city secured proises fro the DNR and Coerce Township to add an earth ber and evergreen landscap- B r o o k o v e r to replace i l l as M a y o r P r o Tern -: Council Meber Thoas Brookover ing the election. Lewandowski -was to be naed to Walled Lakes received votes during that sae Mayor Pro Te position during last balloting. Roberts got only 35 votes flights city council eeting.

Brookover during the election. No details of the Hill presented her resignation to councils action during Tuesday nights council during the June 2 eeting. Hill infored her colleagues she could not presently con n a two-page eorandu to the council, City Attorney Richard tinue in her position on council. Poehlan stated that Brookover et Hills vacant position on council will both the longevity requireent and had be filled through an appointent by the attained the highest nuber of votes reaining six ebers.

Poehlans letter noted that "councilpersons eligible for selection as Mayor Pro Te shall be those councllpersons who have served a tenure of two years on the city council prior to the date of acceptance of Mayoc Pro Te Hills resignation. Of those eligible councilpersons having served such a tenure, the Mayor Pro Te shall be hat councilperson who shall have igaered ore votes at his ost recent. Willis Meorial Park. Council Meber Willia Wyllie said he was "disayed" that the DNR had failed to involve Wixo officials in the planning for the road eariier.

Willis Park to realign the road. The proposed relocation would ove the road further to the south, enabling the DNR to unify its Proud Lake property and preserve an environentally-significant quaking bog. Mayoral Assistant Stephen Bonczek infored the council May 12 that the city had been asked by the road coission for a quit clai deed that would perit the to take soe of the acre Willis Park for the relocation of the road.

Bonczek also infored the council at the May 12 session that the city had soe leverage because the project ight have to be scrapped if the council refusedtoapprove the deed. Key to the citys concerns with the realignent was its potential ipact on the Willis Park. According to initial plans, the Glengary Road realignient would pass within 62 feet of the park.. Specifically, the council asked that the a iniu footright-of-waybe aintained fro the center line of the new road to the boundary of the park.

Additionally, the council asked that a five-to-six foot earth ber be constructed along the roadway, and, that the earth ber be planted with evergreens to shield the park fro the new road. Under the agreeent approved by the council last week, the city will receive virtually everything that it requested.

Jaes Haynes of the DNR stated that the city would be given a 2. John Moberg, chairan of Wixos parks and recreation coission, called the proposal a workable solution. After further discussion, the council voted unaniously to authorize the ayor to enter into a contract with the DNR and road coission to exchange the property to perit construction of the new road.

At the nsistence of Council Meber Dennis Andrews, the action was ade contingent on an agreeent regarding specifications for the earth ber and. He built hiself a plane fro a kit, assebled it in his garage and did it so well that it was used in an experiental aircraft display at Twelve Oaks.

For ore on Herzogs handiwork, see Page 7-B. County Manager of Property Manageent and Counity Developent John Madole said the failure of the coissioners planning and building coittee to eet will ean his recoendation to the board will have to wait until July. The delay places in libo the status of the countys leasing of unicipal building space in Walled Lake to house the S2nd District Courts first division. Currently, a prior lease extension is set to run out June 3.

The county is seeking to renew that agreeent until March Madole, who had expected to ake a presentation to the June 18 board of boissloners eeting, has said he will recoend denial of the Walled Lake council-approved package. City Manager J. Michael Dornan and Madole had tentatively agreed to a contract extension with an 18 percent ncrease. But the city council deterined May 5 that a built-in ascending scale ust reain in the countys leasing agreeent Uirough its terination.

Madole said he will recoend the county accept the pact only through Deceber 31 of this year and then renegotiate for a onth-to-onth extension. Walled Lake has ade no indication that it will attept. Madole has previously said he was prepared to seek ao- proval by the county coissioners of an 8. The city, Madole claied, is suggesting 2[ a lease that would reflect a 4 percent rate increase ovel- : one year.. U n i o n L a k e g i r l a d d s a n o t h e r t i t l e When you talk about Sarah Montgoery, youre talking about soeone who has t all: brains, beauty - and athletic abuity.

A counications ajor at Uie University of Michigan, Sarah recently was selected as the recipient of the University of Michigan Counity College Scholar Award based on her superior acadeic record and appropriate course selection. Additionally, she is an accoplished dancer with 12 years experience in Highland dancing.

As a result of her victory in the Miss West Bloofield copetition, Sarah will go on to copete in the Miss Michigan pageant next year. The winner there will represent Michigan n the Miss Aerica pageant. The 13 entrants in the Miss West Bloofield copetition copeted n three categories: talent, bathing suit and foral evening gown.

Contestants were judged on their talent, poise and grace. Jiy Launce served as aster of cereonies for the Miss West Bloofield pageant. Union Lake Village Sq. Union Lake M-F Sat. A self-described "ediocre" athlete in track and cross-country during her high school career at Walled Lake Central, Sarah has continued her running career on the woens cross-country tea at Oakland Counity College.

During her two years at OCC, Sarah has ade a arked iproveent in her ties. Her best three-ile tie in high school was 24 inutes. Through the training ethods and attitudlnal conditioning stressed by the OCC coaches, she has now lowered that tie to 19 inutes. Does she find it unusual to be a beauty queen who also possesses plenty of brains and auiletic ability?

Not at all, she responds. Chooae tight curls, waves orjuet a lot o body. Any look you want. A per s peranent. Cant droop out n the July 12tli. And rich organic conditioners leave hair lustrous and shinv. Silky lo touch. Let our expert stylists give you a look youll love. Union Lake, Mi. The possibility of delays because of the strike clouded what was otherwise an optiistic report fro the city anager on the status of the fire station construction progra. The city currently is constructing two stations: the Grand River station, which will replace the forer Novi Road station, and a new station on Thirteen Mile to replace the existing Thirteen Mile station.

A bond issue to support the fire station construction progra was approved by voters in the general election. Kriewall infored the city council Monday that the contractor for the Grand River station has copleted all exterior asonry construction. The etal roof decking has been copleted along with the nstallation of the roof syste asphalt and insulation ," reported Kriewall.

The city anager also noted that interior underground plubing and electrical conduit have been copleted, as have the interior concrete floors. According to Robert J. Chaldecott of the Adair Chaldecott Construction Copany, the sheet etal workers went on strikejune 1 and no negotiation eetings have yet been scheduled. Kriewall was uncertain as to how long copletion of the Grand River station will be delayed by the work stoppage.

Work on the Thirteen Mile station is oving along nicely, however, and a July 1 occupancy date is anticipated, according to Kriewall. Concrete floors on the Thirteen. Mile station were copleted in May. The funds will be used to help defray the costs of the Jaycees counity service projects. Quinn attributed the success of the Gala Days to several factors, including the weather and the new location at the Ella Mae Power Park at the civic center coplex on Ten Mile.

Quinn said he hopes the successful experience with this years Gala Days will convince city and school officials that it should becoe a peranent location for the annual city carnival. Quinn also said he thought the quality of the idway was a contributing factor to the success of this years event. Pugh Shows, which supplied the rides for the Gala Days, is generally regarded as one of the better operators in the business.

Efforts will be ade to secure Pugh Shows again next year, but the Jaycees will not learn until early next year whether the fir can be retained for Gala Days The Jaycees also received a favorable report fro city officials for their aintenance and clean-up of the Gala Days site. City Manager Edward Kriewall told the city council Monday that the Jaycees were very cooperative when requested to provide additional control over site use and set-up.

Before heading toward toorrow, both schools paused to share one final oent with those they have spent so uch of their life with their classates. Photographer Steve Fecht caught the seniors going through traditional graduation ritual. Top left Westerns Robin Lynn Perry leaves the stage with her uch-deserved diploa. While class valedictorian Holly Spencer above addresses the coenceent assebly.

Right A pleased Western graduate gives the eternal "Hi Mo" salute. Beginning below and oving clockwise Central seniors John Sinkowski fro left , Eric Folso and Chris Krueger glance over their shoulders for one final look back. Westerns Pa Howie proved that coenceent is not all pop and circustance. Centrals Micky Birrell showed the deterination it soeties takes to receive your degree as he hobbled through graduation exercises.

Westerns Kathy Howarth and Hilde Kverneland share an eotional oent. Centrals Kevin McBride applauds friends who ade it. While soe of his classates "whoop it up. The caps and gowns, faily and friends, good eories and bad, al elded to create a lasting cereony to new beginnings.

A salute to toorrow and the young adults who will take us there the Class of L Were both proud of you and confident in you. Residents protest new ining operation Back to the basics Theres a growing suspicion that any of the old ways of doing things are better than the odern-day techniques. And one of the dedicated disciples of that doctrine is Novis John Richter, who has a fascination with old engines and echanical devices.

Richter and his wife Mary here deonstrate one of the old puping achines which he finds so fascinating. Richter is considered soething of an expert in sall enginer repair despite his advanced years and the fact he is legally blind.

Continued fro Novi,1 overs and drag lines. Residents clai that they have experienced the noise pollution any ties on a hour basis for the past two years. Residents also aintain that strong currents and whirlpools are prevalent in the gravel pits.

Residents allege that one individual experienced a diy well at The sae tie the gravel copany resued operations. They further allege that sulfur and rust have becoe prevalent in local wells within the past year. Residents aintain that there is no way dirt and dust can be prevented if the variance is approved. There will be probles for individuals suffering fro allergy-related; respiratory ailents, they allege..

Ann Arbor Tr. Lilley Rd. W o o d l a n d to sponsor children health Area parents will be able to receive free health check ups for their children at Woodland Medical Centers Childrens Health Day in Novi on Sunday, June The check ups, offered at no cost, stress preventive care for children and consist of six tests: vision and hearing for children over 4 , blood pressure for children over 3 , height, weight and a scoliosis test for children of all walking ages. All tests will be supervised by trained Woodland personnel.

Childrens Health Day will be held Sunday, June 28, fro noon to 5 p.. The Oakway Syphony Orchestra exists to give opportunity for nonprofessional usicians to play together with seasoned perforers under professional direction. New coposers, soloists and perforers are all given opportunities for those who will staff our ajor syphony orchestras in the future. There are 85 niebers in the orchestra. The usual season offers a variety of styles in usic.

They feature opera, oratoria, vocal and instruental soloists, ballet and the finest of syphonic literature. Special guest artist, Ruth Burczyk, is well known in the Michigan area, having perfored frequently with the Detroit Syphony Orchestr and a nuber of counity orchestras in the tri-county area.

She has been featured on local radio and television progras and has appeared throughout the Midwest and Canada. Abrose, Attorney At least if youre looking for work through Novis Counity Eployent Service, that is. But the job isnt the only benefit theyre entiued to. Most who fall in that category usually go through a regular intake agency. And because of the uneployent figures out there, its difficult to coe up with anything. Lorrain Johnson Counity Eployent Services vice, adits that the scale is tipped heavily in favor of the underprivileged.

Most who fall in that category usually go through a regular ntake agency. And because of the uneployent figures out there, its difficiut to coe up with anything. The services heavy reliance on CETA funds ay present a proble, though.

Such funding is drying up all over the country, and the possibility that the Novl agency will soon be without CETA aid cannot be gnored. But that could pose a proble. Yet there are possibuities for the, Johnson said. Specifically, the council voted to rezone the. The lone dissenting ballot was cast by Council Meber John Chabers. The councils decision to rezone the property ends a lengthy debate regarding the proper use of the coer parcel.

Additionally, the action apparently heads off the possibility of litigation over the councils previous decision to deny the rezonlng request. Roger Ajluni, the owner of the property, had threatened to take the city to court after his initial request was rejected on a vote.

He previously filed suit against the city when the corner parcel was rezoned fro a coercial to a residential designation four years ago. That suit was eventually disissed, however. Ajluni filed his ost recent rezonlng request following the adoption of the citys new aster plan. Under the forer aster plan, the property was designated for residential developent. However, in the new aster plan, which was adopted in Deceber, the property is designated for developent with a professional-office orientation.

Although recoended for approval by the planning consultant and planning board, the council voted to deny the rezonlng request earlier this year. Following adoption of the aster plan, Ajluni re-subitted the rezonlng request, but was again turned down by the council. Council ebers subsequently requested a legal opinion fro City Attorney David Pried, who advised the in February that the city ight not prevail if Ajluni filed suit because the property is designated for professional office developent on the new aster plan.

The council then held another rezonlng hearing, but the request was again turned down on a vote. The rezonlng atter cae back to the council Monday because Schid entered a otion to reconsider the action. Although he is not required to do so by law, Ajluni agreed to present council with an unofficial site plan for developent of the site.

The proposed office building, he said, would copleent the existing singlefaily residences in the area. Schid said Monday that he had changed his ind regarding the rezonlng request, although he was still concerned about the intrusion of nonresidential developent into a residential area. Ajluni has expressed an intent to develop the property in a anner that is copatible with the residential character on that particular corner," said Schid.

Schid went on to say that he had been assured by Planning Consultant Charles Cairns that the city could liit the non-residential developent to the irt coer parcel, preventing it froip, spreading down the north side of Ten Mile. Schid responded that it was not hiso intent to be nvolved in contract zoning i by requesting the site plan. Contract; zoning is illegal in Michigan. Center 34«-fi1M While we are reodeling our Downtown Areay-fie sh to encourage your support and patience!

Center Sheldon Northville Mon. SO Starting Fr. LooH for the Red Arrows K,-,.. Northville, Mich. For bright, clear color Main St. Cocktail hour begins at p.. There will be a cash bar. Langeran started his career in education in the Walled Lake Schools in.

That, at any rate, is the conclusion of te Traffic proveent Association of akland County TA after its review f traffic volues and accident exrience at the intersection. TA was asked to exaine the inirsection by Novi officials after area lidents lodged coplaints about trafto the city council last year.

Specifically, TA studied iniu vehicular volue, interruption of continuous traffic and iniu pedestrian volue in arriving at its conclusion. The interruption of continuous traffic criteria applies to operating conditions where the traffic volue on a ajor street is so heavy that traffic on a inor intersecting street suffers excessive delay or hazard in entering or crossing the ajor street. A signal is warranted when traffic volues of vehicles per hour on the ajor street or 5 vehicles per hour on the inor street are et for each of any eight hours of an average day.

The TA studies showed that for only one hour is the volue on the ajor street in excess of the vehicles per hour required for installation of a traffic signal. The iniu pedestrian volue criteria is et when 42 or ore vehicles per hour enter the intersection for each of any eight hours of an average daji; and, there are 15 or ore pedestrians per hour on the highest volue crosswalk crossing the ajor street during the sae eight hours.

The TA study deterined that the traffic volue eets the criteria for nine hours, but pedestrian volues are never in excess of 8 persons. The TA report also stated that pedestrian volues will never exceed the required inius. Although the TA study concluded that a traffic signal is not warranted at the intersection at the present tie, it also indicated that a signal ay be warranted in the future.

Cunard, director of traffic engineering services, in his letter to the city. Cunard also advised the city to continue onitoring accidents at the intersection "as an increase in accidents would also justify the installation" of a traffic signal. Prices effective thru Tues. She taught special education classes in the Walled Lake Schools before returning to the regular " guess it was a big oent for all of us," said "When they found out ade it, think they were Bolton who has taught in the Walled Lake School alost as excited as was," classroo when she entered the Detroit College of District for the past 12 years, Because of the students interest in their Law in "t was a big day for e, but t also was a big day teachers education, Willia Doggetl, principal at Now that shes a eber of the Oakland County for y students.

Sale Ends June 26th Sale! Bar Association, what are her future plans? She plans to spend the suer looking for a job years, so ve had a lot of these kids in class for " had ore support than any of the other 59 new with a fir that will let her work in her area of ore than one year, attorneys," laughed Bolton.

State University in and started teaching in the give it up. Give hi a Gift Certificate this Fathers Day. He can select the tree or shrub hes been wanting to plant and we can do it for hi! Many other last inute gift ideas are available in containers for easy planting. ScUe ? The test is adinistered annually by the Michigan Departent of Education to all fourth, seventh and tenth graders in the state. Singled out for recognition was the perforance of fourth graders at Union Lake, Decker, Maple and Loon Lake eleentary schools.

The letter fro the governor congratulates the students, principals and teaching staff of the four schools for their "fine perforance on the MEAP test. They have reason to be proud. Adkison pointed out that if the lawsuit had continued "townships have very little say about condoiniu developent. An aendent was introduced to place a cross-section of the proposed road developent within the package for Oakland County Road Coission perusal.

But following a closed executive session, board ebers agreed with Adkisons view that the crosssection addition would be a favorable ove for Kratage and not the township. Special Served Monday thru Friday No. Jispectedand cofufulypachad inioyour vehicleor delivered Bookcasesnow A.

Fealharsooth rol-oul lurnuble stibl. Optn Libriry. Choice sue lor subalanlial librarytv. Leininger also was singled out for special recognition at the Michigan Jaycee State Convention in Lansing last onth by being naed one of ttttop ten presidents in the state. And they also won first place honors in the raising funds for charities division for through their work in sponsoring a concert with the Novi Choralaires and the Detroit Edison glee club. Proceeds fro the concert were donated to the nstitute for Bu Medicine in Ann Arbor.

Quinn said that efforts to ake a bigger year than will be enhanced by the new slate of officers. Richard Balagna was installed as treasurer, and Jeff Littleton was installed as secretary. The Jaycees is a service organization for young en between the ages of 18 and Anyone interested in learning ore about joining the Jaycees is encouraged to contact Quinn on the Jaycee houine at NOV.

Makinen received 1, votes to finish second, just 3S ballots ahead of Ditzhazy. Ditzhazy is a forer principal of Novi High School. She, presently serves as adinistrative assistant forcuriiculiiin and instructionin thovi Schools. The Novi Schools adinistrator blaed her "naivete" as the cause of her downfall. They tiad no capaign workers at the other two precincts. He will retire after 25 years of service in July to assue his new responsibilities at the Novi school..

He has served with the Michigan State Police as a coander, odus operandi unit of the Scientific Crie Laboratoiy and Recqrds and dentification Division. His present position is coander of the nvestigative Resources Unit. He also has served as a lecturer and nstructor for the Federal Bureau of nvestigation, Michigan State University, Criinal Justice Reseach School of Police Adinistration and seinars sponsored by various unicipal, county and state agencies.

He also has been an advisor and coordinator for all police agencies in the state regarding fraads, safe burglaries, sex cries, deviant behavior cass and unsolved hoicides. Pope also has had experience as a youth counselor and advisor, high school Sunday School teacher, deacon of education and Christian youth cap coordinator. He s a eber of the nter-dty Bible Church in Lansing.

Burgess said that Pope and his wife Jeri will be oving to Novi at the end of August when he will assue responsibilities as assistant adinistrator of the Novi Christian School. X 12 FT. DECK » 14 R. X 14 FT. X 16 FT. Our declis are superior n apperance. Friday Paul Welday received the award which is presented to the outstanding legislative aide in the House.

Rosenthal died in and the progra was started by Mr. Avra Rosenthal of Ann Arbor in eory of their son. Welday, a senior at Michigan State, has worked as a legislative aide to Representative W. He is the son of Mr. Donald F. Welday, Jr. He began working in Representative Brothertons office in February. Aong his accoplishents are the drafting of a bill to exept diabetic insulin injection apparatus fro the state sales tax, assisting Brotherton on legislation to reduce the ntangibles Tax by one - and one-half ties the standard deduction for senior citizens, and working with the governors office and state-wide business groups on the developent of high-technology industry in Michigan.

Before serving in Brothertons office in Lansing, Welday was a Congressional intern in the office of U. Brotherton said that Welday served his office and his constituents well. This ay be the beginning of a fine career in governent. But as every student knows suer doesnt last long and coe Septeber Steven and Michael will be back in the classroo, probably longing for ore vacation.

Or why not tour the area in a sallengine plane? The rides are the top prizes in a drawing sponsored by Novi Youth Assistance. The drawing, billed with the slogan "Keep Youth Assistance Soaring," will kick off NYAs suer teen center progra, which is available to any Novi teen who has copleted seventh grade. Novi teens will ake their own kites to fly during the event as the teen centers first suer project. Runner-up will receive a sall airplane ride and third place winner will be awarded a gift certificate fro the Unique World of Kites in Royal Oak.

A inch balloon kit fro Gerany will be presented to the fourth place winner. Pat Hinzy, social worker for youth assistance, will sell the raffle tickets Saturday June 2 orning outside the Reporter wins Golden award in Michigan A story by Karen Rice has won first place honors in the Golden Press Awards sponsored by the Michigan chapter of the Aerican Legion Auxiliary. The Golden Press Awards are sponsored annually by the Auxiliary to honor stories about young people and their accoplishents in the counity.

Proceeds fro the raffle will be usejl. Activities; planned include field trips to the Detroit Zoo, Bob-lo, Waterford wave pool, bike trip and overnight cap-out at Kens-. Movies will be shown, and there will be quite a bit of swi and gy tihie, available, Hinzy says.

Additional volunteers are need-" ed. The center will be open fro 1 a.. Mondays and Wednesdays and fro p.. Tuesdays and," Thursdays. Presg contest honor in scouting. Rice will receive the award at,the,. The Northville an was arrested by oyi police after they observed subectsstanding near a DPW truck while fillijg up their police car fro the city gas pups at approxiately p.. Police are withholding,identity of the ai pending issuance of warrants.

According to reports, the subjects fled into a field behind the truck when they were approached by the officers. Officers gave chase on foot, but lost the sul ji9cts in the thick woods and swap behhd the DPW yard. Returning to the truck, officers said the hood had been lifted and it appeared that soeone had attepted to reove the volt battery.

Approxiately 3 inutes later, ofcer? The suspect was found attepting to hide in the vehicle, police said. Hisclothes were uddy and dirty, and he had several cuts on his ars. Police said the suspect at first denied involveent in the incident but then said that he and two other subjects had attepting to steal the battery vhen police entered the DPW yard.

He was booked at the Novi Police Departent and released. South Lyon woan was trapsported to St. Tiie accident occurred on Nine Mile, approxiately one-tenth of a ile east f lyiiedowbrook Road, at approxiateyl;15p.. Joan Harrison, 47, of South Lyon sufifered back injuries in the accident whi ; i involved two bicyclists. Witnesses told police that one of the bicyclists veered out into the path of the Harrison vehtde as it attepted to pass in the eastbound lane, according to reports.

The driver of the car swerved into the ditch to avoid hitting the bicyclist, causing the autoobile to flip one coplete revolution. The driver of the car and the bicyclist apparently suffered only inor injuries in the accident, according to police, but Mrs. Harrison had to be taken to the hospital for treatent of injuries. Officers said the case is under investigation and citations ay be An eployee of R. Kenneth Wayne Curvin, 31, was buried to his chest when the walls of a trench in which he was working caved in for no apparent reason, according to reports.

Curvh , who was the only one in the trench at the tie of the cave-in, was reoved by fellow workers, police and ebers of Novi Abulance. Officer Charles Brown of the Novi Police Departent reported that Curvin was having trouble breathing due to apparent chest injuries.

He was transported to Botsford Hospital for treatent of the injuries. The coplainant told police he heard a noise at approxiately 3 a.. The coplainant told police his wife had locked the door at 1 p.. A battery and gasoline were stolen fro a Ford truck owned by the Novi Consolidated Schools on June 6. The truck was parked at the districts bus garage when the theft occurred. A 2-lnch bicycle was stolen fro the front yard of a residence in the 4 block of Franklin Mill soetie during the night of June The coplainant told police she had locked the door at approxiately p..

Also stolen fro the vehicle was a pair of prescription sunglasses. The an told police he parked the car at 7 p.. According to police, Renodin was using a crowbar to pry off the tops. Several daaged coin boxes were also in the area. Renodin has been charged with using burglary tools and is awaiting trial at Oakland County Jail.

Officers are investigating additional charges that could be brought against Renodin, who has been previously convicted of breaking and entering coin boxes at the Village. His ost recent conviction cae this winter, when he was found guilty of burglarizing a building, also a Village Apaltents laundry roo.

At that tie, Renodin was given a delayed sentence until January 1,, according to Ji ODonnell, county probation officer. During the tie between the February conviction and next January, Renodin was ordered to seek counseling and participate in a rehabilitation project, ODonnell said.

Since Renodin was arrested again, however, he ay be sentenced to jail for thp burglary charge for which he has been convicted. Renodin could receive up to 1 years in prison on that charge. Pat Ann Tracy, 17, of Wixo, has been reported isshig since June 8 by her boyfriend, a 2-year-od Village Apartents resident, According to police, her boyfriend returned hoe June 8 to find Tracy and soe of her clothes gone.

He told police he had heard through Tracys sister that the woan ight be being held in Westland by two en but Westlandpolice have been unable to tu up any leads. Wixo police have been tiding unsucessfully to reach the woan or ebers of her faily. Offlcers believe its likely Tracy ay have decided to ove out of the apartent without notifying her boyfriend. She is described as being , weighing about 12 pounds and having brown hair and brown eyes. When last seen, she was wearing white pants and a green shirt.

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