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Black people winning in crypto

black people winning in crypto

As a global asset manager and fiduciary to our clients, our purpose has always been to continue finding new ways to help more and more people experience. As many as 25% of Black Americans with a household income over $50, own cryptocurrency, according to an April survey from Ariel. In a June survey of more than 4, adults, about a quarter of Black and Hispanic respondents said they owned or held cryptocurrencies, compared. BITCOIN CALL LETTERS

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Aram J. Barnett is the CEO of Alluminate , a cryptocurrency market data, blockchain services, and investment company that aims to give accredited investors, hedge funds, and pension fund manager portfolios safe exposure to cryptocurrency markets. At age 20, Barnett is one of the first black entrepreneurs to lead his own crypto hedge fund.

The Washington D. We all know each other. And there are even less women. He has developed companies in finance, business management, and software development with two successful exits, according to his LinkedIn account. Traditional hedge funds have a huge diversity problem. Knight Foundation. Minorities own around 8 percent of American hedge funds while women own just 4. Thanks to skyrocketing bitcoin prices and a broader cryptocurrency boom, a flurry of crypto hedge funds are starting that specialize in blockchain-based digital assets.

The new funds could bring much-needed diversity to this lucrative fintech sector. Niran Babalola, ConsenSys, ConsenSys Niran Babalola is the product engineer for ConsenSys , a venture production studio building decentralized applications and developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum. Components built by ConsenSys enable new services and business models to be built on the blockchain.

Babalola says in his ConsenSys bio that he writes software and designs products to make people more powerful: After spending years building journalism products to help people understand their world better, he dove into the payments industry to help people pay with their phones and stumbled across Bitcoin in the process. He helped build Augur and Gnosis, and is excited to find new ways to bring the power of an executable historical record to everyone.

At ConsenSys, Babalola works on crowdfunding and digital asset products , including Benefactory , a platform that tokenizes economic movements on the blockchain. He has contributed to several decentralized software projects, including WeiFund , Gnosis , and Augur. An Austin native, Babalola is an activist for inclusion. The most compelling institutions won't always be compatible with our values.

If we don't build some that are, we'll throw the values away. Now McFarlane inspires others to take the leap and start their own companies. She has attracted more potential funding — this time from institutional venture capital and investors that can help her scale her project, McFarlane told Moguldom. Patientory secures patient health data through private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. It services hospital systems and health care organizations, however the technology is also empowering patients to take a more active role in their care by giving them secure access to their health information, McFarlane said.

We hope our country is ready to embrace it. By the time it launches, Patientory wants to give patients, healthcare payers and healthcare workers an easy way to settle accounts. What it did for Linux, it hopes to do for the blockchain. Just as there are multiple Linux distributions, the project will spawn a family of blockchain frameworks using code from a single reference platform, making it easier for the frameworks to interoperate with each other.

Patientory is also making partnership toward payments integration. Blockchain-based digital cash network Dash has partnered with blockchain web services company BlockCypher to offer a grant program for organizations integrating their services. But few financial advisors would endorse cashing out your long-term savings for a risky investment. In fact, things could have gone much differently for Leonard.

He sold much of his crypto to buy a home in The truth is, crypto is riskier than more traditional investments. Risky investments with scarce resources are a bad bet for community economic development. There are better ways to close the racial wealth gap while giving a leg up to Americans of every color. Universal health care, fairer taxes on the wealthy, and expanded community credit options like postal banking would all reduce the racial wealth divide.

Starting small, government-backed trusts for new babies of all races could reduce the gap by tenfold all by itself. Crypto is a fascinating technology that could bring much change to the world.

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The ‘Black Bitcoin Billionaire’ Tells Us About His Business

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