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Ethereal pixels destry

ethereal pixels destry

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Make sure that you follow us on social media and join our Discord to be the first to know. Is there a story in Ethereal Crusade? Written history has precious little to say about the previous ages, most are taught only myths and legends of the distant past. Now however, trouble has been stirring… The world has been plagued by a mysterious magical light that envelopes the land, turning everything it touches into darkness and evil.

This has caused mankind to rally its forces and send forth its best men and women to fight against the evil in the name of their kingdom and goddess Nivva! The Church of Nivva has been pushing and fueling the fights against the ethereal creatures in a hope to bring balance back to their world. What can you offer to the kingdom? Development and Asset Creation Early Work on the banner art assets took place over a 6 month period.

The initial target of assets expanded to more than hand drawn pixel by pixel art assets, each polished and balanced to work beautifully together with true randomisation. Meanwhile, work on the contract and minting system was in progress to create a seamless and gas-light minting experience.

Banners were revealed in just a few days, setting up a regular reveal schedule of Mondays and Thursdays. Certain character combinations in Ethereal States banners will change visually to reflect their interactions, bringing even more life to the pieces and making each banner more unique and special. These character interactions will be rolled out in small batches affecting a small number of banners first before widening out.

Some events will be small what if your store building closes down? Each portal leads somewhere. The Other Side has yet to be revealed Hold a Lunar state piece? You get access to special Lunar-themed merch.

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Carach Angren - Ethereal Veiled Existence (Live in LVC Leiden 16-03-2013)


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Carach Angren - Ethereal Veiled Existence (Live in LVC Leiden 16-03-2013)

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